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Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 108
Extent167 ff.
TitlePoland: General situation
Date13 Aug 1936-4 Dec 1980
DescriptionReports and correspondence concerning reformed episcopal churches in Poland including Silesia, and concerning the British and Foreign Bible Society (150th anniversary 1966), and the Katyn memorial, 1976.

Includes correspondence of Rev John A. Douglas relating to requests for information about the number and existence of various Reformed Churches in Poland, including responses from the Polish Embassy in London and Professor Edmund Bursche at the University of Warsaw, 13 Aug-22 Sep 1936; letter to Douglas discussing which information sources to use for a circular about Polish Churches, 30 Sep 1936; letter from H. Martyn Gooch of the World's Evangelical Alliance concerning the Churches of Italy and Poland, 14 Oct 1936; observations from a German correspondent on the decree of the Polish President concerning the relationship of the state to the Augsburg Evangelical Church in the Republic of Poland, Dec 1986; note on a communication from Bishop Heckel's Office concerning Germans in a recent election to the General Synod of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Poland, 7 Mar 1937; correspondence with Pastor Wolfgang Bickerich about the United Evangelical Church in Upper Silesia, 26-28 Aug 1937; notes and correspondence, including with Dr Wahl and J.M. Pearson of the Polish Publication Committee, in relation to developments in relation to the Evangelical Church in Polish Upper Silesia, 7 Oct 1937-8 Apr 1938; letters from Douglas to Pearson and the Polish Ministry of Information thanking them for useful pamphlets and brochures, 17 Jul-6 Oct 1942; correspondence with Rev A.E. Garvie concerning his criticisms of a memorandum about the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Poland, with a letter to Arthur Headlam - the Bishop of Gloucester and a letter from George Bell - Bishop of Chichester, Douglas, 26 Sep-2 Nov 1942; memorandum submitted by the Association of Polish Protestants in Great Britain, 27 Oct 1943; notes on heads of different Churches in Poland, 13 Dec 1944; 'Appeal for help for the Lutheran Church in Poland' by Rev Zygmunt Michelis, 14 Jul 1945; 'Memorandum on the need for helping the Polish Evangelical Augsburg Church in the Republic of Poland' by Rev Dr Jan Szeruda, Acting Bishop of Warsaw, with a letter to Rev Herbert Waddams from Rev A. Wanula, Vicar of the Polish Lutheran Parish in London, 25 Oct 1945; report on the Protestant Church in Poland by Dr Kieszkowski with reference to the attitude of Polish Roman Catholicism to the Protestant Church and a letter from Eleanora Iredale for Christian Reconstruction in Europe, Jan-24 Jul 1946; report on a conference of the Polish Lutheran Church in Lodz, 5-8 Aug 1946; letter from The Polish Reformed Church in Great Britain, 26 Jun 1948; correspondence concerning the operation of the Polish Lutheran Church in Exile, including an invitation for Waddams to attend the opening of their first Synod and a memorandum concerning the election of Rev W. Fierla to the status of Bishop, 30 Oct-5 Dec 1953; a Resolution by the Presidency of the Chief Council and the Assemble of Seniors of the Evangelical Augsburg Church in the Polish Peoples Republic with a forwarding letter to Geoffrey Fisher - Archbishop of Canterbury, 23 Dec 1953; extract from the German press reporting on Bishop Karol Kotula's comments about the significant drop in numbers of Lutherans in Poland following the war, 21 Feb 1955; letter from Rev L.V. Headley to Rev John Metzler of the World Council of Churches concerning a visit to Warsaw and a meeting with Rev Leonid Jesakow of the Polish Methodist Church, 17 Apr 1956; letters to Dr Clifford M. Drury from Sir Kenneth Grubb and Waddams concerning statistical material relating to religion in Poland, 6-7 Feb 1958; letters from Roderic Coote, Bishop of Fulham concerning meetings during his visit to Warsaw with the Superintendent Jan Niewieczerzal, Bishop Andrzej Wantula and the British and Foreign Bible Society, 17 Jan 1961; memorandum about a meeting with Wantula, 10 Apr 1962; memorandum by Rev Michael Halliwell summarising extracts from Kirchendienst Ost, 2 Nov 1962; translation and summary by Halliwell of Church News from the Eastern Church Sevice by Professor Lic. Kruska; memorandum on a visit to Warsaw and Prague by Rev David Tustin, including reference to the British and Foreign Bible Society, Polish Ecumenical Review, interchurch relations in Poland, the debate surrounding John A.T. Robinson - Bishop of Woolwich and 'Honest to God', relations with the Roman Catholic Church, the Polish Orthodox Church, the Conference of European Churches and Bishop Krummacher, Dec 1963; document entitled 'The Open Letter' discussing the statements of Cardinal Wyszynski, June 1964; file notes by Tustin discussing a conversation by Rev J.H. Williams and Perry Rhodes in the Foreign Office concerning plans for the 150th anniversary celebrations in Warsaw of the British and Foreign Bible Society's work in Poland and the possible attendance by Donald Coggan - the Archbishop of York in Oct 1966, a British Council of Churches gathering for the Heads of Exiled Churches in Britain, including an address by Bishop Wladyslaw Fierla and Fierla's plans for celebrations to mark the millennium of the baptism of Poland into the Christian faith, 27 May-30 Jun 1965; invitation and arrangements for a Council for Foreign Relations representative at the British and Foreign Bible Society Jubilee celebrations, including a draft telegram of greetings from Michael Ramsey - Archbishop of Canterbury, 22 Apr-16 Sep 1966; telegram to Ramsey from the British and Foreign Bible Society celebrations, 15 Oct 1966; report on the British and Foreign Bible Society's 150th anniversary celebrations, 13-16 Oct 1966 by Sidney D. Martin, with a list of participants, 24 Oct 1966; letter from Tustin responding to an enquiry about possible visitors to be invited to the UK by the British Regional Group in connection with the Prague Christian Peace Conference, 3 Nov 1966; file note by Rev John Satterthwaite concerning a discussion with Sidney Martin from the British and Foreign Bible Society, 23 Nov 1966; letter to Satterthwaite from the Foreign Office concerning the 150th anniversary of the Warsaw branch of the British and Foreign Bible Society, 30 Nov 1966; translation of an article on Protestant life in Poland from Evangelischer Kirchendienst Ost, 13 Dec 1966; letter to Moore concerning Polish Lutheran clergy in the United Kingdom, 29 Sep 1967; translation of The Polish Lutheran Order for Confession and for the Lord's Super in Poland by Bishop Andrej Wantula, 1967; letter to Satterthwaite from Falkner Allison, Bishop of Winchester forwarding a letter and report from Rev John Coutts concerning a three week stay in Poland as a guest of the Lutheran Church, 11 Sep 1968-24 Feb 1969; diary of a visit to Poland by Rev Colin Davey, 23 Apr 1971; summary of an interview with the Old Catholic Archbsihop of Utrecht regarding the two Old Catholic Churches in Poland, taken from Alt-Katholische Kirchenzeitung, No.1 Jan 1973; correspondence concerning a declined request by Louis FitzGibbon for the patronage of Ramsey for the Katyn Memorial Fund, 29 Nov-10 Dec 1971; correspondence regarding the unveiling of the Katyn Memorial and the subsequent difficulties concerning legal costs to conclude the work of the Katyn Memorial Committee, including a message sent on behalf of Ramsey and a note from Moore summarising the event, 18 Aug 1976-6 Apr 1977; correspondence between a member of the Polish Lutheran Church and Rev Christopher J. Hill regarding the attitude of the Roman Catholic Church in Poland, 9-18 Feb 1980; correspondence regarding a planned British Ecumenical delegation of women to Poland, including a letter from Robert Runcie, Archbishop of Canterbury to note his approval of the visit, a report on the visit to Poland and Hungary between 28 Sep and 10 Oct 1980, and a letter of thanks from Runcie, 17 Sep-4 Dec 1980.

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