RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 105/3
Extent73 ff.
TitleIndividual Orthodox Churches: Cyprus: Church And Political Situation
DescriptionPapers relating to Cyprus, including: the request for self-determination, ethnarchy and Enosis, appeals to the Archbishop of Canterbury after the expulsion of Father Stamatopoulos 1955 and after the passing of death sentences on Michael Karaolis and Andrew Demetrion, 1955-56.

Including: letter from D. Smith (f. 1); letter from [?] (f. 2); correspondence involving Makarios, Archbishop of Cyprus (ff. 3-5); 'Conversation between Archbishop Makarios and Archdeacon Goldie...' (ff. 6-8); 'The Cyprus Situation' (ff. 9-11); letters from Donald [?] (ff. 12 and 24); letter from D. Smith, Colonial Office (ff. 13-14); file notes (ff. 15, 50 and 67-8); letter from Christos Furniadis (ff. 16-17); in Greek (ff. 18, 35, 37, 43, 45); Orthodox Cttee (ff. 19-22) letter to D. Goldie (f. 23); to the editor of 'The Times' (f. 25); letter from M. Wallace (f. 26); press release (f. 27); 'Istanbul. Riots 6th Sep 55' (ff. 28-9); letter from John [?] (f. 30); letter from Donald Allchin (f. 31); letter to Guy Whitcombe (f. 32); letter to D. Smith (f. 33); translation of letter from president of the Byron Society (f. 34); letter from A. Barounis and N. Korres (f. 36); letter from Thrasyvulus St. Vlissides and Ger. I. Conidaris (f. 38); 'Resolution to the UN and all intellectuals abroad (ff. 39-40); letter to Ger. I. Conidaris (f. 41); translation of letter (f. 42); letter to Konstantin Stathopoulos (f. 44); 'The Orthodox Christian Association of Larissa' (f. 46); letter to the secretary, The Orthodox Christian Association of Larissa (f. 47); telegram from Dorotheus, Archbishop of Athens (ff. 48-9); correspondence involving Dorotheos (ff. 51, 55-6 and 60); telegram in Greek (ff. 52-3); translation of telegram (f. 54); letter from Herbert Waddams (ff. 57-8); letter to William Clarke (f. 59); text of telegrams (f. 61); telegram from Praxitelis Loizides (f. 62); telegram from Pericles Lantzounis (ff. 63-6); letter to Metropolitan Parthenios (f. 69); letter from the people of Thessaloniki (ff. 70-2) and letter to Panteleimon, Metropolitan of Thessaloniki (f. 73).

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DS/UK/6516Makarios III (1913-1977); Archbishop of Cyprus; Cypriot statesman1913-1977
229Allchin; Arthur Macdonald (1930-2010); Canon of Canterbury1930-2010
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