RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 237/1
Extent77 ff.
TitleIndividual Orthodox Churches: Russian Orthodox Churches In Exile: Moscow Patriarchate: America
DescriptionReports and correspondence concerning the various Russian Orthodox jurisdictions in America, the attempts to unite them under the Moscow Patriarchate and the granting of autocephaly by Moscow, 1970. See also OC file 228.

Including: 'Decree of deposition of Adam Filipovsky' (f. 1); 'Notes on conversation with Metropolitan Nicholai and Protopresbyter Nichalai...' (f. 2); 'The patriarchal ukase of Feb 16, 1945' (ff. 3-6); letters from Paul Anderson (ff. 7-8 and 75-6); file notes (ff. 9-10, 21, 68 and 73); in Russian (ff. 11-14 and 16); statement by Canon West (f. 15); 'Novaya Zarya', 6.12.46 (ff. 17-18); 'Tserkovny Vestnik' (ff. 19-20); letter from Floyd Tomkins (ff. 22 and 34); correspondence involving Alexy and Theophilus, Archbishop of San Fransico (f. 23); letters to Ernest Bevin M.P. (ff. 24-5 and 27); letter to Robert Hankey (f. 26); letter from G. [Pimsen] (f. 28); letter from Ralph [?] (ff. 29-33); 'Documents bearing on relations with the Patriarchy of Moscow...' (ff. 35-54); telegram to Floyd Tomkins (f. 55); correspondence involving Donald Lowrie (ff. 56 and 74); 'The Russian Orthodox Church in the US' (ff. 57-64); article in 'The Guardian', 5 Feb 51 (f. 65); article in 'The Guardian', 15 Feb 51 (f. 66); 'Church of Russia-the Russian Diaspora' (f. 67) and article in 'Novya Zarya', 13/9/52 (ff. 69-72).

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GB/109/24246Simanskiy; Alexy Sergey Vladimirovich (1877-1970); Patriarch of Moscow1877-1970
GB/109/13104Anderson; Paul B. (1896-1985); commentator on Russia and the Orthodox Church1896-1985
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