RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 28/2
Extent78 ff.
TitleAnglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): Anglican-Orthodox Dialogue: General
DateJanuary 1960-December 1964
DescriptionCorrespondence, reports, file notes and memos concerning the resumption of Anglican-Orthodox joint doctrinal dialogue, last held in 1931. Includes talks with the oecumenical patriarch and the decisions of the 3rd Pan-Orthodox conference at Rhodes.

Including: 'Memo of visit to bishop Damaskinos of the Orthodox church in Croatia' (f. 1); letter from G. Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury to the oecumenical patriarch regarding the calling of a Pan-Orthodox conference (f. 2); note from 'Irenikon', 1960, 2nd quarter (f. 3); English translation of 'Vima', 'Proposed resumption of 1931 Anglican-Orthodox discussions' (f. 4); memo regarding the Pan-Orthodox conference (f. 5); report of 'Visit to the Orthodox patriarchate in Jerusalem 23rd May 1960', regarding the Pan-Orthodox conference (ff. 6-8); report of 'Meeting with Prof. Alivisatos, Athens, 4th June 1960', regarding the Pan-Orthodox conference (ff. 9-11); correspondence involving the Bishop of Chelmsford regarding a visiting Orthodox delegation (ff. 12-13); letter from Laureston Scaife regarding joint discussions (f. 14); file note regarding an informal meeting with the Orthodox (f. 15); letter to Paul Anderson regarding discussions with the Orthodox (f. 16); letter from Basil Anagnostopoulos regarding visiting the Phanar (f. 17); French translation from 'Vima' (f. 18); memo of meeting with pan christian relations committee meeting, 5th May 1962 (ff. 19-21); meeting notes, pan christian relations committee (ff. 22-4); translation of leading article in 'Ekklesia', no. 10, 15th May 1962, regarding the possibility of union (ff. 25-6); letter from P. Anderson regarding developments in the USA (f. 27); correspondence between Maximos, Metropolitan of Sardis and M. Ramsey, the Archbishop of Canterbury, regarding developments (ff. 28-30); file note regarding conversations with the Russian Orthodox church (f. 31); memo regarding opinion gathering amongst Orthodox churches (f. 32); note regarding representation amongst the Anglican communion (f. 33); letter from B. Anagnostopoulos on creation of a sub-committee of the pan christian relations committee (f. 34); file note regarding possible Anglican delegates (f. 35); letter from P. Anderson regarding papers (f. 36); correspondence between M. Ramsey and Anglican primates regarding the setting up of a theological commission nominated by the Archbishop of Canterbury (ff. 37-53); report of ''Meeting with members of the pan christian relations committee, Phanar, 26th Oct 1963, regarding developments (f. 54); memo 'Audience with the oecumenical patriarch, Phanar, 26th Oct 1963', by J. Satterthwaite (ff. 55-6); letter from H. Waddams regarding the doctrinal nature of the resumption of discussions (f. 57); letter from B. Anagnostopoulos regarding papers (f. 58); letter from M. Ramsey, the Archbishop of Canterbury to oecumenical patriarch regarding a conference of Wider Episcopal Fellowship (f. 59); press release, 'Dr. Ramsey desires the union of the churches' (f. 60); memo of visit to the oecumenical patriarch (ff. 61-5); extract of letter to the Bishop of Winchester regarding the Russian church (f. 66); file note regarding the Rhodes conference (f. 67); memo regarding latest developments (f. 68); telegram from Archbishop Athenagoras regarding the Rhodes conference (f. 69); telegram from M. Ramsey regarding opening dialogue (f. 70); letter to J. Satterthwaite regarding papers (f. 71); letter from J. D. Blakeway, regarding opening dialogue (f. 72); English translation of an article in 'Ethnikos Kyrix', 14 Nov 1964', 'Discussions to start with the Anglican Church', (ff. 73-4); letter to J. Satterthwaite regarding visiting the oecumenical patriarch (f. 75) and 'Present friendly relations between the Anglicans and the Orthodox' (ff. 76-8).

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