RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 89
Extent75 ff.
TitleIceland: General situation
Date22 Oct 1940-15 Oct 1974
DescriptionReports and general correspondence concerning relations with Iceland, 1951, the fisheries dispute, and visits

Includes a summary of the situation of the Church of Iceland by Rev H.C.N. Williams, 22 Oct 1940; note to William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury, suggesting that a vistor be sent to the Church of Iceland, 9 Aug 1943; letter to Rev W.H. Macartney from S.A. Gislason concerning Icelandic pastors visiting London and the possibility of a reciprocal visit, 17 Jun 1950; letter from Macartney to the Editor of the Church of England Newspaper and Record concerning copies of the paper having been offered to Pastors in Iceland, 22 Jun 1950; correspondence between Sigurgeir Sigurdsson, Bishop and Primate of all Iceland and Rev Herbert Waddams on behalf of Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury, concerning a resolution adopted by the Synod of Iceland, including reference to a universal day of prayer for peace, 27 Oct-24 Nov 1950; correspondence with Rev Jakob Jonsson concerning Rev Roy Porter's address at a conference in Oslo and his plans to write a lecture about the Anglican-Scandinavian relationship, 11-21 May 1951; correspondence between Macartney, Gislason and Rev Dr C.B. Moss regarding a suggested visit to Iceland, 31 Oct 1950-16 Jul 1951; letters from Waddams to Rev R.H. Gill of the Church of England Youth Council and Rev Douglas Curtis from the Department for Inter-Church Aid suggesting a Church youth visit to Iceland, 5 Oct 1951; correspondence between Waddams to George Bell, Bishop of Chichester suggesting a visit, 9-10 Oct 1951, with a letter to Sigurdsson about Bell's suggestion a visit by two people to be responsible for a conference with the clergy of Iceland, 12 Oct 1951; Waddams correspondence with the Church of England Youth Council concerning a possible youth visit to Iceland, 1-2 Nov 1951; letter from Rev Dr J.C.F. Hood concerning the Church of England's relationship with the Church of Finland, 21 Feb 1952; report on a visit to Iceland by Winifred Miller, 6 Dec 1954; letter to Waddams from the Foreign Office relating reactions to press articles reporting the loss of two British trawlers near Icelandic waters, 18 Feb 1955; note to Miss Wallace concerning the 900th anniversary of the establishment of the diocese at Skalholt, 13 Dec 1955, and notes concerning Miller's visit from Satterthwaite, 17 Jan 1956; letter from Miller to Rev John Satterthwaite concerning a possible visit to Iceland, 24 Jan 1956; letter to Satterthwaite from Jonsson regarding Satterthwaite's visit and the suggestion that Jonsson might preach at St Paul's, 23 Jul 1959; letter from Satterthwaite to Rev Canon R. [Roy] McKay at the BBC suggesting that they interview Jonsson regarding the fishing dispute with Iceland, 28 Jul 1959; correspondence between Satterthwaite and the Foreign Office regarding the fishing dispute, with a draft reply to the Icelandic government's booklet 'British Aggresion in Icelandic Waters', 5-6 Aug 1959; letter from Satterthwaite to Jonsson reporting the impossibility of obtaining an invitation to preach at St Paul's and a lack of success attracting interest from the BBC, 11 Aug 1959; Rev Michael Halliwell's notes on a meeting with Icelandic Youth Leaders, 6 Dec 1960; list of contacts in Iceland; Waddams note reporting a conversation between the Bishop of Fulham and Roderic Coote, the Bishop of Iceland, 4 Jun 1963; report on a visit to Iceland by Coote, 19 Jun 1963; not for Satterthwaite concerning arrangements for visit by the party of the President of Iceland and the memorial service for John Kennedy, President of the USA, 23 Nov 1963, and a letter of thanks from Dr Asgair Asgeirsson, President of Iceland, 12 Dec 1963; article on 'The Episcopate in Denmark, Norway and Iceland' by Rev Svend Borregaard, circulated for information in 1964; report on a visit to Iceland, 4 Jan 1964; file note reporting on Asgeirsson's visit to Lambeth Palace, 5 Feb 1965; list of visits and events pertinent to the relationship between the Church of Iceland and the Church of England; summary of the situation of the Church of Iceland by Rev David Tustin, 12 May 1966; programme for the visit of the choir of the parish church of St James, Great Grimsby to Reykjavik, 28 May-1 Jun 1969, and a report on the visit; correspondence relating to plans for Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury to visit Iceland, which were cancelled due to difficulties with travel arrangements, 22 Jul-23 Oct 1969; note to The Times suggesting an addition to the obituary of Asgeirsson, 19 Sep 1972; note by Rev Michael Moore concerning a meeting with Rev Olafur Skulason, Chairman of the Clergy Trade Union in Iceland, including reference to theological refresher courses in Britain, and a related letter to Skulasen from Rev Christopher Hill, 25 Sep-15 Oct 1974.
RelatedMaterialCFR LRC 104, 105, 106, 107

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