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Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 85
Extent158 ff.
TitleHungary: General situation
Date9 Feb 1937-16 Dec 1981
DescriptionReports and correspondence concerning church-state relations, including the 1956 uprising and a visit by Donald Coggan, Archbishop of Canterbury .

Includes a note referring to an account of religious conditions in Hungary, 9 Feb 1937; a report by Professor Laszlo of Budapest on 'War-torn Hungarian Churches', Dec 1945; translation of a letter from Stewart W. Herman, Deputy Director of the Reconstruction Department of the Oecumenical Council of Chrches in Geneva concerning problems discussed by representatives form the Protestant churches of Hungary and Czechoslovakia, 18 Jun 1947; letter to Rev Herbert Waddams from the Foreign Office concerning an application by Hewlett Johnson - the Dean of Canterbury and Mr D'Eye of the Joint Committee for Soviet Aid for entry permits to Hungary, 30 Jul 1947; brief report of Johnson's visit to Budapest, 3-14 Aug 1947; memorandum of a meeting with Mr Wallinger of the Southern Department of the Foreign Office, including reference to Johnson's visit, 19 Sep 1947; News Service of the Protestant Churches in Hungary reports, Dec 1947-Jan 1948; letter to Presidents and members of the Executive Committee of the World Council of Churches concerning the imprisonment of Bishop Ordass, Lutheran Bishop of Budapest 28 Sep 1948; The Times cuttings of letters from George Bell, Bishop of Chichester about Ordass, 29-30 Oct 1948; Protestant Press review by L. Veress, 4 Feb 1951; reports on interviews with Dr Veress and George Tajan concerning reported instances of persecution in Budapest, 7-11 Jun 1951; Hungarian News and Information Service newsletter, including reference to the visit by Rev Robert Mackie, Associate General Secretary and Director of the Inter-church Aid of the World Council of Churches, Jul 1951; letter to Rev W.H. Macartney from Veress concerning the change in his role at the BBC, 13 Jul 1951; file note by Macartney concerning Veress' successor at the BBC Mr Szabo, 20 Jul 1951; extract from the Hungarian Church Press relating to cables of the Hungarian Protestant Churches to the Archbishop of Greece, the Greek Government and the World Council of Churches, 15 Mar 1952; correspondence between Macartney and Rev B. Karolyfalvi about the election of Mr Erno Mihalyfi as General Inspector of the Hungarian Lutheran Church, with an enclosed extract from the Ecumenical Press Service, 25 Apr-2 May 1952; article 'Hungarian Intreview' in the Church of England Newspaper, 22 Aug, with an associated correspondence with Rev C.O. Rhodes at the Church of England Newspaper and notes in response, 18 Aug-3 Oct 1952; correspondence between Macartney and Mackie concerning the Hungarian Church Press and Pastor Dominique Micheli's visit to Hungary, 26 Jun-4 Jul 1952; report on the Lutheran Church of Hungary 1945-1952 forwarded by the Study Department, Geneva, including reference to the case of Bishop Ordass, 13 Oct 1952; telegram to Waddams from Nolde, 13 Nov 1956; British Council of Churches press release responding to the actions of the Soviet Union, 8 Nov 1956; notes by W.A. Visser 't Hooft based on a report by Dean Laszlo Pap on the Hungarian situation, 26 Nov 1956; note to Fisher from Waddams discussing whether it would be advisable to approach the Patriarch of Moscow about events in Hungary, and a response from Fisher, 4-6 Nov 1956; Waddams correspondence with the Foreign Office, including discussion about the Hungarian child refugees in Austria, 19 Dec 1956-5 Feb 1957; notes on a British Weekly article 'News about Hungary, 24 Jan 1957; Hungarian Press Summary 'What had DULLES's brother-in-law to do with the Hungarian Counter-Revolution', 1 Apr 1957; article 'Hungarian Youth resist re-indoctrination', Jul 1957; letter to the Foreign Office from the British Legation in Budapest concerning a conversation with Ordass, 19 Nov-10 Dec 1957; update sent to Fisher by Waddams, 18 Dec 1957; Christmas greeting from Albert Bereczky, 14 Dec 1957; report from the British Legation, Budapest, 3 Jan 1958; translation of a speech by Bishop Janos Peter in response to the Resolution of the Diocese of the Trans-Tisza Area asking him to remain in office, forwarded to Waddams, 5 Jan-3 Feb 1958; correspondence between George Bell and Leslie Fry from the British Legation, Budapest concerning Bishop Janos Peter, difficulties encountered obtaining a visa for the Legation Chaplain and the execution of Imre Nagy and General Pál Maléter, 19 Mar-26 Sep 1958; note to Fisher reporting a Hungarian broadcast speculating about the reason for his retirement, 24 Jan 1961; note on the position of Lutheran and Reformed Academies, May 1962; Rev David Tustin notes on a meeting with Pastor Robert Patkai- Hungarian Lutheran Pastor in London and Professor Karner in London, including discussion of marriage laws, Lutheran Theological Seminary and relations with the Hungarian State 22 Nov 1963; Protestant Church statistics for Hungary, 1964; Tustin notes on a meeting with Patkai including discussion of the Hungarian Diaspora Church, the Church inside Hungary and the situation of Bishop Ordass, 11 Feb 1964; Hungarian Church Press reports, 15 Jan 1971; notes on a meeting between Pastor Dobos, Colonel Burge and Rev Michael Moore from Moore's visit to Vienna and Budapest, 27 Dec 1972; extracts from the testament of a Hungarian Pastor; note by Moore concerning a discussion with Rev Professor K. Proehle about a posisble British Council of Churches/Hungarian Council of Churches exchange, 25 Sep 1974; report forwarded by the Foreign Office on a visit to Hungary, including a meeting with the State Secretary in charge at the State Office for Church Affairs - Mr Imre Miklos, 1 Feb 1977; report on Moore's visit to Hungary, 26 Mar-1 Apr 1977; report by Moore on the visit of Donald Coggan, Archbishop of Canterbury to Hungary and Berlin, with an additional visit by Moore to Czechoslovakia, 24 May-11 Jun 1979; forwarded article from The New Hungarian Quarterly concerning the cancelled inauguration celebrations for the Debrecen University Department of English, 10-16 Dec 1981.
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