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Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 135
Extent185 ff.
TitleUnited Kingdom: General Relations
Date19 Mar 1948-19 Dec 1979
DescriptionMainly concerning the establishment of the English Speaking Lutheran Church or the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England (Missouri Synod), 1948-56, and concerning Lutheran proselytism, 1960-63, and correspondence with the Lutheran Council of Great Britain.

Includes correspondence and notes relating to a discussion of an offer of financial aid for Dr Taul and his Church made by the Missouri Synod via Rev E. George Pearce, and the drafting of an agreement to address the concerns of the Lutheran World Federation regarding the work of Lutheran pastors in the UK, 19 Mar-29 Apr 1948; notes on a proposal by David L. Ostergren that there should be greater liaison between the Lutheran Council of England and the Foreign Workers's Committee of the British Council of Churches, 4-11 Feb 1949; letter from Rev Dr G.L. Prestige to Ostergren regarding the chapter on British Lutheranism in the Manuel of Lutheran Activity in Great Britain, 20 Jun 1950; letters from Ostergren regarding a gift from the Lutherans in Canada for the relief of flood victims, and a meeting to discuss the matter with Waddams and Geoffrey Fisher - Archbishop of Canterbury, 9 Mar-12 May 1953; report on 'Inter Church Relations in Great Britain: Lutherans and the Church of England' by Rev Ernest Gordon, 30 Nov 1953; correspondence between Waddams and Yngve Brilioth - Archbishop of Uppsala regarding the contents of Gordon's report in relation to the growth of a British Lutheran Church, 17 Dec 1953-15 Jan 1954; letters to George Bell - Bishop of Chichester from Rev John A. Douglas and Waddams regarding the Nikaean Club and relations with Scandinavian and other Continental Churches, 20-25 Mar 1955; a letter from Waddams and notes on a conversation with Pastor Bethge regarding renewed attempts to establish a British Lutheran Church, 15-21 Jul 1955; extract of a letter to Waddams from Rev Dieter Voll, concerning a meeting with Rev Michael Bruce, 14 Aug 1955; 'Note on the Lutheran Movement in Great Britain' by Gordon, summing up a conversation with Pastor Dr Winterhager and Pastor Bethge, 15 Sep 1955; Waddams correspondence with Rev Kenneth Slack - British Council of Churches, regarding developments, 24-28 Sep 1955; correspondence from Pastor Gottfried Klapper, and from Waddams to George Bell - Bishop of Chichester regarding the installation of Pastor Vernon Frazier in St Mary's Lutheran Church and the belief of Waddams that this was part of a policy to start an English-speaking Lutheran Church in Britain, 12-14 Dec 1955; Constitution of the German-speaking Evangelical Lutheran Synod in the United Kingdom, sent to Rev John Satterthwaite by Gottfried 13 Dec 1955; notes by Satterthwaite on a conversation with Klapper regarding the attitude of the Lutheran World Federation and the Missouri Synod to Lutheranism in Great Britain, 21 Dec 1955; correspondence between Fisher and Rev Dr J. Burnaby concerning a rumour that there had been proposals to establish a Chair of Lutheran Theology at Cambridge University, noted by Burnaby as unfounded, 22-23 Feb 1956; note by Satterthwaite to Dr Jay regarding the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England seeking registration with the Board of Trade, 30 Apr 1956; translated note regarding the return of Ostergren to the USA, 12 Sep 1956; 'Training of Lutheran Theological Students in England' by Francis H. House, 20 Nov 1956, and letters in response from Waddams, including a note referring to a conversation with Taul regarding the question of having a tutor for Lutheran students for the ministry who are at Oxford or Cambridge, 23-27 Nov 1956; memorandum concerning a meeting with Dieter Voll, 26 Nov 1957; note concerning an enquiry from Canon Roy McKay, Head of Religious Broadcasting at the BBC, about the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England, 2 Jun 1959; Master list of Lutheran Services in Great Britain and Ireland; correspondence between Satterthwaite and Rev B.C. Pawley, Secretary of the Diocese of Ely, regarding whether a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England be allowed use of the redundant building of St Michael's Church, Cambridge, 3-14 Apr 1959; extract from the Council on Inter-Church Relations disvussing 'Ecumenical Studies on Divinity and Humanity of Jesus Christ on the occasion of a visit of the Evangelische Akademie of Schleswig-Holstein to Jerusalem', Apr 1959; correspondence between Satterthwaite and Gordon regarding a proposed small conference between St Michael's Brotherhood and Anglicans, and a 'Memorandum on Lutheran activities in the United Kingdom', with references to the Geistlicher Rat, the Lutheran Council of Great Britain, and the Lutheran Church House in Kensington, 3 Jul 1959; futher correspondence between Pawley and Satterthwaite, 22-23 Oct 1959; letter from Robert Stopford - Bishop of Peterborough regarding an English Lutheran congregation in Corby, forwarded by Falkner Allison - Bishop of Chelmsford to Satterthwaite, 16-21 Jan 1960; file notes by Satterthwaite on meetings with Pastor Schaeffer, Dean Bergs and Pastor Muziks to discuss Proselytism, 27 Jan-10 Feb 1960; further discussion of the formation of an English Lutheran congregation in Corby, with letters from Stopford and Wayne C. Stumme, Pastor of St Paul's Lutheran Church, Corby, 15 Feb-27 May 1960; correspondence regarding a former pupil of Spalding Grammar School being Confirmed as a Lutheran, with letters from Rev Brian Taylor, Rev C.B. Moss, Rev Michael Halliwell and the Lutheran World Federation, 18 May-17 Jun 1960; notes concerning a visit by Dr Gunnar Hultgren - Archbishop of Uppsala to Lambeth Palace, including discussion of Lutheran proselytism in England, 20 Jun 1960; memorandum by Halliwell concerning Lutheran work in the Greater London area, 24 Jun 1960; files notes by Satterthwaite on the proselytising of the Missouri Lutherans, with descriptions of conversations with Dean Taul and Pastor Klapper, 13 Jul-8 Dec 1960; correspondence between Satterthwaite and Rev Canon Ronald Allen regarding a request to be allowed to hold weekly Lutheran services in the English language, and related correspondence including a letter from Alex Monstovics noting that they had secured the Egbaston Congregational Church for the purpose, which was forwarded to Allen by Adolf Kurtz, 5-19 Dec 1960 and 21 Dec 1960-4 Jan 1961; notes and correspondence regarding the Lutheran World Federation acquiring a church in Ireland from the Church of Ireland, including letters from G.O. Simms - Archbishop of Dublin, and Rev Michael Halliwell, 19-20 Dec 1960 and 16-20 Jan 1961; discussion of Lutheran services in English, being arranged under the auspices of the Lutheran World Federation, and the use of Anglican churches for German Protestant services in Italy, within the Diocese of Gibraltar, 22 Feb-25 Apr 1961; file note regarding a conversation with Dr H. Harms, 30 Apr 1961; notes on a conversation with Dean Taul concerning the new English-speaking Synod established by Pastor Schaeffer, 29 May 1961; memorandum on 'Proselytism: Lutheran activities in Great Britain' by Rev F. House of the World Council of Churches and a response from Satterthwaite, 12-15 May 1961; correspondence regarding a Lutheran and Reformed Church Committee meeting, including a letter from Stopford regarding the Lutheran Congregation in Corby, from Rev C.B. Moss regarding approaching Lutherans on matters of doctrine rather than order, and Roderic Coote - Bishop of Fulham regarding the actions of American churches in Europe, 3 Jun-5 Jul 1961; 'Co-operation in the Lutheran Council of Great Britain' report; letter referring to the American Lutheran church in Copenhagen, 17 Aug 1961; correspondence with Rev John Wilkinson regarding Lutherans in Jordan, including the decision not to establish a church in Zerka, 17-29 Oct 1961; memorandum on a meeting between Satterthwaite and Bishop Bo Giertz at Lambeth Palace concerning problems between Anglicans and Lutherans in the UK, 23 Feb 1962; correspondence with Rev Sydney Linton regarding Giertz's comments on Coote's article in Anglican World, 7-9 Mar 1962; a directory of Lutheran Pastors affiliated to the Lutheran Council and of other Lutheran Pastors in Great Britain, 29 Aug 1962; correspondence regarding Lutheran congregations at St Mary's Oxford, Plymouth, Leeds and London, 4 Oct 1962-11 Feb 1964; message from Michael Ramsey - Archbishop of Canterbury sending greetings on the Lutheran Council of Great Britain's twenty-fifth anniversary; list of Lutheran churches and congregations in Great Britain; correspondence regarding proposals for Anglican/Lutheran contacts in North West England in the form of a conference, 11 Nov 1970-7 Jan 1971; invitation and replies to a Theological Conference of the Lutheran Council of Great Britain, 11 May-17 Jun 1971; correspondence regarding a request put to the London Redundant Churches Use Committee by the Lutheran Council of Great Britain for a new church building for the congregation of St Mary's Lutheran Church, Sandwich Street, London, 17-30 Jun 1971; correspendence concerning Rev Edmund Ratz being posted to Germany, 27-28 Jul 1977; correspondence between Dean Robert Patkai of the Lutheran Council of Great Britain and Donald Coggan - Archbishop of Canterbury regarding Coggan's retirement, 11-19 Dec 1979.

Correspondents include Rev Herbert Waddams; Dr S.C. Michelfelder, Executive Secretary of the Lutheran World Federation; M. Zarine; Rev David L. Ostergren; Rev Findlow; Rev Dr G.L. Prestige; Yngve Brilioth - Archbishop of Uppsala; Rev John A. Douglas; Rev Dieter Voll; Rev Kenneth Slack - British Council of Churches; Pastor Gottfried Klapper; Geoffrey Fisher - Archbishop of Canterbury; Rev Dr J. Burnaby; Canon Roy McKay, Head of Religious Broadcasting at the BBC; Rev B.C. Pawley, Secretary of the Diocese of Ely; Rev Ernest Gordon; Robert Stopford - Bishop of Peterborough; Falkner Allison - Bishop of Chelmsford; Wayne C. Stumme, Pastor of St Paul's Lutheran Church, Corby; Rev Brian Taylor; Rev C.B. Moss; Rev Michael Halliwell; Rev Canon Ronald Allen; Adolf Kurtz; G.O. Simms - Archbishop of Dublin; Rev F. House; Roderic Coote - Bishop of Fulham; Rev John Wilkinson; Rev Canon C.H.R. Cocup; Rev John F. Holt; Rev Philip M. Martin - Vicar of the University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford; Rev J.W.F. Gosling; Rev Eric Chard; Ronald Williams - Bishop of Leicester; Rev Geoffrey Moore; Michael Ramsey and Donald Coggan- Archbishop of Canterbury.

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