RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 13
Extent135 ff.
TitleDenmark: General correspondence
Date3 Jun 1935-Jun 1980
DescriptionReports and correspondence concerning position of the church, including women pastors. Correspondents include Rev John A. Douglas, Rev Arthur Watson, Rev Michael Halliwell, Rev Herbert Waddams, Rev John Satterthwaite, Bishop Leslie Hunter, Michael Ramsey -Archbishop of Canterbury, Rev Sydney Linton, and Robert Runcie - Archbishop of Canterbury.

Includes discussion of Pastor Svend Borregaard's visit to London in June and July 1938; list of the Episcopate in Denmark; survey reports on the Church of Denmark, 1938-1942 by Rev Regin Prenter, including reporting on the affect of war on church life; report on 'The Danish Church' between 1940-1942 by Professor Dr P.G. Lindhardt from Ny Kyrkligt Tidskrift (Vol. 11 No. 4); 'The record of the Danish Church, October 1942-October 1943' by Prenter, including discussion of the new Government; letter to Rev C.H. Jones, Foreign Office Chaplain sending thanks for a report on 1943-1944 by Pastor Poul Borchsenius and discussion of a delegate being sent by Archbishop Eidem to the enthronement of Geoffrey Fisher as Archbishop of Canterbury, 27 Feb 1945; letter from A.M. Jorgenson annoucning that the Oecumenical Council in Denmark has decided to start a religious news service, 26 Jul 1946; Prenter report for 1946-1947; material relating to the ordination of women in the Danish Church, including a letter inviting people to add their name to a petition against a Bill permitting the ordination of women, signed by 500 Danish pastors, 28 Feb 1947 and a letter published in the Church Times from Gunnar Rosendal, 23 Apr 1948; enquiry from the Dean of Rochester concerning an invitation to a Danish Dean to preach in the Rochester Cathedral, 17-18 Mar 1952; notes concerning the objection of Bishop C. Baun of Viborg to ordaining a woman, 7 Jan-28 May 1956; extract from a letter to Waddams from Rev John Satterthwaite concerning a visit to Sweden and discussion of the ordination of women in Denmark and the future of the Anglo-Scandinavian Conferences, 15 Feb 1957; correspondence concerning Bishop Fuglsang-Damgaard wish not to attend the Lambeth Conference and report on 'The Episcopate in Denmark, Norway and Iceland' by Borregard, 26-29 Aug 1958; letter reporting on a three week holiday to Denmark and Sweden, with reference to the Danish High Church movement and Pastor Schroeder, 2 Sep 1960; Satterthwaite's narrative diary concerning a visit to Denmark, 28 Sep-2 Oct 1960; correspondence between Rev Michael Halliwell and Rev John Wilkinson discussing a conversation with Pastor Probsk about the uncertain relationship between the Church and State in Denmark, 14-21 Nov 1961, and a further letter from Rev John Castle about the correspondence, 22 Nov 1961; invitation from the Danish Association of University Students for Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury to visit, 10-19 Jan 1962; correspondence between Halliwell and Bishop Leslie Hunter concerning the Wider Episcopal Fellowship in relation to the Scandinavian Churches and their division based on apostolic succession, 4-14 Oct 1963, and a related letter to Rev W. Westergaard Madsen, Bishop of Copenhagen, 24 Feb 1964; summary of an article by Pastor Svend Ebbe Jakobsen on 'Glimpses of Danish Church Life in 1963'; letter to Satterthwaite discussing the Mar Thoma branch of the Syrian Church in India and the broken succession of the Danish Church. 9 Nov 1964; report on five days in Denmark, Sep 1965 by Rev Sydney Linton; invitation from the Danish Association of University Students for Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury to visit, and related correspondence, 2-11 Jul 1966; summary of an article by Pastor Svend Ebbe Jakobsen on 'Glimpses of Danish Church Life in 1968; correspondence relating to a message from Ramsey for the 75th birthday of the Danish Christian daily newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad, Aug-Sep 1971; telegrams relaying meesages of sympathy on the death of King Frederick IX of Denmark, 15-28 Jan 1972; news summary for Lutheran Church of Denmark, Apr 1972; letter from Linton concerning clergy training and ordination in Denmark, 8 May 1972; note on a Royal Decree concerning the Danish Church, 20 Nov 1972; press cuttings and a letter from Pastor Johs Langhoff discussing controversy over plans for an erotic film entitled 'The Love Affair of Jesus Christ', 4 Jul-19 Sep 1973; correspondence concerning an invitation from Rev Knud Christensen to Rev Father Humphrey Whistler at the Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield to speak at a conference of the Danish High Church Group, 14 Sep 1974-3 Jul 1975; note about a meeting with the newly appointed Ambassador to Denmark, Miss Ann Warburton, 13 Apr 1976; report on a 'Meeting of the "Virring Convent", May 26th-28th'; correspondence concerning the proposed film 'The Many Faces of Christ' by Swedish Film Institute, 22-30 Apr 1976; correspondence between Rev Olav Fog and Robert Runcie, Archbishop of Canterbury concerning the split in the Danish Church over the issue of women's ordination, 15-22 Apr 1980; an interview with Runcie by Rasmus Bjorgmose, Morgenposten's special correspondent in London, with topics discussed including inter-faith dialogue, the ordination of women, and abortion, June 1980.
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