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Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 150
Extent203 ff.
TitlePapers of the Revd. Sydney Linton: Sweden 'Reports for CFR' [Council on Foreign Relations]
Date1953-Oct 1989
DescriptionNews of the Lutheran Church of Sweden referring to developments in the Swedish Church between 1953 and 1989, in the form of reports and translated extracts from the press.

Topics covered include the election of parish clergy; re-marriage of divorced persons, 1953 and prosecutions of clergy refusing to marry divorced couples, 1971; the trial of Bishop Dick Helander of Strangnas, 1953-7 Sep 1954, 4 Jun 1964; the 'Confessional' body in the Church of Sweden, 1953; senior clergy appointments and elections; a 'city campaign' in 1955 and an advertising campaign in 1956 in Stockholm to inform people about Sunday worship, Jul-Oct 1956; Swedish Church Assembly vote against admitting women to the priesthood, 1957; church attendance in the Diocese of Gothenburg, 1957; translation of an article from Svenska Dagbladet concerning a High Church group conference in response to the positive Swedish Church Assembly vote for the ordination of women, resulting in the formation of a Samling for Kyrklig Fornyelse (Rally for Church Renewal), 7 Nov 1958; reactions to the Church Assembly's acceptance of proposals to admit women to the priesthood, including translated press extracts, 1960; reference to advertising Church Services and the relationship between Church and State; statistics, Apr 1961; parochial reorganisation; divisions in the Church of Sweden, the treatment of the conflict by the press, and an assessment of various bishops, 13 May 1961-1963; Church-State relations; the 800th anniversary of the Uppsala see, 1963; 'Can Swedish statistics help English deployment of clergy?'; a gift of candlesticks for the Chapel of St Ansgar in memory of Yngve Brilioth - Archbishop of Uppsala, 30 Aug 1963; the consecration of Bishop Helge Fosseus as Bishop in the Evangelical Lutheran Zulu Church, 1965; Christian teaching in schools, 1967; 'Reaction against the Ecumenical movement' from Kyrka och Folk, 1966-1967; translated article from Kyrka och Folk on a report on women and priesthood issued by a Church of England Committee, 1967; the publication of 'A Free Church' and other matters relating to Church State relations, Apr 1967, May 1968, Nov 1968-Jan 1969, May 1972, Jan 1973; compulsory church collections for the St Katherine Foundation of Dr Margit Sahlin; centenary of the Swedish Church Assembly, Oct 1968; the lack of a direct invitation for the Church of Sweden to attend the Lambeth Conference, Oct 1968; analysis of terms Low Church, High Church and Folk Church, 1968; name change from the Swedish Ministry in charge of Church Affairs to the the Royal Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs, and the new minister of Church Affairs, Mrs Alva Myrdal, 1968-Apr 1970; proposals for the formation of joint free school between the Baptists, Methodists and the Mission Covenant Church, Mar-Jul 1969; appointments, including that of Dr Margit Sahlin as Vicar of the Engelbrekt church in Stockholm, May-7 Nov 1970; Lutheran Anglican conversations at Exeter College, Oxford, Nov 1970-Jan 1971; treatment of those proposed for a bishopric who would not agree to ordain women, Jun-Dec 1971; nine month experiment in Sweden training university graduates for the priesthood; refusal of Helge Brattgard - Bishop of Skara and Bertil Gartner - Bishop of Gothenberg to take part in the consecration of Ingmar Strom as Bishop of Stockholm; the sudden end of Parliamentary work on a new relationship between Church and State in Sweden, without proposing any legislation, Jun-Aug 1973; New Baptist Liturgy, Oct 1973; Leuenberg Concord, Jun 1973-Jan 1974; Linton's comments on the sources of his information, 19 Feb 1974; church attendance statistics, abortion, baptism and homosexuality, Mar-Oct 1974; an enquiry by the Sociology of Religion Institute into churchmanship and the debates concerning the ordination of women, Jan 1975; increase in candidates for ordination, Feb 1975; the 'conscience clause' ensuring freedom of conscience to those who oppose women priests, 1975; open letters exchanged between the Women's section of the Centre Party in Swedish politics and Olof Sundby - Archbishop of Uppsala regarding the fact that two Swedish bishops had nor ordained any women as priests; meeting of the Swedish Church Assembly, Jan 1976; concern about a tendency in Swedish broadcasts of Communion services including an invitation for people to join in at home, and other discussions about services, Jan-May 1976; change in Government from Social Democrat to a coalition government, Jun-Oct 1976; new forms of liturgy, Nov 1976-Feb 1977; continued controversy about women priests, Feb-Jun 1977, Sep 1977-Mar 1978; training for the priesthood, Jul-Sep 1977; new proposals for the Church State relationship and a Bishops' Consultative Committee on the ordination of women, Mar-Nov 1978, Sep 1981; meeting of the Church Assembly of the Swedish Church, Feb-Jun 1979; joint triennial meeting of Bishops of Scandinavian countries in Denmark, Aug 1979; issues to be considered at the next Church Assembly, Aug 1979; statistics regarding women priests in Sweden; 'What is going to happen to the Church?' by Bishop Bo Giertz, as delivered at the nationwide meeting of the Church Alliance for the Bible and the Faith at Soderkoping, Sweden, Oct 1979; Church Days annual conference at Uppsala held by the Church Renewal Group, Jan 1980; changes proposed by the new Minister for Church Affairs Karl Boo, Jun 1980; pressure for the conscience clause and the provision allowing ordination for those who object to women priests to be abolished, Nov 1980, Feb-Aug 1981; translation of the Kyrklig Fornyelse's proposal to form a Free Synod of the Swedish Church, 1980; list of similarities and differences between the Churches of England and Sweden, Sep 1981; details of proposed legislation on Church State relations and the 'conscience clause', Oct 1981-May 1982; correspondence concerning elections to kyrkofullmaktige [parish councils] and kyrkoradet [Council of Churches], 31 Jul 1982; Swedish Church Union's annual 'Church Day' at Uppsala Cathedral, and the rejection by the laity of the Church Assembly of the State's offer of increased freedom for the Church, Sep-Dec 1982; the thesis of Rev Ulla Carin Holm - 'Her Own Works Praise Her: Studies of personality and attitudes among women priests in the Swedish Church', Mar 1983; election of new Church Assembly under the new constitution and under the aegis of the Swedish parliament, and views on the new Church-State relationship, including a translated request for discharge from the priesthood, and the proposed Free Synod for those opposed to developments in Church-State relations, Jul 1983-Jul 1984; Swedish comment on the Lutheran World Federation Assembly in Budapest, 1984; the new Church Assembly and the new central executive body of the Swedish Church, Jan 1985-Apr 1986; issues affecting Swedish clergy including stress, a focus on equality and parish organisation, Oct 1986; summaries of the development of Church-State relations, Mar 1987-Sep 1988; account of a visit to Sweden to take part in the consecrations of the new Bishops of Stockholm and Vesteras, 8-11 Oct 1988; Church Assembly, the Free Synod of the Church of Sweden and a rise in the number of candidates for ordination, Jan 1989; post-ordination of women problems in the Church of Sweden, 24 Oct 1989.

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