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Alt Ref NoCFR OC 5/2
Extent128 ff.
TitleAnglican Relations: Pan-Orthodox Conference, Rhodes, 1961 - Conference Papers, Reports And Correspondence
Date18 September 1961-5 November 1961
DescriptionConference papers/reports and correspondence commenting on the relative success of the conference and including comments about the attitude of and relations with the Russian Orthodox Church. Also mentioned in correspondence is Anglican relations with the Roman Catholic Church.

Including: handwritten notes 'Regulations for the worship and work of the Panorthodox Conference, 24 September- 1 October 1961' (ff. 1-8); Conference programme (ff. 9-12); in Greek 'Original text of revised agenda for future ProSynod' (ff. 13-19); 'Agenda for the Forthcoming Pro-Synod Approved by the Pan-Orthodox Conference at Rhodes' (ff. 20-23); copy of amendments by M.C. King and J. Findlow made to list of subjects for the coming Pro-Synod, 10 November 1961 (ff. 24-26); 'Introductory Address by the Most Rev. Maximos, Metropolitan of Sardis, given in the 2nd General Assembly of the Pan-Orthodox Conference in Rhodes 25 September 1961' (ff. 27-9); in French 'Discours du Dr Michel Petrides, Maire de Rhodes, Prononce a L'Occasion du Diner Offert par la Villie de Rhodes en L'Honneur des Participants a la Conference Pan-Orthodox le 26 Septembre 1961' (ff. 30-1); in French 'Allocution de son Excellence le Nomarque du Dodecanese, Mr Andre S. Ioannou, a L'Occasion du Diner Offert par la Nomarchie aux Congressistes de la Conference Pan-Orthodox de Rhodes, 28 Sep 1961' (ff. 32-3); in French 'Allocution de Monsieur le Ministre de l'Instruction Publique' (f. 34); 'Delegations of the Orthodox Churches at the PanOrthodox meeting of Rhodes', 10 Oct 1961 (ff. 35-41); in Greek Composition of Committees (ff. 42-4); various documents in Greek (ff. 45-8); speech by the caretaker Minister of Education and Religious Affairs (ff. 49-50); in French 'Sermon Prononce a la Saintelithurgie Ouvrant la Conference Panorthodoxe de Rhodes a l'Eglise de l'Annonciation de la Sainte Vierge', 24 Sep 1961, by le Metroplite Myron, Mgr. Cryssostomos Konstantinidis (ff. 51-55); in French 'Projet de Ceremonie pour l'Ouverture des Traveaux de la Conference Devant etre Celebree par la tres Reverend President de la Representation Patriarcale' 24 Sep 1961 (ff. 56-9); in French 'Gloire a la Sainte et Consubstantielle et Vivifiante et Indivisible Trinite' (ff. 60-1); 'Statement by the head of the delegation of the Patriarchate of Moscow (Archbishop Nikodim made at the Plenary Sessions 26 and 27 Sep 1961' (ff. 62-6); 'Some notes on the Pan-Orthodox Conference at Rhodes September 1961' by Christopher King, one section in French (ff. 67-71); 'Pan-Orthodox Rhodes Conference, 24 Sep - 1 Oct 1961 - report from a correspondent of the council' including the Archbishop of Canterbury's message to the conference (ff. 72-6); translation into French from 'Vima' 21 Sep 1961 'Les Eflises Orthodoxes se Reunissent le Dimanche a Rhodes' (ff. 77-8); translation into French from 'Vima' 22 Sep 1961 'Le Congres de Rhodes Doit Reussir' (ff. 79-81); letter from The BBC 29 Sep 1961 in part commenting on the Roman Catholic Church's possible stance on Anglican orders (f. 82), 'Pan-Orthodox Ecclesiastical Assembly at Rhodes from Sep 25-30' (ff. 83-84); paper in French by Spyros Alexiou first page appears to be missing (ff. 85-6); English translation of article in 'Le Monde' ' 4 Oct 1961 'Pan-Orthodox Conference at Rhodes' (ff. 87-9); letter from John Findlow at the British Embassy Athens to John Satterthwaite, 8 Oct 1961 reporting on the conference (f. 90); letter from [John Satterthwaite] to John Findlow 12 Oct 1961 regarding conference reports (f. 91); letter from Campbell, the Archbishop in Jerusalem to John Satterthwaite, 12 Oct 1961 regarding his experience at the conference (ff. 92-3); letter from John Satterthwaite to Archbishop Nikodim of Jaroslav and Rostov regarding inter-church relations and his forthcoming visit to Moscow (f. 94); report from the World Council of Churches by Francis House associate general secretary, 16 Oct 1961 on the conference (ff. 95-7); letter to John Satterthwaite from Paul Anderson, Joint Commission on Cooperation with the Eastern Churches, 20 Oct 1961 (f. 98); article in French from 'Journal de Geneve' 21-22 Oct 1961 'Le Pre-Synode Orthodoxe aura un ordre du Jour Insignificant' by Georges Romanoff archipetre (ff. 99-100); letter from BBC to Rev. Michael Halliwell, 24 Oct 1961 (f. 101); 'The Pan-Orthodox Conference of Rhodes 1961' by Angelos Phylax (ff. 102-6); letter from John Findlow at the British Embassy Athens to John Satterthwaite, 28 Oct 1961 commenting on Phylax's report (f. 107); depatch from Sir Roger Allen at the Greek Embassy on the conference, 10 Oct 1961 (ff. 108-9); letter from K.D. Jamieson at the Foreign Office to John Satterthwaite, 7 Nov 1961 (f. 110); letter from John Satterthwaite to K.D. Jamieson, 10 Nov 1961 (f. 111); letter from Christopher King, World Council of Churches, 10 Nov 1961 (ff. 112-113); notes by John Satterthwaite following a meeting 15 Nov 1961 with Orthodox representatives at the Phanar (f. 114); memorandum by John Satterthwaite following a meeting 15 Nov 1961 with the Patriarch at the Phanar (f. 115); memorandum by John Satterthwaite following a meeting 17 Nov 1961 with Basil Anagnostopoulus (f. 116); French translation of an article in 'Ethnos' 18 Nov 1961 'L'Orthodoxie ne sera pas unie a New Delhi' (ff. 117-8); 'Concerning the Pan-Orthodox Conference' 5 Nov 1961 (ff. 119-120); Eastern Churches Newletter no. 25 April 1962 (ff. 121-4) and Greek liturgical pamplet 'Kanoniemoe' (ff. 125-8).
RelatedMaterialKanoniemoe. Eastern Churches Newsletter no. 25 April 1962.

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