RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 66/4
Extent57 ff.
TitleGermany: Anglo-German Theological Conversations 1978 and 1980
Date14 Jun 1972-14 Apr 1980
DescriptionPapers, reports and correspondence concerning 'official' talks with the Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland [EKD] at Kloster Loccum, 1978 and at Lancaster, 1980.

Includes correspondence about the resumption of conferences with the EKD, with references to changes to the CFR and MECCA [Missionary and Ecumenical Council] stemming from the establishment of the General Synod, and the need for the Board for Mission and Unity to give official Church of England backing to the next conference, 14-19 Jun 1972, 7 Mar 1974 (ff. 2-3, 7); confirmation that the EKD hoped to postpone the next conference scheduled for April 1973 at Loccum, 9 Oct 1972 (ff. 4); minutes of the seventh meeting of the Archbishop of Canterbury's Counsellors on Foreign Relations reporting an official request from the EKD to resume the 'theological conversations' with the Church of England,18 Feb 1974 (ff. 6); discussions concerning the budget, timing and administration of the next conference, 13 Mar - 9 May 1974 (ff. 8-11); invitation to Ronald Williams, Bishop of Leicester to act as Chairman of the Church of England delegation, 17 May 1974 (ff. 12); correspondence with suggested names for the Anglican delegation and discussion of the conference subject, 27-28 Jun 1974 (ff. 13-14); letter requesting a change of date due to clash with the EKD commission for the revision of the official German version of the New Testament and suggesting the topic of 'Our common responsibilities towards the Third World', 1 Jul 1974 (ff. 15-16); file note recording discussion between Moore, Williams, and Arnold and subsequent correspondence recording their dismissal of the date change and their counter proposal of a visit by Williams between the dates originally agreed instead of the full conference, 16 Jul-6 Sep 1974 (ff. 17-20); file note outlining plans for Williams' proposed visit to Germany between 5-10 Apr, including a proposed itinerary, 25 Sep 1974 (ff. 25-26); 'Some Reflections on Future Relations between the Church of England (C of E) and the Evanglical Church in Germany (EKD)' by Claus Kemper, 5 Apr 1975 (ff. 27-30); diary extracts from Moore's visit to Turkey, Czechoslovakia, Austria, West Germany and France between Mar and Apr 1975 (ff. 31-33); letters following up the visit of Moore, Williams and Arnold to Germany, 28 Apr-5 May 1975 (ff. 34-35); German report on the visit of a delegation of the Church of England to the EKD by Kemper, 1975 (ff. 38-39); a letter from Arnold with an attached English translation of the report by Kemper with reference to the response when it was presented at the Board for Mission and Unity meeting, 21 Aug-7 Oct 1975 (ff. 40-43); discussion suggesting the Bishop of Bristol as the next Chairman of Anglican-EKD talks, 7 and 30 Jan 1976 (ff. 44, 46); a letter including an update on changes in the working structure of the EKD and the resultant switch from Kemper to Klaus Kremkau as the point of contact, 21 Jan 1976 (ff. 45); letters relating to a visit from Kremkau to Moore and a report by Moore on the meeting, including reference to their discussion of the Syod at Hothorpe Hall and plans for the 1978 conference, 9 Mar-10 May and 16 Jul 1976 (ff. 47-48, 50); letter concerning the EKD's keeness to organise the 1978 meeting and the need to wait for the results of the Anglican Consultative Council's decisions on the Pullach Resolutions, 10 May 1976 (ff. 49); letter to Rev J. [John] B. Muddiman inviting him to become Secretary of the Church of England-EKD talks, 18 Nov 1976 (ff. 51); participant list for the 4th conference between 12-16 Apr 1978 (ff. 52); report on the conference by Arnold, Apr 1978 (ff. 53); extract from Moore's diary reporting on the conference, Apr 1978 (ff. 54-55); Board for Mission and Unity report on the conference between 9-14 Apr 1980, including a participant list and event summary, Apr 1980 (ff. 56-57).

Correspondents include Rev Michael Moore (ff. 2, 4, 10, 13, 34-35); Rev Dr Peter Hinchliff (ff. 3); Ronald Williams - the Bishop of Leicester (ff. 7-8, 14, 18-20, 49); Rev Canon John Arnold (ff. 9, 11, 40, 44, 51); Claus Kemper (ff. 15-16); correspondence with Rev Dr Peter Staples at the Rijksuniversiteit te Utrecht and his 'News from the English Churches', 5-12 May 1975 (ff. 36-37); Dr Heinz-Joachim Held (ff. 45); Klaus Kremkau (ff. 47, 50)
LanguageEnglish and German

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