RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 104/3
Extent135 ff.
TitleNorway: General situation
Date20 Apr 1951-20 Jun 1977
DescriptionPapers and correspondence concerning conditions under the Quisling government and developments within the church, and church-state relations; also concerning Anglican Relations and the report on the Church of England and the churches of Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

Includes an extract from The Guardian relating to women in the Ministry in Scandinavia, 20 Apr 1951; papers concerning the Jubilee in Norway celebrating 800 years of the Archbishopric of Trondheim in Jul 1953, including notice, a note about a discussion with Anne Roper from the Council for Ecumenical Cooperation about the celebrations, and correspondence between Roper and Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury, and further correspondence including the annoucement of William Wand - the Bishop of London as the Anglican representative, with letters from Leslie Hunter - Bishop of Sheffield, Roper, Waddams, Kristian Hansson - Director of the Department of Church and Education in Oslo, Arne Fjellbu - Bishop of Nidaros, Fisher, Cyril Garbett - Archbishop of York, Rev W.H. Macartney, George Bell - Bishop of Chichester, Wilhelm Faroevik, 1 Oct 1952-31 Jul 1953; extract from The Times, a letter to Waddams from Fisher seeking a correction to the reporting of the Trondheim celebrations as 'just a glorification of the Church of Rome' and correspondence between Colonel J.B. Barron and Wand concerning The Times article, 31 Jul-14 Aug 1953; report on Jubilee celebrations at Trondheim by Wand, with a letter of thanks from Fisher, 19-24 Aug 1953; letter of thanks from Fisher to Lars Moen for a copy of Gammelnorsk Homiliebok, 15 Sep 1953; note by Pastor Kobro on the struggle by the Norwegian Church for greater independence from the State, 10 Feb 1954; article on 'Church and State in Norway' from the Tablet, 3 Apr 1954; 'Signs and Portents in Norwegian Church Life' by Johannes Smemo, Bishop of Oslo, Dec 1953; note on a proposed alteration in the law to allow women priests in the Church of Norway, 20 Mar 1954; script of a BBC Home Service radio programme 'Contact and Conflict in Norway' by Rev Eivind Berggrav, 6 May 1954; notes on the Norwegian Church and Church-State controversy, 18 May 1954; letter from the British Embassy in Oslo concerning civil confirmation in Norway, 27 Sep 1954; 'The Episcopate in Denmark, Norway and Iceland' by Rev Sven Borregard - Chaplain of the Anna Kirken in Copenhagen, 1954; extract of a report on J.A. Forward's visit to Christiansand referring to Bishop Stoylen's views on women priests, forwarded by the Foreign Office, 24 May 1960; note by Roderic Coote - the Bishop of Fulham on a conversation with Bishop Smemo about the ordination of women, 6 Jan 1961; correspondence and notes concerning the Norwegian Missionary Council, a member of the International Missionary Council, having decided against full membership of the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism, part of the World Council of Churches, with a letter from W.A. Visser 't Hooft, 6-18 Mar 1961; correspondence between Rev Aksel Solbu and Rev John Satterthwaite concerning the ordination of Ingrid Bjerkas, 12-15 May 1961; note concerning John Hughes - the Bishop of Croydon's visit to Stavanger, 25 Aug 1961; invitation to Michael Ramsey - Archbishop of Canterbury to attend and lecture at the General Assembly of the Norwegian Pastors' Association, 22-28 Feb 1962; Hunter's correspondence with Ramsey concerning the Wider Episcopal Fellowship Conference and the Church of England's relationship with the Scandinavian Churches and notes by Satterthwaite, 4 Oct 1963-l6 Apr 1964; correspondence concerning the centenary celebrations of the Norwegian Seamen's Mission, including an invitation for Ramsey to attend, a message from Rev Gordon D. Savage - the Bishop of Southwell as Ramsey's representative for the occasion, and a letter from Savage about the visit to Bergen, 20 Nov 1963-22 Oct 1964; correspondence concerning the rebuilding of the Church of St Thomas-a-Becket in Filefjell, Norway, with a donation sent from Ramsey following a request by Alex Johnson, Bishop of Hamar, 22 Sep-21 Nov 1966, and the rededication of the church, including a message from Ramsey for the event, 26 Jun-14 Jul 1970, 28 Jan-24 Jun 1971; correspondence with Rev Per Juvjam, Bishop of Bergen concerning the celebrations for the 900th anniversary of the Bergen Diocese, including a letter from Rev Hugh Picton as the Archbishop of Canterbury's representative at the event, 27 Jun-15 Aug 1968, 24 Jun-7 Sep 1970; report by Satterthwaite on his visit to Norway in June, 17 Jun 1969; letter from Rev Michael Moore to Rev Canon G.W.H. Lampe discussing the problems of language at conferences, 1 Dec 1969; correspondence with Rev Enok Adnoy concerning the visit to England by the choir of Stavanger Cathedral, 30 Sep 1970-4 May 1971; report on the visit of Moore to Norway and Denmark, 23-28 Apr 1971; extracts of press reports about the Church of Norway, including reference to the Leuenberg Concordat, 24 Nov 1972-Jun 1974; notes concerning the visits of the Trondheim Cathedral Choir and the Choir of Stavanger Cathedral, 10 Jun-12 Jul 1974; notes by Moore concerning a discussion with Pastor Halfdan Tschudi Bondevik and summarising the circumstances of the resignation of Per Lonning, Bishop of Borg, 9 Oct 1974-12 Jun 1975; note by Rev C.J. Hill concerning a visit by Pastor Karl Gervin, 20 Jun 1977.
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GB/109/24615Barron; (John) Bernard (1886-1981); civil servant and CFR archivist1886-1981
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