RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 102/2
Extent118 ff.
TitleNetherlands: University of Utrecht: Dr Peter Staples
Date9 Jul 1971-20 Nov 1981
DescriptionCorrespondence with Dr Peter Staples [d. 2012], the Anglican Assistant.

Includes a letter of enquiry and an application form applying for the position of Anglican Assistant to the Director of the Ecumenical Department at the University of Utrecht, 9 Jul 1971; testimonials in support of Staples' application and additional application information from Staples, 4 Aug-17 Sep 1971; correspondence between Staples and Rev Colin Davey concerning his appointment to role, 3-6 Nov 1971; Church Information Office press release and an extract from the press release sent to the Editor of the Church Times by Davey, 16 Nov 1971; letter to Davey from Staples discussing the need for contacts, 11 Jan 1972; list of possible contacts in The Netherlands; correspondence between Staples and Davey discussing Eastern churches, the Agreed Statement and the Synod debate on the Anglican-Methodist Scheme, 2-9 Mar 1972; file note by Rev Michael Moore reporting on a visit to Staples, 15 Apr 1972; correspondence between Staples and Davey, discussing whether an Anglican-Roman Catholic working party would be feasible in Holland, a translation of the Dutch Commission's 'Eucharistic Statement', and Staples' 'News from the English Churches' Bulletins, 29 Jun-7 Nov 1972; correspondence between Davey, Ronald Williams, Bishop of Leicester and Moore concerning Williams' feedback about Staples' article about Geoffrey Fisher which featured in one of his Bulletins, 19 Dec 1972-31 Jan 1973; correspondence betweenm Davey and Staples about Bulletin No.9, including reference to Anglican-Roman Catholic relations, with Cardinal Willebrands' visit to Lambeth and the Anglican Roman-Catholic International Commission's meeting at Gazzada, 20-23 Feb 1973; letter from Rev John Satterthwaite, Bishop of Fulham and Gibraltar to Moore, with a forewarded letter from Staples discussing the 'advent of many new forms of sectarianism, pentecostalism, and radical, militant movements...', 25 Feb-5 Mar 1973; correspondence between Staples and Davey, and a report by Staples on his first year in the role of Anglican Assistant, including discussion of the process of learning the language, a report on the Northern Ireland situation written for the Dutch Council of Churches, and an invitation to attending a meeting of the West European Anglican-Roman Catholic Working Group in Salamanca, 4-24 Apr 1973; letter to Staples from Williams concerning the article about Fisher and providing general advice, 27 Apr 1973; extract relating to the Netherlands from a Counsellors on Foreign Relations supplementary report on activities and events of the Lutheran and Reformed Church, Jun 1973; letter from Staples to Davey providing an update on his second year, 26 Sep 1973; report and a file note on the visit of Davey to Utrecht, 5-15 Feb 1974; letter from Staples and a report on his second year, which includes some assessments of the current state of developments in the Dutch Churches and recommendations, namely that a conference for Anglican and Dutch theologians be organised, new chaplains appointed be sympathic to the ecumenical situation in the Netherlands, and that an application for membership of the Dutch Council of Churches be submitted, 4 Mar 1974; Davey's correspondence in relation to Staples report, with letters to Rev Canon John Arnold, Rev Simon Beesley, a letter from Rev Edmond L. Browning, and a letter to Staples regarding the recommendations of the report, 13 Mar-19 Apr 1974; correspondence between Staples and Davey concerning proposals for an Anglo-Dutch theological conference, 25 Apr-16 May 1974; a letter to Davey, and one from Davey to Staples, concerning churches in communion with the Church of England, 12-13 Jun 1974; Staples correspondence with Rev C.J. Hill, including discussion of the Anglican Roman Catholic Working Group in 1976 and the state of Anglican-Roman Catholic relations and admitting women to the priesthood in 1978, 9 Dec 1976-7 Feb 1978; letter to Satterthwaite from Staples concerning ecumenical relations and the role of 'ghetto churches' in the Netherlands and a reply from Rev Ambrose W.M. Weekes, 28 Mar-6 Apr 1978; correspondence concerning Staples professional development and career opportunities, including a proposal that Staples become Ecumenical Advisor for the Archdeaconry of North-West Europe, with letters from Moore, Staples, Hill, Satterthwaite, Rev Peter Duplock and Rev Canon C.R.C. Coussmaker, 13 Nov 1979-5 Nov 1981; correspondence between Staples and Robert Runcie, Archbishop of Canterbury concerning Runcie's visit to Utrecht and the 10th anniversary of Staples' working at the University, 9-19 Nov 1981; letter to Satterthwaite from Staples concerning his role at Utrecht, 20 Nov 1981.

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