RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 47/2
Extent90 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: Persecution By Turks
DateApril 1964-December 1964
DescriptionCorrespondence, file notes, telegrams and memos concerning the resurgence of anti-Greek demonstrations and government action including expulsions, and intervention by Western churches and the W.C.C..

Including: file notes regarding phone conversations with Mervyn Brown, Foreign Office (ff. 1 and 6); text of telegram from Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury to Feridum Cemal Erkin Bey, Turkish Foreign Minister (f. 2); letter from F. Bey to M. Ramsey (f. 3); file note (f. 4); file note regarding a phone conversation with Metropolitan Athenagoras (f. 5); letter from Paul Anderson regarding telegrams (ff. 7-8); letter from Philippe Maury, Director, Information Department, World Council of Churches (W.C.C.) (f. 9); letter in Greek (f. 10); letter 'A resolution of protest' from Demetrios Moraitis, Dean, University of Athens Theological School (f. 11); communique from Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria (f. 12); letter to P. Anderson (f. 13); press review, translations from 'Ethnos', 'Kathimerini', 'Eleftheria', 'Vima', 'Macedonia' (ff. 14-18); file note regarding the deportation of two Metropolitans from Istanbul (f. 19); file note regarding a phone conversation with John Satterthwaite (f. 20); file note regarding a phone conversation with Christopher King, W.C.C. (f. 21); letter to M. Brown regarding the deportations (f. 22); file note regarding visas for the two deportees (f. 23); letter to James, Metropolitan of Philadelphia (f. 24); correspondence with Wilfrid Castle, British Consulate, Istanbul (ff. 25, 58-9, 62, 65-6, 63, 73); file note regarding a delegation to the Turkish government (f. 26); Information Office, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America, 'The facts concerning the Turkish Government's Action Against The Ecumenical Patriarchate' (ff. 27-30); text of telegrams between Frederick Nolde, Director, Commission of the Churches on International Affairs to the Turkish Foreign Minister (f. 31); text of telegram from Franklin Clark Fry, Chairman and Visser t' Hooft, General Secretary, W.C.C. (f. 32); letter from P. Anderson regarding communications (ff. 33-4); letter from M. Ramsey to the Oecumenical Patriarche regarding the deportees (f. 35); translation from 'Akropolis', 'A protest of the Church of Germany for the measures taken against the Ecumenical Patriarchate' (f. 36); translation from 'Nea Epohi Katerinis', 'Against the Turkish vandalisms a protest of the Greek Evangelical Church' (f. 37); letters to P. Anderson (ff. 38 and 82); letter to T. D. Mosconas, Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, Alexandria (f. 39); letter to Chrysostomos, Archbishop of Athens from M. Ramsey (f. 40); translation from 'Vima', 'New takens of moral support for the Ecumenical Patriarchate' (ff. 41-2); letter from Edward Every, Jerusalem (ff. 43-4 and 71); correspondence with Jakavos, Metropolitan of Philadelphia (ff. 45, 51 and 69); file note regarding a phone conversation with Archbishop Cardinale (f. 46); file note regarding text of personal letter from Pope Paul VI to the Oecumenical Patriarche (f. 47); translation from 'Messikvrini', 'A moving reception of the expelled Metropolitans in New York' (f. 48); W.C.C. General Secretariat, 'Must the Ecumenical Patriarchate remain in Turkey' (ff. 49-50); statement from The Christian Students Union of Thessaloniki (f. 52); in French, 'A Toutes Les Eglises Chretiennes', Dr Turgut, Le Representant du Patriarcat Independant, L'Archeveque d'Istanbul (ff. 53-5); correspondence with Bernard Pawley (ff. 56-7); file note regarding observations on a letter from W. Castle's letter (f. 60); letters from H. E. [Carding], Apostolic Delegate (ff. 61 and 64); letter to Igino Cardinale (f. 63); letter from Sir William Harpham, H. M. Ambassador Sofia to Foreign and Commonwealth Office regarding Turkish action against Greeks in Istanbul (f. 67); letter from H. F. T. Smith, Foreign Office (f. 68); statement from the Turkish Embassy in Amman received by Bishop Cubain (f. 70); letter to Paul Anderson (f. 72; )memo regarding a visit to Bishop Panteleimon of Achaia (ff. 74-5); extract from a report from a student at Halki (f. 76); letter from Michael Warr, British Consulate General, Istanbul (f. 77); memo regarding a meeting with Mr Bazalgette, Senior Field Representative, W.C.C., Istanbul (ff. 78-9); translation from 'Kathimerini', 'Solidarity' (f. 80); letter from P. Anderson (f. 81); translation from 'Kathimerini', 'Cardinal Bea will visit Constantinople where he will hold discussions with the Ecumenical Patriarch' (f. 82); letter from Basil Anagnostopoulos (f. 83); file note regarding a meeting with Philip Norwood (f. 84); file note regarding a meeting with P. Anderson and Peter Day (f. 85); file note regarding a meeting with David Burgess (ff. 86-7); letter from M. Warr to Foreign and Commonwealth Office regarding Turkish action against Greeks in Istnabul (f. 88); file note regarding a meeting with Metropolitan James and a phone call with Mervyn Brown (f. 89) and letter to M. Warr (f. 90).

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