RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 91/2
Extent67 ff.
TitleItaly: Waldensian Church
Date3 Aug 1933-Jun 1981
DescriptionCorrespondence and papers concerning the Waldensian church, including their centenary in 1948.

Includes letters about the establishment of the Council for Foreign Relations and a request that a correspondent be appointed for liaison purposes, and a response from Pastore V. Alberto Costabel, 3 Aug-9 Oct 1933; correspondence concerning the decision to close the Waldensian Liceo of Torre Pellice, including a letter from and translated communications from Gustavo Vinay by Herbert Sharp, Archdeacon in South-Eastern Europe, and letter from Rev Dr A.J. Macdonald, 4 May-25 Jun 1936; letter to Macdonald from H.B. Barkworth suggesting an interchange of fraternal greetings, 14 Jul 1936; correspondence between Rev John Douglas and Stephen Gaselee at the Foreign Office, 10-15 Oct 1938; brief summary of the situation of the Waldensian Church by the London Office of the Waldensian Church Missions in Italy, 6 Apr 1939; information received by CFR including a memorandum of the Waldensian Church on the 1929 Law concerning the Admitted Cults and an extract from an article 'The Church in Italy and the Party of Action' by Igino Giordani, published in a Catholic newspaper, Oct 1944; letter to Rev Herbert Waddams from Bishop Stephen Neill, Word Council of Churches concerning his holiday in the Waldensian valleys in Northern Italy, 22 Jun 1948; Waddams correspondence with Rev J. Howard Cruse and Cecil Douglas Horsley, Bishop of Gibraltar, concerning sending a representative to the Centenary of the Waldensian Church's religious emancipation, 30 Apr-13 May 1948; correspondence between Virgilio Sommani, Moderator of the Waldensian Church and Waddams concerning an invitation to attend the Centenary Synod of the Waldensian Church in Torre Pellice, with further correspondence with Rev F.A. Evelyn who declined to act as the Church of England's delegate and Rev Hillis L. Duggins who accepted, 1 Jul-11 Oct 1948; report on a meeting with Pastor Ayassot of Tore Pellice by Rev W.H. Macartney; letter and report from Rev G.I.F. Thomson reporting information about the Waldensian Church gathered whilst on holiday in Italy, 1949-22 Feb 1950; invitation for Macartney to attend the Annual Meeting of the English Committee in aid of Waldensian Church Missions, 4 Apr 1950; Russell White, Bishop of Tonbridge's correspondence with Geoffrey Fisher, Archbisop of Canterbury concerning White's visit to address the Waldensian Synod, 23-25 Jun 1960; telegram from Rev Marc Boegner concerning religious freedom in Italy; correspondence between Rev John Satterthwaite and Rev Ermanno Rostan concerning the discovery of a fund begun by an Anglican Missionary Scoiety to support pastors of the Waldensian Church, 8 Feb-22 Mar 1962 and related correspondence with Professor Corsani about the possibility of using the funds to complete the scholarship of a student attending a Cambridge University postgraduate course, 30 Sep-2 Oct 1962; letter from Fisher to Satterthwaite about the Waldensian community of Milan, with a reponse from Rev Michael Halliwell, 8-12 Jun 1962; correspondence with Rev John Findlow concerning the Ecumenical Center for the Study of Roman Catholicism in Rome, including letters from Peter Day at the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, New York and Professor D. Dr Valdo Vinay, John Moorman - Bishop of Ripon, 15 Mar 1966-27 Feb 1967; Christmas greetings from Corsani, Dec 1969; letter to Rev Michael Moore concerning an invitation by the Waldensian Church, 6 Nov 1980; letter and memorandum about the 18th meeting of the Evangelical Working Group for Confessional Studies in Europe, 27 Feb-Jun 1981.
LanguageEnglish and German

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