RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 11/1
Extent88 ff.
TitleAnglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): Oxford Regional Meeting February 1968, Correspondence
Date3 January 1967-1 December 1968
DescriptionPreparatory correspondence and papers regarding the informal Oxford UK/Ireland 'exploratory' meeting of some members of the commission in the run up to the 10th Lambeth Conference of 1968, much relates to the attitude of the Russian Orthodox Church towards Anglican relations. Also includes correspondence regarding changes in the make-up of the commission.

Including: letter from Ralph Caribo, the Advisory Council on Missionary Strategy to John Satterthwaite (f. 1); letter from John Satterthwaite regarding likely date of the first meeting (f. 2); file note regarding preparation for discussions (ff. 3-4); letter from Paul Anderson to John Satterthwaite (f. 5); extract from a letter from Edward Every to John Satterthwaite regarding the Filioque (f. 6); letter to the Archbishop of Cape Town regarding acceptance of the Bucharest agreement of 1935 (f. 7); correspondence between John Satterthwaite and Ronald Pilkington regarding the issue of Anglican Orders and relations with the Russian Orthodox Church (ff. 8-9); letter from Paul Anderson to John Satterthwaite regarding relations with the Russian and Albanian Orthodox Churches (f. 10); correspondence between Paul Anderson and John Satterthwaite regarding Orthodox relations (f. 11); letter from Paul Anderson regarding the Orthodox at Lambeth (f. 12); letter from Paul Anderson to D.M.Paton (f. 13); copy of telegram from James Christoupolis to the Archbishop of Canterbury and note on conversations with the Ecumenical Patriarch by the Archbishop of Canterbury (ff. 14-16a); 'Report on informal theological discussions held in Lambeth Palace on Friday 10 November 1967 (ff. 16 b-c); letter to Canon M.J.D. Carmichael regarding an exploratory meeting of the Anglican members of the commisssion (f. 17); letter to Edward Every regarding the exploratory meeting (f. 18); letter to Lauriston Scaife from the Archbishop of Canterbury regarding the exploratory meeting (ff. 19-21); extracts of correspondence between John Satterthwaite and Paul Anderson regarding the exploratory meeting (f. 22); letters to Lauriston Scaife regarding the exploratory meeting (ff. 23-4); letter to F. William Lickfield regarding the exploratory meeting (f. 25); letter from H.R.T Brandreth to Jonathan Sherman regarding the exploratory meeting (f. 26); letter to Lauriston Scaife regarding the exploratory meeting (f. 27); note by John Satterthwaite (f. 28); letter to Bruce Jackson (f. 29); file note of vivist to Nikdim of the Russian Orthodox Church regarding various published articles and the desire of the Moscow Patriarchate to have a separate meeting with the Anglican Church regarding the validity of Anglican Orders rather than accept the outcome of previous meetings with the Romanian Orthodox Church (ff. 30-2); letter to E.E.Staples regarding the Russian Orthodox Church (f. 33); correspondence between H.R.T. Brandreth and others regarding the exploratory meeting (f. 34-7); letter from Roger Beckwith (f. 38); letters from Edward Every regarding the Inter-Orthodox Belgrade Conference and branch theory (ff. 39-40 and 43); letter from William Wolf regarding the situation of the Orthodox in the USA (f. 41); letter to the Bishop of Ipswich regarding the exploratory meeting (f. 42); letters from Paul Anderson regarding Anglican-Orthodox relations (ff. 44-6 and 49); letter to Rev. Edward Hardy regarding being defensive (f. 47); General Thought and Comment' by E.R.Hardy regarding theological issues (f. 48); letter from Paul Anderson (ff. 50-1); letter to A.C. MacInnes, Archbishop in Jerusalem (f. 52); letter to E. Hardy (f. 53); file note regarding Evangelic participation in discussions (f. 54); letter from Henry Chadwick on theological disputes (f. 55); letter from Edward Hardy (f. 56); file note regarding procedure for the next meeting with the Orthodox Churches (f. 57); agenda, minutes and notes regarding informal meeting 13 Aug 1968 (ff. 58-62) and correspondence regarding representation Canadian, Australian and American representation on the commission (ff. 63- 86).

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