RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 47/1
Extent100 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: Persecution By Turks
DateMarch 1963-April 1964
DescriptionCorrespondence, telegrams, file notes and translations concerning the resurgence of anti-Greek demonstrations and government action including expulsions, and intervention by Western churches and the W.C.C..

Including: draft letter from Sir Kenneth Grubb, Chairman, Commission of the Churches on International Affairs (C.C.I.A.), to H. M. Ambassador in Ankara, Sir Denis Allen (ff. 1-2); letter from John Satterthwaite to Sir Kenneth Grubb (f. 3); letters from Kenneth Grubb (ff. 4 and 11); translation from 'Ethnikos Kyrix' (ff. 5-8); file note regarding meeting with Visser 't Hooft (ff. 9-10); translation from 'Vima', 'The Passport' (f. 12); file note regarding the John Moorman, Bishop of Ripon visiting Athens and Istanbul (ff. 13); translations from 'Vima', 'The restrictive measures of the Turkish Authorities against priests provoked sensation to the United Nations' (ff. 14-15); translation from 'Ethnos', 'The position of the Patriarchate' (f. 16); translation from 'Ethnikos Kyrix', 'They will contemplate for long' (f. 17); translation from 'Niki', 'The Greeks of Constantinople in danger' (ff. 18-19); translation from 'Ethnos', 'The United States in favour of the Patriarch' (ff. 20-1); letter to K. Grubb enclosing extract of letter from J. Moorman (ff. 22-3); letter to J. Moorman (f. 24); letter from Alan Booth, Secretary, C.C.I.A. (f. 25); letter from Mervyn Brown, Foreign Office enclosing letter extract from H. M. Consul-General, Istanbul (ff. 26-7); letter to Mervyn Brown (f. 28); file note regarding a meeting with Basil Anagnostopoulos (ff. 29-30); from the Istanbul Press Review, 'Athenagoras supports Turkish policy (ff. 31-2); letter from Denis Allen, Foreign Office to M. Brown (ff. 33-4); letter from G. Michael Warr, British Consulate General, Istanbul, to Sir Denis Allen (ff. 35-7); letter to M. Brown, Foreign Office (ff. 38-9); letter to M. Warr, Foreign Office (f. 40); letter from M. Brown, Foreign Office (f. 41); letter from G. M. Warr (f. 42); file note regarding a meeting with Paul Vergese (f. 43); letter from [Carol], Istanbul (ff. 44-5); file note regarding a letter from Visser 't Hooft to C.C.I.A. members (f. 46); telegram from Arthur Lichtenberger regarding Archbishop Iakovos being informed of threat to Patriarchate (ff. 47-8); file note 'Position of the Oecumenical Patriarchate' (f. 49); file note regarding Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, writing to Freidun Cemal Erkin Bey, Turkish Foreign Minister (f. 50); letter from M. Ramsey to the Turkish Foreign Minister (f. 51); file note regarding a phone conversation with M. Brown, Foreign Office (ff. 52-3); text of telegram from Emilianos, Bishop of Meloa, W. C. C., Geneva (f. 54); letter text by M. Ramsey, Old Palace, Canterbury to the Turkish Foreign Minister (f. 55); letter to Turkish Foreign Minister signed by Michael Cantaur, Howard Rupert's Land, Lakdasa Calcutta, Archbishop Campbell, Archbishop Frank, Andreas Rinkel, Old Catholic Church of the Netherlands, Isabelo de Los Reyes Jr., Philippine Independent Church and Gunnar Hultgren (f. 56); letter to the Turkish Ambassador, London (f. 57); text of telegram from V. t' Hooft to M. Ramsey (f. 58); file note regarding phone conversations (f. 59); text of telegram to K. Grubb (ff. 60-1); file note regarding the text of the letter to the Turkish Foreign Minister (f. 62); letter from David Burgess, British Consulate General, Istanbul (ff. 63-4); file note regarding a Greek telegram (f. 65); letter from Paul Anderson enclosing a telegram from Arthur Lichternberger, Presiding Bishop, PECUSA (ff. 66-7); letter to P. Anderson (f. 68); file note regarding phone conversation with M. Brown (f. 69); letter from Philippe Maury, Geneva (f. 70); letter from P. Anderson (f. 71); press review, translations from 'Estia', 'Messimvrini', 'Kathimerini', 'Eleftheria', 'Ethnikos Kyrix', 'Neologos Patron', 'Imera', 'Embros' and 'Vima' (ff. 72-84); letter from M. C. Melas, Greek Ambassador, London (f. 85); telegram to M. Ramsey in Greek (ff. 86-91); text of telegram from Chrysostomos, Archbishop of Athens and President of the Holy Synod of Greece (f. 92); telegram to M. Ramsey in French from [Eugene Metropolite Crete] (ff. 93-6); file note regarding a phone conversation with Metropolitan Athenagoras of Thyateira (f. 97); file note regarding a phone conversation with M. Ramsey detailing the Ambassador registering his plea that the two Metropolitans should not be deported from Turkey tomorrow (f. 98) and letter from David [?], British Consulate General, Istanbul (ff. 99-100).

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DS/UK/6231Grubb; Sir; Kenneth George (1900-1980); missionary and public servant1900-1980
GB/109/7252Visser't Hooft; Willem Adolph (1900-1985); Dutch clergyman1900-1985
455Moorman; John Richard Humpidge (1905-1989); Bishop of Ripon1905-1989
GB/109/24332Booth; Alan (fl. 1957-1968)fl. 1957-1968
GB/109/9067Lichtenberger; Arthur Carl (1900-1968); Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church1900-1968
GB/109/16664Koukouzis; Demetrios (1911-2005); Iakovos/Jakovos; Greek Orthodox Archbishop of North and South America1911-2005
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
GB/109/24373Erkin; Feridun Cemal (fl. 1960-1962); Turkish Ambassador to Britainfl. 1960-1962
510Rinkel; Andreas (fl 1937-1973); Old Catholic Archbishop of Utrechtfl 1937-1973
GB/109/8883Hultgren; Gunnar (1902-1991); archbishop of Uppsala1902-1991
GB/109/13104Anderson; Paul B. (1896-1985); commentator on Russia and the Orthodox Church1896-1985
255Kokkinakis; Athenagoras II (1912-1979); Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain1912-1979
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