RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 113/2
Extent69 ff.
TitleScandinavia: General situation
Date24 Jun 1944-28 Sep 1981
DescriptionReports and correspondence concerning the state of the churches in Scandinavia, 1932-73, including visits to, and Anglican Relations, 1944-81, including admission to holy communion, the apostolic succession, correspondence with Lord Fisher, and convocation resolutions on practical relations

Includes Convocation resolutions relating to relations with the Scandinavian Churches; notes by Rev J.A. Douglas on a meeting at the Estonian Legation, 23 Jun 1944; a Nikaean Club event guest list including members of Scandinavian and Baltic Churches, 20 Jul 1944; notice concerning the formation of an Anglican Scandinavian Circle in London, 22 Jul 1944; correspondence and notes concerning meetings of the Anglican-Scandinavian and Baltic Churches Circle, with lists of attendees and members, the text of a paper read by Rev Viggo Jensen on 13 Nov 1944, and a list of meeting dates, 13 Nov 1944-3 Jul 1945; memorandum by J.P. Hickinbotham on the question of Anglicans abroad communicating in non-episcopal churches, Oct 1947 and a response from Alfred Rawlinson, Bishop of Derby, 29 Nov 1947; correspondence concerning the minutes of the Council for Foreign Relations' Lutheran and Reformed Churches meeting - LRC 35 - concerning Scandinavian Bishops and Apostolic succession, with letters from Rev Herbert Waddams and Rev G.K. Prestige, 15 Sep-11 Oct 1949; letter from Rev G.L. Prestige to Rev R.H. Gill concerning intercommunion with non-Anglicans in mainland Europe, 14 Feb 1950; correspondence between Paul Miller and Waddams concerning receiving Communion from the Swedish Church at a course attended by Anglican theological students at the Ecumenical Institute at Bossey, Geneva, 28 Mar-6 Apr 1950; correspondence between William Wand, Bishop of London and Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury discussing whether communicant members of the Churches of Finland and Sweden should be allowed to become regular communicants at Anglican altars, 18-24 Aep 1951; letter from Rev W.H. Macartney the Anglican position on communion with the Swedish Church, 29 May 1951; correspondence between Rev Herbert Waddams and Rev Pastor Meister on the resolutions of the Convocations of Canterbury on the relations between the Church of England and the Church of Sweden, 20 Oct 1954-25 Mar 1955; correspondence between the Chaplain of Gordonstoun School, Elgin and Falkner Allison, Bishop of Winchester concerning relations with the Church of Norway and its possible implications for boys asking about Confirmation, 4-12 Feb 1965; correspondence between Rev John Satterthwaite and Ronald Williams, Bishop of Leicester discussing bringing the matter of Anglican Scandinavian relations to the Convocations and for consideration by the Anglican Executive Officer when Anglican/Lutheran Dialogue began, 5 Jan-24 Jun 1970; correspondence between Fisher, Rev Michael Moore and Rev John Toy concerning a letter by Fisher to the Editor of Theology following an article by Toy about relations with the Scandinavian Churches and Apostolic Succession, including a letter from the Anglican Consultative Council and a file note concerning a further discussion with Professor Lampe, 22 Aug 1970-10 Aug 1971; translation of a letter from Rev Ernst Seybold to Popst Svend Borregaard, with a response from to Seybold from Moore concerning the Churches of Norway and Denmark not being within the Apostolic Succession, 20-24 Sep 1971; text of Canon B.15A 'Of the Admission to Holy Communion', 9 Jul 1972; Moore responding to an enquiry about whether a visiting Swedish priest could be involved in an Anglican service, by assisting with the Chalice, or reading the Epistle or Gospel , 26 Feb-3 Mar 1975; correspondence between Rev David Isitt and Moore concerning consultations regarding the possibility of clergy exchanges between the Church of England and the Finnish Church, 28 Aug-2 Sep 1976; letter from Rev Christopher Hill in response to an enquiry concerning Church of England relations with the Churches of Estonia, Latvia and Scandinavia, 23 Jan 1978; file note by Hill concerning a meeting with Lars Osterlin to discuss the Anglo/Scandinavian Theological Conference at Durham, 28 Sep 1981.

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