RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 72/1
Extent94 ff.
TitleGermany: Contacts: Communities: Marienschwesterschaft
Date17 Feb 1952-14 Jun 1971
DescriptionCorrespondence and reports concerning the Marienschwesterschaft [Sisterhood of Mary], Darmstadt. Correspondents include Canon Herbert Waddams; Rev David Tustin; Rev Father Geoffrey Curtis.

Includes a translated extract about the Sisterhood from Sonntagsblatt, 17 Feb 1952 (ff. 1); correspondence between Veronica Ruffer and Waddams concerning introducing the Sisterhood to contacts in the Church of England via a visit to England, including the suggestion that SSJE [Society of St. John the Evangelist] be a good contact , 2 Nov 1953-8 Nov 1954 (ff. 2-8); letter referring to the visit of Mutter Martyria to Malling Abbey, 7 May 1955 (ff. 9); Ruffer's report on a visit to the Sisterhood and their plays - 'Religious Plays as a means of Evangelization' for the Church Times, 14 Mar 1957 (ff. 10-15); note suggesting topics for Rev Michael Halliwell's address to the Sisters, his report on the visit to the Sisters of St Mary on Palm Sunday 1960 and related correspondence, 8 Mar-22 Apr 1960 (ff. 16-21); letter from Ruffer to Halliwell describing the differences between Grandchamp and the Sisterhood of St Mary at Darmstadt, 5 Nov 1960 (ff. 22-27); correspondence between Halliwell and Ruffer concerning advice for the contents of 'ein anglikanisches Grusswort', 28 Mar-7 Apr 1961 (ff. 28-29); manuscript report based on a visit to the Sisterhood, 4-10 Aug 1962, including the unpredictability of Mutter Basilea including a preoccupation with nuclear radiation and the modern tendency to destruction, 26 Sep 1962 (ff. 30-33); request that an pamphlet 'Today a time like none before' by Mother Basilea be circulated to Anglican clergymen, 28 Dec 1962-23 Aug 1963 (ff. 34-35); correspondence referring to pamphlets written by Basilea, warnings from Ruffer and Sister Edna Mary of the Sisterhood's hopes to visit England to promote Basilea's writings, and arrangements for the visit of two Sisters, 14 Mar-18 Jul 1964 (ff. 36-45); correspondence concerning complaints about an article 'Deviation in Darmstadt?' by Rev Patrick Souper in Faith and Unity, 27-31 Dec 1964 (ff. 46-48); correspondence concerning a misunderstanding between the Church of England and the Sisterhood, 19-26 Jul 1965 (ff. 49-53); advertisement of a series of speeches to be delivered in London by Basilea, correspondence about her visit, and a letter promoting a meeting in Oxford as the base for their ministry in England, 1 Sep 1966-Dec 1967 (ff. 54-57); Ruffer's correspondence with Rev John Satterthwaite, updating him on developments, including the intention to begin a Brotherhood, and news of Sisters staying in Salonika, Arizona, England and Greece, a small community 'The Little Sisters of Mary' in New England, Basilea's visit to South India, and Cuthbert Bardsley, Bishop of Coventry's apparent enthusiasm for the Sisterhood's teachings, 12 Jan 1968-9 Jan 1969 (ff. 58-74); correspondence between Satterthwaite and Bardsley, including the reflections of Christopher Bennett - a Coventry City Rural Dean, 10 Jan-3 Feb 1969 (ff. 75-81); letter reporting on a meeting of the Sisters in Oxford and with reference to the views of the Cowley Fathers on them, 24 Feb 1969 (ff. 82-83); Satterthwaite correspondence with Bardsley, who states he is reluctant to tell the Sisters that they cannot be Confirmed as they had been prepared and he had already given permission, 24 Feb-6 Mar 1969 (ff. 84-86); updates from Ruffer, including news of Sisters being based in Denmark and Rome, and the possibility of a visit to England by the Grandchamp Sisters, 6 Jul 1969-14 Jun 1971 (ff. 87-94).
LanguageEnglish and German

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