RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 43
Extent84 ff.
TitleGeneral Orthodox Matters: Relations With The World Council Of Churches
DateJanuary 1955-August 1973
DescriptionCorrespondence, notes and articles mainly concerning proposals to merge the World Council of Churches and the International Missionary Council and various visits.

Including: translation from 'Orthodoxia', Jan-Mar 1955, regarding Evanston (f. 1); letter extract from Prof. Basil Anagnostopoulos (f. 2); letter in French from D. Chrysostomos Konstantinidis (f. 3); letter to Konstantinidis (f. 4); letter to George Bell, Bishop of Chichester (f. 5); letter from Norman Goodall, Secretary, World Council of Churches (W.C.C.) (f. 6); joint committee of the W.C.C. and International Missionary Council, 'The integration question' (ff. 7-9); letter from G. Bell (f. 10); letter to Konstantinidis (f. 11); letter extract from Basil Anagnostopoulos (ff. 12-13); article 'The place of the Orthodox Church in the World Council of Churches' (ff. 14-18); 'Zoe', no. 2071, 31st Oct '57 (f. 19); translation of 'Pantainos', no. 21 (f. 20); draft letter to Visser 't Hooft (f. 21); letter from Francis House, Director, W.C.C. (f. 22); file notes (ff. 23-4 and 28); article 'Orthodoxy and Ecumenism', by Edward Carnell, in 'Christianity Today', Sep 1 1958 (ff. 25-7); The W.C.C. and International Missionary Council, 'Memorandum on the proposed integration of the two councils' (ff. 29-33); letter from William Greer, Bishop of Manchester (f. 34); letter from Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury (f. 35); notes by John Satterthwaite (ff. 36-7); letter to W. Greer (f. 38); letter to Basil Anagnostopoulos (f. 39); 'Points to consider in the application of the Russian Orthodox Church to World Council of Churches (f. 40); letter extract from Herbert Waddams (f. 41); extract of letter from Basil Anagnostopoulos (f. 42); letter to Basil Anagnostopoulos (f. 43); letter from Bishop of Melos Emilianos, Ecumenical Patriarchate Liaison Office (f. 44); W.C.C. information 'Orthodox initiative of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople', by Francis House, General Secretary (f. 45); religious news service 'Orthodox views expected to be incorporated in WCC statements' (ff. 46-7); in French 'Conseil Oecumenique des Eglises', from 'Estia' (ff. 48-9); 'The ecumenical movement at the crossroads', an address delivered by Iakovos, Archbishop of North and South America, at the Minnesota State Pastors' conference, January 14-16th 1963 (ff. 50-8); memo regarding the situation at the Phanar (ff. 59-60); file note regarding Metropolitan Athenagoras applying for membership of the British Council of Churches (f. 61); letter from Emilianos, Metropolitan of Calabria (f. 62); file note regarding Anglican/Rumanian relations (f. 63); file note regarding a meeting with Dr. Fletcher (f. 64); W.C.C. information 'Ecumenical Patriarchate in W.C.C. visit, calls for new church collaboration' (ff. 65-7); file note regarding a visit by Patriarchate Athenagoras to Geneva (ff. 68-70); No. 39 - 9th November, 1967 (f. 71); Ecumenical Press Service 'Patriarch termed "architect of rapprochement"' (f. 72); letter to Philip Potter, General Secretary, W.C.C. regarding his visit to the Phanar (ff. 73-9) and in French 'Episkepsis - bulletin Bimensuel d'information, 4eme annee - edition speciale, 26 Aout 1973 (ff. 80-4).

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