RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 243/4
Extent66 ff.
TitleIndividual Orthodox Churches: Russian Orthodox Churches in Exile: Paris (Eulogian) Jurisdiction
DescriptionReports and correspondence concerning the 'Paris' Jurisdiction, under the Oecumenical Patriarch, including the dispute with Moscow over the jurisdiction (Seraphim v Vladimir) after the death of Eulogius, and the appeal for a church and centre in London, 1943-44.

Including: file notes (ff. 1, 25-6, 37 and 52); letters from V. Theokritoff (ff. 2 and 41); letter from [?] (f. 3); correspondence involving P. Widdrington (ff. 4, 15, 17, 21, 30-6, 39, 45-7, 51 and 62-66); 'draft report of the sub-committee...' (ff. 5-6); correspondence involving Richard Parsons, the Bishop of Hereford (ff. 7, 10-14, 28, 48 and 59-61); letter from [?] (f. 8); letter to R. French (f. 9); letter from [?] (f. 16); 'Meeting of Russian clergy & church aid fund' (f. 18); 'Russian clergy & church aid fund report (ff. 19-20); correspondence involving the Bishop of London (ff. 22 and 29); letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury (f. 23); letter from the Bishop of Gloucester (f. 24); letter to [?] (f. 27); 'The Russian Orthodox parish in London...' (ff. 38 and 50); 'Eulogian appeal' (f. 40); correspondence involving Nicholas Zernov (ff. 42-3); letter from Barclays Bank (f. 44); letter to the bursar, The society of the faith (f. 49) and correspondence involving Vladimiar [Kleimichel] (ff. 53-8).

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GB/109/14064Zernov; Nikolai Mikhailovich (1898-1980); Russian scholar and ecumenist1898-1980
482Parsons; Richard Godfrey (1882-1948); Bishop of Hereford1882-1948
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