RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 26
Extent120 ff.
TitleAnglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): The Ordination Of Women
Date3 April 1965-December 1978
DescriptionCorrespondence, papers, articles and file notes concerning this issue following the decision of the General Convention, USA to permit the ordination of women to the priesthood and espicopate and its bearing on the future of Anglican-Orthodox relations.

Including: 'An Eastern Orthodox view on the question of the ordination of women', by Prof. Vasil Istavridis (ff. 1-4); 'The significance of the general convention decision to permit ordination of women to the prisethood and episcopate (ff. 5-6); communique (f. 7); article 'The question of the ordination of women', Orthodox Herald, May-June 1976, nos. 125-6 (ff. 8-10); 'Another Anglican response to the letter from Archbishop Athenagoras to the reverend priests and people of the archdiocese of Great Britain and Thyateira', by the Bishop of Truro (ff. 11-14); letter from Colin Davey (f. 15); article in The Orthodox Herald, nos. 141-2, Sep/Oct 1976 (f. 16); 'Statement on the ordination of women, 22-4 Jan 1976 (ff. 17-19); letter from Richard Hanson (f. 20); 'An answer to Archbishop Athenagoras about the ordination of women', by R. Hanson (ff. 21-5); letter from R. Runcie (f. 26); 'Aide memoir on conversation of Peter Day and William Norgren with Athenagoras, New York, 4 Nov 1976' by W. Norgren (ff. 27-8); letter from Rev. William Norgren (f. 29); letter to Roger Beckwith (f. 30); letter to W. Norgren (f. 31); file note by M. Moore (ff. 32-3); letter from W. Norgren (ff. 34-5); letter from P. W. Schneirla (f. 36); article 'Episcopalians' decision to ordain women leaves orthodox "bewildered"', The Orthodox Church, Nov 1976 (f. 37); article 'Anglican-Orthodox relations: the end of an era?' (f. 38); 'The Episcopalian decision', by Thomas Hopko (f. 39); letter to W. Norgren (ff. 40-1); letters from P. Day and W. Norgren (ff. 42-4); 'Documentation on the Polish national catholic church' (ff. 45-9); 'Message to the Orthodox members of the Anglican/Orthodox theological consultation', by W. Norgren (ff. 50-8); 'Letter to the editor' (ff. 59-60); letter from R. Runcie (f. 61); 'Canons, regulations and consitutions', 'Ordination of women to the priesthood' (ff. 62-4); letter from John Riches (f. 65); letters from W. Norgren (ff. 66-7 and 69-70); letter extract from R. Runcie to M. Moore (f. 68); letter from C. L. Booth (f. 71); artcile 'Anglican/Orthodox talks stumble on women's ordination' from 'Ecumenical Press Service', no. 29, 20/10/77 (f. 72); letters from C. Davey (ff. 73-4); 'Summary made of the views of those in favour of the ordination of women at the AOJDD at Pendeli monastry July 1978' (f. 75); 'The Bishop of Truro's speech opposing the motion in the general synod to remove barriers to the ordination of women.' (ff. 76-8); artcile 'The results of the Church of England's general synod', The Orthodox Herald, nos. 167-8, Nov-Dec 1978 (f. 79); 'Copy of a letter from the rev. Robert Anderson to M. Moore 26th Dec 1978 (f. 80); article 'Women's ministry in the church', by Militza Zernov, 'Eastern Churches Review', vol. VII, no. 1, 1975 (ff. 81-3); paper 'Man, woman and the priesthood', by Archimandrite Kallistos Ware (ff. 84-102) and paper 'Bridegroom and bride - christological reasons for the ontological impossibility of the ordination of women', by John Saward (ff. 103-120).

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