RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 90/3
Extent84 ff.
TitleIceland: Contacts: Bishop Einarsson
Date13 Apr 1959-16 Dec 1981
DescriptionCorrespondence with and concerning Sigurbjörn Einarsson, Bishop of Iceland.

Includes congratulations sent to Einarsson on behalf of Geoffrey Fisher, the Archbishop of Canterbury, 13 Apr 1959; correspondence between Rev C.B. Moss and Rev John Satterthwaite concerning the consecration of Einarsson, 17-20 Apr 1959; congratulations from Satterthwaite to Einarsson, 20 Apr 1959; correspondence concerning Satterthwaite's attendance at the consecration of Einarsson on behalf of Fisher, including a letter announcing of Satterthwaite's attendance as a representative and a message from Fisher to be read at the event, 13 Mar-3 Jul 1959; manuscript article on the consecration, 18 Jul 1959; correspondence concerning Einarsson's stated wish to spend four or five months in England to study English church life and write a book about it, including letters from the British Embassy in Reykjavik, the Inter Church Aid and Refugee Service of the British Council of Churches, and Rev Michael Halliwell, Jan-17 Jun 1960; letters to Einarsson concerning the resignation of Fisher and the enthronement of Michael Ramsey as the next Archbishop of Canterbury, 2 Feb-12 May 1961; letter from Ramsey to Einarsson concerning his visit to Britain and plans for a conference on the Wider Episcopal Fellowship at St Augustine's College Canterbury, 24 Feb 1964; correspondence including from Satterthwaite and Einarsson concerning the possibility of an invitation from the University of Birmingham for Einarsson to lecture there, 27 Jul-14 Sep 1965; correspondence concerning arrangements for Einarsson's visit to Britain including a stay at Lambeth Palace, including letters from Ramsey, Einarsson, Rev David Tustin, Satterthwaite and Rev Dr John T. Watson of the British and Foreign Bible Society, with a guest list for a dinner at Lambeth Palace and at the Icelandic Embassy, 10 Dec 1965-25 Nov 1966; Church Information Office press releases concerning Einarsson's visit to Lambeth Palace, Birmingham and Southwell, and the award of the Cross of St Augustine of Canterbury, 29 Nov-6 Dec 1966; Daily Telegraph press cutting showing Ramsey and Einarsson, 7 Dec 1966; programme for the visit, 3-16 Dec 1966; letter discussing the visit by Einarsson and the reaction of the Dean of Reykjavik, 9 Mar 1967; correspondence between Satterthwaite and Einarsson discussing developments and and inviting Ramsey to visit Iceland, 30 Jun-6 Jul 1967; letters between Satterthwaite and Einarsson concerning the latter's short visit to London on the way to Grimsby, 9-14 Oct 1967; Christmas 1973 and Easter 1974 greetings from Ramsey; letter from Donald Coggan inviting Einarsson to his enthronement as Archbishop of Canterbury, 25 Oct 1974; Christmas 1974 greeting from Coggan; letter of thanks from Coggan to Einarsson for 'Hymns of the Passion', 27 Feb 1975; Easter and Christmas greetings from Coggan 1975-22 Jan 1976; Easter and Christmas greetings from Coggan for 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, with a response from Einarsson, 12 Dec 1979; Christmas and Easter greetings from Coggan for 1980, 1981; letter of congratulations on Einarsson's 70th birthday, 18 Jun 1981; press cutting reporting on the elections to the post of Bishop of Iceland, Aug 1981; letters to Rev Michael Moore and Coggan from Einarsson referring to his successor Petur Sigurgeirsson being installed as Bishop of Iceland, 9 Sep 1981; draft telegram from Coggan on Sigurgeirsson's installation, 15 Sep 1981; letter of thanks from Einarsson for a birthday present, 16 Dec 1981.

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