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Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 144/2
Extent121 ff.
TitleAnglican-Lutheran Relations: Anglican/Lutheran European Regional Commission (ALERC)
Date10 Dec 1974-8 Jul 1981
DescriptionPapers and correspondence concerning meetings of the Anglican/Lutheran European Regional Commission (ALERC) at Coates Hall, Edinburgh from 14-20 Aug 1980, and Pullach from 2-8 Jul 1981.

Includes the Board for Mission and Unity - Faith and Order Advisory Group report, entitled 'Comment on the Anglican/Lutheran International Conversations', 10 Dec 1974; extracts from reports of the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) meetings in Trinidad and Canada, 1976-1977; letter to Olof Sundby - Archbishop of Uppsala, noting that both the ACC and Lutheran World Federation had adopted the recommendations of the Anglican/Lutheran Joint Working Group, 24 May 1977; notes by Rev Michael Moore on meetings with Rev John Arnold, 3 Jun, 8 Jul 1977; notes by Moore on a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board for Mission and Unity, 3 Jun 1977; correspondence between Arnold, Rev David Chaplin and Moore in relation to the decision of the Board for Mission and Unity not to become involved in preliminary consultations about the way to establish an Anglican-Lutheran Theological Commission in Europe, 24 Jun-27 Jul 1977; Moore notes on a conversation with Chaplin, 10 Aug 1977; letter from Moore to Donald Coggan - Archbishop of Canterbury, with a note to indicate it had also been sent to the Archbishop of Armagh, and Primates of Scotland and Wales, with an enclosed letter from Arnold to Chaplin regarding the appointment of a steering committee to make plans for the Commission's three proposed meetings, and a letter to Olof Sundby-Archbishop of Uppsala, 24 May-15 Aug 1977; responses to Moore's letters from the Archbishop of Wales' Registrar, Alastair Haggart - Bishop of Edinburgh, George Simms - Archbishop of Armagh, 4 Oct-20 Dec 1977; correspondence between Moore and John Gibbs - Bishop of Coventry suggesting that Gibbs be Chairman of the Anglican group, 5-17 Jan 1978; update on progress towards a meeting of the Commission, 24 Jan 1978; correspondence regarding arrangements for Steering Committee meeting after Swedish celebrations in London, which was later cancelled, 17 May 1978-2 Feb 1979; letter from Rev Henrik Svenungsson regarding his appointment as Director of the National Committee of the Lutheran World Federation, dates for the start of talks, Moore's visit to Sweden and women pastors assisting at the consecration of Lars Carlzon - the Bishop of Stockholm, 16 Jun 1979; letter from Rev Canon Martin Reardon to Rev Christopher Hill, annotated with notes on a discussion with Reardon, 8-14 Aug 1979; notes on a meeting in Uppsala of Sundby, Gibbs, Moore, Professor Lars Osterlin, Svenungsson and Rev George Perry, 2 Sep 1979; correspondence with Eric Kemp - the Bishop of Chichester regarding an invitation to celebrate the 450th anniversary of the signing of the Confessio Augustana in the city of Weissenberg, Germany, 19-24 Sep 1979; report by the Archbishop of Canterbury's Counsellors on Foreign Relations on the visit of Coggan to Sweden and Finland, 30 Aug-5 Sep 1979; notes on discussions with Gibbs, before and after his visit to Stockholm regarding arrangements for the first meeting of the full Commission, and a related letter from Moore to Howe, 25 Sep-5 Oct 1979; letter to Dr Gunther Gassman inviting him to talks between 16-17 Nov in Coventry, 4 Oct 1979; correspondence and a list of participants for the Anglican/Lutheran European Regional Commission Joint Steering Committee meeting at Verulam House, St Albans, 5 Nov-17 Dec 1979; letter from Gibbs to Marinus Kok - Archbishop of Utrecht and Edmond Perret - General Secretary, World Alliance of Reformed Churches inviting nominations for observers to attend the first meeting of the Commission in Edinburgh; correspondence between Gassman, Moore, David Isitt regarding preparations, including references to background materials in the Pullach Report and papers of the Anglo-Scandinavian Theological Conversations, invitations to attend, and the event programme, 8 Feb-1 Jul 1980; response to invitations from Kok, 7 Jul 1980; notice by Moore about the Anglican/Lutheran European Regional Commission meeting in Edinburgh, 21 Aug 1980; letter of thanks for the ALERC meetings in Edinburgh from Rev Dr R. Stuart Louden, 28 Aug 1980; English and German press release announcing the second ALERC meeting in Pullach, Germany between 2-8 Jul 1981; correspondence between Moore and Gibbs noting that Hill would be replacing Moore at the Pullach meeting, 18-23 Feb 1981; list of subject papers for Pullach; note on a discussion between Gibbs and Hill, 18 May 1981; approval of Gibbs' expenses, 26 May 1981; letter to Hill from Alastair Haggart - Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, 28 May 1981; list of papers distributed in advance, details of the themes of the meeting, and a list of participants, and notes on group discussions at Pullach, 11 Jun-Jul 1981; summary of the outcomes of the ALERC meeting at Pullach, Jul 1981.

Correspondents include Rev Michael Moore; Rev John Arnold; Rev David Chaplin; Alastair Haggart - Bishop of Edinburgh; George Simms - Archbishop of Armagh; John Gibbs - Bishop of Coventry; Rev Henrik Svenungsson; Rev Canon Martin Reardon; Patrick C. Rodger - Bishop of Oxford; Marinus Kok - Archbishop of Utrecht; Rev Dr R. Stuart Louden; Alastair Haggart - Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

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