RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 38/2
Extent128 ff.
TitleFrance: Taize - general correspondence
Date16 Apr 1962-2 Apr 1982
DescriptionCorrespondence and papers relating to the Protestant Community of Taize near Cluny.

Includes invitations to the inauguration of the Church of the Reconciliation, Mar 1962 and 18 Apr 1962; correspondence with Rev J. Dickinson from the Theology Department of the University of Birmingham concerning his visit to the Taize Community between 8-9 Apr to resolve some misunderstandings which arose in connection with the visit of Superiors of Anglican Communities in Feb 1962, including those connected with the proposed acceptance of Anglican members and its implications for Inter-Communion, and a report by Dickinson, 22 Mar-17 May 1962l; correspondence between Satterthwaite and Schutz regarding an invitation to attend a Nikaean Club dinner, 16 May-8 Jun 1962; letter from Schutz and a message from Ramsey sending blessings for the new Church of the Reconciliation, 9-27 Jul 1962; correspondence and a report about the visit to Taize of Roderic Coote, Bishop of Fulham, 20-24 Jul 1962; Satterthwaite and the Abbot of Nashdom correspondence about the Taize Community's decision not to accept Anglican priests, 17-20 Aug 1962; correspondence concerning a student visit to Taize led by Rev Coleman, Chaplain of King's College, University of London, 26-28 Feb 1963; correspondence concerning a suggestion that a small altar might be reserved in the newly consecrated Church of Reconciliation, 31 May-13 Jul 1963; correspondence relating to an article in the Church Times relating to the receiving of Holy Communion by Anglicans at Taize, 17-24 Sep 1963; correspondence with Brother Gerard Huni, Warden of the Chapel of Unity, Coventry about his role and Brother Christopher's planned trips to East Berlin, Sweden and the USA, and a file note summarising a conversation between Huni and Rev David Tustin, 28 Feb-15 Jun 1964; letters from Tustin concerning Holy Communion at Taize in response to enquiries concerning whether directions had been given about the matter by Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, 3 Oct-17 Nov 1964; correspondence about a Retreat Conference prior to the departure of three Brothers of Taize from their Coventry base in Great Britain, Jan-2 Mar 1965; correspondence relating to the twenty fifth anniversary of the foundation of the Taize Community attended by Rev A.J. Trillo - the Bishop of Bedford and Tustin, including a report by Tustin, 1-15 Sep 1965; correspondence and notes concerning confusion from visiting Anglicans concerning celebration of the Eucharist at Taize, including enquiries and reports from Father Geoffrey Curtis, the Abbot of Nashdom and Coote, resulting in a request that Ramsey might dedicate an Anglican chapel in the Church of Reconciliation, 21 Sep 1965-26 Sep 1966; report on an Ecumenical Youth Conference at Taize, 27 Sep 1966; correspondence relating to requests for Ramsey to visit Taize, including letters from Rev C.K. Sansbury, Satterthwaite and Tustin, and the visit of Coote 1 Oct 1966-29 May 1967; invitation to deliver a short address at a Lunch Hour Service at St Dunstan-in-the-West should any of the Taize Community be visiting London, 2 Jun 1967; letters from Satterthwaite to Hunter and Schutz concerning poor relations between Taize and the Continental Protestant Churches and Schutz's health, 1 Nov 1967; correspondence betwee Satterthwaite and Huni concerning Huni's work in Rwanda and the Pope's forthcoming visit to Kampala, 1-15 Apr 1969; letter and leaflet concerning the community leaflet 'Preparing the Council of Young People', 21 May 1970; translated press extract about meetings between Schutz and Athenagoras I, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, 21 May 1970; file note confirming that the Youth gatherings of Taize had been in preparation for the Council rather than the Council itself, 24 Nov 1970; correspondence with Father Thomas concerning a visit to Britain, preparations for the Council of Youth and the possibility of a visit to Taize by the Archbishop of Canterbury, 11-22 Dec 1970; letter relating to Ramsey's 1972 visit to France and a possible trip to Taize, 8 Feb 1971; signed message to Ramsey from the Youth Council at Taize, 18-21 Jan 1972; statement from the Prior of Taize, London, Nov 1972; summary of a note in Una Sancta about the 1974 Council of Youth in Taize, 20 Aug 1973; correspondence between Ramsey and Prior Roger concerning Ramsey not attending the opening of the Council of Youth, including a message to be read at the event, 1 Aug-11 Sep 1974; report by Robin Woods, Bishop of Worcester on the opening of the Council of Youth, 19 Sep 1974; correspondence between Donald Coggan, Archbishop of Canterbury and Roger concerning a meeting in Calcutta, including a copy of a prayer written by Roger with Mother Theresa, 11-22 Nov 1976; correspondence concerning sending Rev Alan Webster as the Archbishop of Canterbury's representative to the Youth Council celebration at Notre Dame Cathedral, 27 Sep-12 Oct 1978; correspondence concernming a Taize Community vigil for young people at St Paul's Cathedral, 30 Jan-2 Apr 1981.

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