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TitleGermany: Kirchentags
Date4 Aug 1950-Jul 1981
DescriptionPapers concerning Anglican representatives at Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag meetings, with their reports. Notable correspondents include M.C. Bailey, Rev W.H. Macartney, Rev F.W.T. Craske, George Bell - Bishop of Chichester, Geoffrey Fisher - Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr R. von Thadden-Trieglaff, Rev H.M. Waddams, Rev John Satterthwaite, Donald Coggan - Archbishop of Canterbury.

1950: Essen (ff. 1-3)
Notes on articles in German publications discussing the Evangelical Church in Germany, 4 Aug 1950; a letter referring to the Kirchentag in Essen in 1950 on 'Save the Human Being', 2 Sep 1950.

11-15 Jul 1951: Berlin (ff. 4-19)
Correspondence concerning plans for the conference in Berlin on 'For all that, we are Brothers!', with letters from Rev W.H. Macartney seeking Anglican delegates to attend, from George Bell, Bishop of Chichester and Mary Bailey, 10 Apr-9 May 1951; letter of invitation to the 1951 convention of Protestant Laity, with an attached explanation 'We ae going to Berlin!' detailing the event's background and theme, 30 Apr 1951; letter from Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury, confirming the attendance of the Bishop of Fulham at the conference, 16 May 1951; extract from The Frontier on the German Evangelical Congress 'Kirchentag' and its background.

27-31 Aug 1952: Stuttgart (ff. 20-24)
Correspondence concerning the fourth Kirchentag, including correspondence between Macartney and von Thadden-Trieglaff about whether Major-General Roger Lambert of the Institute of Rural Life at Home and Overseas would be an acceptable guest, 5-14 Feb 1952; letter from Rev R.D. Say to Fisher suggesting the names of possible delegates, 4 Jun 1952; correspondence about Craske acting as the representative of the British Council of Churches and Fisher, 19 Aug 1952-30 Jan 1953

12-16 Aug 1953: Hamburg (ff. 25-41)
Letter of invitation from von Thadden-Trieglaff to the 1953 Kirchentag Assembly on the topic of 'Cast not away your confidence', 25 Feb 1953; correspondence and notes on proposed delegates, 27 Mar- 8 May 1953; 'What is the objective of the Kirchentag' by von Thadden-Trieglaff, 3 Jun 1953; letter of acceptance from Sir Bertram Jerram to act as Fisher's representative, 1 Jun 1953 and a request sent to Rev Francis House upon Jerram's last minute unavailability, 17 Jul 1953; programme; letter from the Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag; article 'Church in Action: Impressions from the Kirchentag at Hamburg'.

7-11 Jul 1954: Leipsig (ff. 42-55)
Letter of explanation to Rev J.F. Holt about the procedure for selecting attendees, including the British Council of Churches sending three official representatives and consulting with the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Church of Scotland and Free Churches concerning their representatives, 5 Apr 1954; telegram invitation from von Thadden-Trieglaff, 8 May 1954; letter to Fisher referring to the German-British Liaison Committee's hopes to send ten visitors with reference to 1954's Kirchentag being the first hosted in East Germany, 7 May 1954; correspondence between Mark Gibbs and Fisher concerning the request that Gibbs act as Fisher's representative, 25-31 May 1954; correspondence between Waddams and Franklin H. Littell about delegates, 30 May-3 Jun 1954; letter from Fisher introducing Gibbs as his representative, 9 Jun 1954; letter from Gibbs to Waddams after the conference, 13 Jul 1954; letter to Fisher from von Thadden-Trieglaff, 13 Jul 1954; Gibbs' report and an additional file note referring to the role of Probst Gruber as a key contact between eastern Churches and the East German Government 31 Jul-19 Aug 1954.

8-12 Aug 1956: Frankfurt (ff. 56-71)
Letter of invitation from Dr Franklin H. Littell, 15 Nov 1955; agenda for a meeting held at the House of Commons in connection with the Kirchentag, 13 Dec 1955; note about a meeting on 'What can British Churches learn from the German Kirchentag Movement' with Rev E.H. Robertson speaking, 15 Feb 1956; Waddams' correspondence about representatives, 6-28 Mar 1956; provisional programme, 15 Mar 1956; Kirchentag Newsletter No.1, 21 Mar 1956; letters from Fisher and Waddams announcing the Rev C.G. Gregory as the Church of England representative, 27 Jun 1956

12-16 Aug 1959: Munich (ff. 72-88)
Update sent to 'Friends of the Kirchentag outside Germany' following the final meeting of the Ecumenical Committee of Kirchentag in Oct 1956 with reference to the situation in East Germany, 20 Mar 1957; letter from Gibbs to Waddams concerning his confirmed nomination as chairman of the Kirchentag ecumenical committee, 10 May 1958; letter of invitation to the Munich Kirchentag from Gibbs, 15 Dec 1958; invitation to Peter Kirk M.P to represent the Church of England, 25 Feb 1959; message from Fisher to be read at the Kirchentag, 29 Jul 1959; correspondence between Fisher and Kirk, including a report of the Kirchentag on the theme of 'You shall be my people', 4-30 Sep 1959

19-23 Jul 1961: Berlin (ff. 89-109)
File note and memorandum by Satterthwaite concerning an official Anglican delegate, and an article by Paul Oestreicher on the Kirchentag movement, 25 Jan-24 Feb 1961; Satterthwaite's correspondence with Miss V. Ruffer regarding an offer to attend as a delegate and some information on Lutherans in Israel, 31 May-8 Jun 1961; Ruffer and Rev Michael Halliwell's correspondence concerning the banning of meetings in the East sector and which study group Ruffer should attend, 12-13 Jul 1961; message from Michael Ramsey-Archbishop of Canterbury to the Kirchentag, 16 Jul 1961; letter and report from Ruffer, 19-29 Jul 1961

24-28 Jul 1963: Dortmund (ff. 110-124)
Letter confirming Bishop Craske's attendance at the Kirchentag in Dortmund, 19 Feb 1963; article by von Thadden-Trieglaff, 25 Feb 1963; correspondence and file notes concerning a lay representative to send on behalf of Ramsey, including confirmation of Mr Oswald H. Clark, 20 Mar- 4 Apr 1963; article in The Bridge about the Kirchentag on 'Living with Conflicts', May 1963summary report by Clark with a letter of thanks from Ramsey and a file note, 3-9 Sep 1963

1965: Cologne (ff. 125-129)
Correspondence selecting a representative for the Church of England, a brief message from Ramsey, Jul 1965 and a report, 17 Aug 1965

21-25 Jun 1967: Hanover (ff. 130-139)
Letter of invitation to the Kirchentag on the topic of 'Peace is amongst us', 11 Jan 1967; file note reporting Canon Raymond Hammer as the representative, 24 Jan 1967; article in The Bridge, May 1967; message from Ramsey; correspondence with Hammer, including reference to the Kirchentag and the forthcoming World Council of Churches Assembly at Uppsala, 23 Jul 1967; letter from Canon B.S. Moss discussing the possibility of an English version of the Kirchentag meetings, 4 Sep 1967

16-20 Jul 1969: Stuttgart (ff. 140-146)
Letter of invitation to the Kirchentag on the topics of 'Economic Justice in the Revolutionary World' and 'Catholic-Protestant unity', 14 Feb 1969; draft message of greeting to the Archbishop's delegate, 17 May 1969; message from Ramsey to be read by his representative Mr D.J. Hawkins, 16 Jul 1969; report by Hawkins, 22 Jul 1969

27 Jun-1 Jul 1973: Dusseldorf (ff. 147-151)
Correspondence concerning sending Mrs Margaret Duggan as the representative, 9 Mar-9 Apr 1973; message from Donald Coggan, Archbishop of Canterbury, to the Kirchentag, 18 Jun 1973; report, 11 Jul 1973

11-15 Jun 1975 Frankfurt (ff. 152-162)
Invitation to the Kirchentag on the theme 'In afflictions...and behold we live', Jan 1975; greetings from Coggan with attached letter from Rev Michael Moore, 4 Jun 1975; report, 24 Jun 1975

1977: Berlin (ff. 163-167)
Correspondence between Moore and Peter Madel concerning an invitation to preach and the agreement of the Very Rev Victor de Waal, Dean of Canterbury to accept the invitation, 19 Jan-1 Mar

17-21 Jun 1981: Hamburg (ff. 168-171)
Letter from Rev Canon Martin Reardon to Rev Christopher Hill concerning a message of greeting for the Kirchentag; report by Daphne Wells, Jul 1981

List of Kirchentag meetings (ff. 172)
LanguageEnglish and German

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