RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 125
Extent169 ff.
TitleSweden: Anglican Relations
Date27 Apr 1922-8 Dec 1959
DescriptionPapers and correspondence concerning practical relations with the Church of Sweden, including admission to the Holy Communion, and interconsecrations, and the resolutions of the Convocation of Canterbury, 1954.

Includes correspondence between Randall Davidson- Archbishop of Canterbury and Nathan Soberblom - Archbishop of Uppsala concerning the answer given by the Church of Sweden's Bishops Council to the resolution of the Lambeth Conference on intercommunion, 27 Apr-23 May 1922; correspondence regarding an enquiry from John Farthing - Bishop of Montreal regarding relations with the Church of Sweden and the question of whether it would be acceptable to receive Communion administered by the Church of Sweden, with letters from Rev A.C. Don, A.C. Headlam - Bishop of Gloucester, Cosmo Gordon Lang - Archbishop of Canterbury, 18 Mar-26 Apr 1938; note regarding proposed conversations at the 1940 Lambeth Conference with representatives of the Churches of Sweden, Finland, Latvia and Estonia, and related correspondence concerning baptism and confirmation of Anglicans by Swedish clergy between Rev Alan C. Don, E.D. Deane, Rev John A. Douglas, 27 May 1938-9 Jan 1939; correspondence regarding an enquiry about a Swedish Bishop who took part in the consecration of the Bishop of Tinnevelly, South India, with letters from Dr Yngve Brilioth - Bishop of Växjö, 6 Mar-28 Apr 1939; letter from Philip Usher outling the terms of the 1931 Bonn agreement with the Old Catholics, 15 Mar 1939; correspondence regarding English bishops taking part in the consecration of bishops from Scandinavia and Finland, and vice versa, with letters from Usher, Rev Walter W.S. March, and Don, 15-21 Mar 1939; correspondence between Rev C.B. Moss and Rev Herbert Waddams regarding a request from Dr Gunnar Rosendal that Moss write to Swedish bishops to propose they form a committee to discuss relations between the Old Catholics and the Church of Sweden, 10-12 Sep 1946; letters from George Bell - Bishop of Chichester and A.S. Duncan Jones, Dean of Chichester and Chairman of the Continental Churches Committee regarding a proposal to establish a Committee on Christian Unity, 14 Oct 1946; extract of Council for Foreign Relation minutes of 43rd meeting, 15 Nov 1946; note by Waddams to Geoffrey Fisher - Archbishop of Canterbury concerning regularisation of relations with the Church of Sweden, 11 Jan 1947; correspondence regarding an invitation accepted by Gustaf Aulen - Bishop of Strangnas to attend the opening services of the 1948 Lambeth Conference as a representative of the Church of Sweden, with letters from Fisher, Aulen, Erling Eidem - Archbishop of Uppsala, Bell, Rev John Findlow, 1 Dec 1947-17 Nov 1948; correspondence regarding a request from Rev Gunnar Rosendal for a small altar stone to be sent to Edinburgh to be consecrated and an enquiry regarding whether an Anglican theological student might partake in Holy Communion at the Conference of the French Theological Faculties, with letters from Kenneth Warner - Bishop of Edinburgh and Leslie Hunter - Bishop of Sheffield, Rev Stephen Burnett, Findlow, Sven Evander, Waddams, 16 Feb-15 Nov 1948; correspondence regarding a Lambeth Resolution suggesting synodical action throughout the Anglican Communion on relations with the Church of Sweden and references to articles by Rev Louis Haselmayer in the Holy Cross magazine, including letters from Bell, Haselmayer, Waddams, Fisher, 18 Nov 1948-5 Jul 1949; extract from The Living Church relating to an Anglo-Swedish Conference at Sneaton Castle, Isle of Whitby, 18 Sep 1949; file note for Fisher, 1 Nov 1949; correspondence between Rev Anselm Broburg, Fisher and Floyd W. Tomkins regarding a visit to the Swedish Church to Rhode Island, USA and the attitude of the Church of England towards the Swedish Church and its clergy, 17 Apr-25 May 1950; correspondence between William Wand - Bishop of London and Fisher regarding an enquiry about Holy Communion from Rev C.H. Jones of the English Church in Stockholm, 21-27 Apr 1950; correspondence between Brilioth and Fisher regarding the question of intercommunion, 8-17 Jun 1950; extract of a letter from Waddams to Bell regarding bringing Swedish resolutions before Convocation, 18 Oct 1950; correspondence between Rev Alec R. Vidler and Waddams regarding whether an article submitted to Theology: a Monthly Review by Rosendal should be published, 21-24 Nov 1950; extract from Brilioth pastoral letter, 7 Dec 1950; extracts of a debate via letters published in the Church Times about Swedish Interconsecrations, and related correspondence, including letters from Rev John Douglas, Waddams, Hunter, Moss, Edward Powell,,11 Dec 1950-19 Jan 1951; correspondence regarding the consecration of the Bishops of Skara and Visby, 6-14 Mar 1951; extract of a letter from Waddams to Dr E.R. Hardy, 3 Sep 1951; correspondence between Rev Michael Bruce and Waddams regarding Convocation and intercommunion, 24 Nov-15 Dec 1952; correspondence between Waddams and Rev Douglas Webster, regarding Webster's two month visit to Sweden and his observation that the main contacts between the Churches of Sweden and England were with the Anglo-Catholic communities, namely Mirfield and Kelham, 26-27 Feb 1953; correspondence regarding the lack of a Church of Sweden Bishop in Tanganyika, 28 Apr-2 Jull 1953; resolution passed by the Convocation of Canterbury about relations with the Church of Sweden, 13 Dec 1954; correspondence regarding a visit by Rune Klingert to the House of the Resurrection, Mirfield, including a decision that as a Swedish Lutheran he could not communicate at their altar, including letters from Waddams, Rev Sydney Linton, Raymond Raynes - Father Superior at Mirfield and Bruce, 6 Jan-9 May 1955; correspondence regarding the consecration of Dr Sven Dane as the new Bishop of Skara, 28 Oct-1 Dec 1955; notes and draft of a broadcast by Fisher on Anglican/Swedish Church relations, 9-15 May 1956; Lambeth Conference 1958 report on relations with Lutherans in India - Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church - a daughter Church of the Church of Sweden, May 1958; correspondence and a draft address of Fisher's message delivered at High Mass on New Year's Day at the old Cathedral of Linkoping, including letters from Gunnar Dahmen of Sveriges Radio, Dr Eorsten Ysander - Bishop of Linkoping, and Fisher, 29 Oct 1958-26 Jan 1959; a list of books on Anglo/Scandinavian Church relations, 15 Jun 1959; notes on a meeting between Fisher and Gunnar Hultgren - Archbishop of Uppsala, 17 Jul 1959; correspondence regarding Leslie Hunter - the Bishop of Sheffield attending, as the Anglican representative, the consecration of Ragnar Askmark as Bishop of Linkoping, 1 Sep-10 Dec 1959.

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15Davidson; Randall Thomas (1848-1930); Baron Davidson of Lambeth; Archbishop of Canterbury1848-1930
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326Douglas; John Albert (1868-1956); Hon. Gen. Secretary of the Church of England Council on Foreign Relations1868-1956
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GB/109/20059Findlow; John (1915-1970); Director, Anglican Centre in Rome1915-1970
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284Bruce; Michael (1908-1971); clergyman1908-1971
GB/109/10993Webster; Douglas (1920-1986); Canon Residentiary of St. Paul's Cathedral1920-1986
GB/109/8883Hultgren; Gunnar (1902-1991); archbishop of Uppsala1902-1991
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