RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 245/2
Extent76 ff.
TitleIndividual Orthodox Churches: Russian Orthodox Churches in Exile: Paris (Eulogian) Jurisdiction: St. Sergius Institute
DescriptionReports and correspondence concerning the Institute, financial contributions towards (see also OC file 230), liturgy seminars, the possibility of Anglican students at, and the Voice of Orthodoxy.

Including: 'Sanit Sergius in Paris' (f. 1); 'Seminar for liturgical experience' (f. 2); letter from Richard Harbour (f. 3); correspondence involving Leonard Hodgson (ff. 4-5); letter from Elizabth Hill (f. 6); letter from Donald Lowrie (f. 7); file notes (ff. 8, 34 and 62-3); correspondence involving Bishop Cassian (ff. 9, 21, 43 and 46); 'Report on St. Sergius (ff. 10-12); 'Proposal regarding Saint Sergius Theological Institute' (ff. 13-14); correspondence involving Paul Anderson (ff. 15, 20, 33, 44, 52-61, 64-7 and 74-5); letter from L. Zander (f. 16); 'Seminar for liturgical experience' (ff. 17-18); letter from Patriarch Athenagoras (f. 19); letter from Alexis Kniazeff (f. 22); letter to Geoffrey Clarke (f. 23); letter from Hugh Wybrew (f. 24); 'For study of the Russian Orthodox Theological Institute in Paris' (ff. 25-7); 'Preliminary Confidential Report on visit to St. Sergius Theological Academy...' (ff. 28-31); letter from Claudia Pereshneff (f. 32); minutes of the meeting of the joint commission on cooperation with the Eastern Churches (f. 35); joint commission on cooperation with the Eastern Churches (ff. 36-41); letter from Henry Brandreth (f. 42); in French (f. 45); correspondence involving Douglas Webb (ff. 47-8 and 50); correspondence involving F. N. Davey (ff. 49 and 51); 'Report in Outline' (ff. 68-71); letter to Athenagoras, Oecumenical Patriarch (ff. 72-3) and 'Joint commision on cooperation with the Eastern Churches (ff. 75-6).

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GB/109/13104Anderson; Paul B. (1896-1985); commentator on Russia and the Orthodox Church1896-1985
DS/UK/5887Athenagoras I (1886-1972); Ecumenical Patriarch1886-1972
NA2420Brandreth; Henry Renaud Turner (1914-1984); Anglican clergyman and historian1914-1984
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