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Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 142/1
Extent105 ff.
TitleAnglican-Lutheran Relations: General Relations
Date27 Mar 1953-7 Jan 1981
DescriptionPapers and correspondence concerning the developments leading up to the setting up of dialogue.

Includes discussion about a bibliography being collated by the Lutheran World Federation on the subject of formal ecumenical relations of Lutheran and non-Lutheran churches, 27 Mar-16 Apr 1953; interview between Rev John Satterthwaite and Cardinal Willebrands, with topics including Archbishop Heenan and the English situation, Churches behind the Iron Curtain, Orthodox participation, Anglican observers, World Council of Churches and Rome, as well as meetings with Dr W. Vajta and Cardinal Samore, 4 Dec 1963; Consultation on 'Agreements and disagreements between the Anglican and Lutheran churches', 24-28 October, at the Evangelical Academy of Loccum, Germany concerning Lutheran World Federation (LWF) relations with Anglican churches, 7 Oct-30 Nov 1966; correspondence regarding individuals who could act as a point of contact between the LWF and Anglican Communion, with Ralph S. Dean - Bishop of Cariboo proposed, 9-22 Dec 1966; report on Lutheran/Anglican Relationships in Europe by Leslie S. Hunter, 1966; correspondence with Dean, concerning the Lutheran consultation in Oct 1966 and the existing level of dialogue, the 1968 Lambeth Conference, 2 Feb-10 Apr 1967; a motion passed by the Executive Committee of the Lutheran World Federation in Waterloo, Ontario, regarding approaching the Anglican Communion to create a Joint Working Group to exchange views and develop proposals for future dialogue, 30 Jun 1967, and a letter from Michael Ramsey - Archbishop of Canterbury to Rev F.A. Schiotz arranging for the proposal to be considered by the Committee on Christian Unity at the Lambeth Conference, 6 Sep 1967; correspondence and file notes regarding conversations with Dr Harding Meyer and Satterthwaite's attendance at the second meeting of the Anglican/Roman Catholic Joint Preparatory Commission, 5-11 Sep 1967; resolutions made at the Lambeth Conference and the Convocations of Canterbury and York concerning the Churches of Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Denmark and Iceland, 16 Oct 1967; correspondence with Rev H.R.T. Brandreth, who was enquiring on behalf of the Unity Committee of the 1968 Lambeth Conference about relations with Lutheran Churches in the USA, Scotland, Australia, Uganda, the West Indies, Jerusalem, New Zealand, Zambia, Kenya, Fiji Islands, Singapore and Malaya, Sarawak, Hong Kong, Burma, Korea, Melanesia, South Africa, India, Canada, 25 Oct 1967-12 Jan 1968 and 8 Mar 1968; notes on a discussion between Satterthwaite and David Paton on the Lambeth Conference preparations, Anglican/Orthodox discussions, the Prague Peace Conference, the World Council of Churches Executive Committee in Genea, Roman Catholic relations and the Conference of European Churches, 1 Nov 1967; memorandum by the Anglican/Lutheran Committee meeting in Berlin, 5-7 Nov 1967, a draft letter from Williams to Ramsey, and related correspondence responding to the draft letter between Satterthwaite, Nov 1967-22 Feb 1968; 'Some observations on Anglican-Lutheran relations' by Gordon, 28 Feb 1968, and a related letter from Williams, 11 Mar 1968; letter to Ramsey containing notes on discussions of the Lutheran and Reformed Churches Committee of the Council on Foreign Relations, 15 Mar 1968; letter from Satterthwaite to Eric Gordon - Bishop of Sodor and Man, 29 Jul 1968; list of Provinces at which enquiries had been directed by the Unity Committee of the Lambeth Conference, 1968; letter to Rev Dr Harding Meyer, 16 Jul 1969; letter from John Howe to Brandreth, 21 Jul 1969; draft memorandum on relations and the possibility of conversations between Churches of the Anglican Communion and the LWF; letter from Ramsey to Chiu Ban It - Bishop of Singapore and Malaya regarding a Bishops' Meeting in Kuching, 17 Feb 1970; a letter from Paul E. Hoffman of the Coordination Committee of Overseas Partners of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan to Dr Gunnar Hasselblatt on Anglican-Lutheran relations in the Holy Land, and a note by Rev Michael Moore on a meeting with Hasselblatt, 5-7 Jan 1981.

Correspondents include Dr Peter Fraenkel; Rev W.H. Macartney; Rev Andre Appel; Rev David Tustin; Oliver Tomkins - Bishop of Bristol; Ronald Williams - Bishop of Leicester; Rev T.H.L. Parker; Rev David Tustin; Ralph S. Dean - Bishop of Cariboo; Fredrik A. Sciotz; Michael Ramsey - Archbishop of Canterbury; Peter Day; Francis Moncreiff - Bishop of Glasgow; Marcus Loane - Archbishop of Sydney; Eric Sabiti - Archbishop of Uganda; Alan John Knight - Archbishop of the West Indies; Philip Strong - Archbishop of Brisbane; Angus Campbell MacInnes - Archbishop in Jerusalem; Norman Lesser - Archbishop of New Zealand; H.A.N. Bralow, Diocesan Secretary for Zambia; Leonard Beecher - Archbishop of East Africa; John C. Vockler - Bishop in Polynesia; Sir Frank Woods - Archbishop of Melbourne; Chiu Ban It - Bishop of Singapore and Malaya; David Howard Nicholas Allenby - Bishop of Kuching; Gilbert Baker - Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Hong Kong and Macau; Francis Ah Mya - Bishop of Rangoon; William C. Councell - Administrative Assistant to the Bishop of Singapore and Malaya; Richard Rutt - Assistant Bishop of Taejon, Korea; J.W. Chisholm - Bishop of Melanesia; Robert Selby Taylor - Archbishop of Cape Town; Lakdasa De Mel - Bishop of Calcutta; Denis V. Day - Diocesan Registrar for Perth; Rev Ernest Gordon; Rev Sydney Linton; Secretary to the Bishop of Southwell; Winifred L. Miller; Cyril Bowles - Archdeacon of Swindon; Rev J.R. Arnold; Canon D.M. Paton; G.B. Snell - Bishop of Toronto; J.W.A. Howe; Paul E. Hoffman.

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GB/109/8230Heenan; John Carmel (1905-1975); Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster1905-1975
DS/UK/4791Dean; Ralph Stanley (1913-1987); archbishop of Cariboo1913-1987
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GB/109/12656Ah Mya; Francis (fl.1927-1972); Archbishop of Burmafl.1927-1972
DS/UK/4950Rutt; (Cecil) Richard (1925-2011); Bishop of Leicester1925-2011
DS/UK/4762Chisholm; John Wallace (1922-1975); Bishop of Melanesia1922-1975
DS/UK/4986Taylor; Robert Selby (1909-1995); Archbishop of Cape Town1909-1995
DS/UK/3756De Mel; Hiyanirindu Lakdasa Jacob (1902-1976); metropolitan of the Church of India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon1902-1976
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