RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 64
Extent122 ff.
TitleGermany: Anglican Relations
Date15 Apr 1955-Nov 1981
DescriptionCorrespondence and papers concerning relations with the EKD [Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland], including the resumption of dialogue, for instance preparations for 1956 Kirchentag meeting, 15 Apr - 4 Oct 1955 (ff. 1-15); the 21 theses of Apostolic Succession put forward by the Ecumenical Committee of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany (VELKD), 1958 (ff. 16-30); the Hildesheim Service of Reconciliation and the matter of intercommunion, 1965 (ff. 68- ); an exchange between German Lutheran students and students at English Theological Colleges, as initially suggested at the Theological College Principals meeting on 26 Oct 1970, 1970 (ff. 95-105).

Includes a report of the Ecumenical Committee of the German Kirchentag meeting at Bad Boll, 28-30 Mar 1955, with covering letter to Rev Herbert M. Waddams from Dr Franklin H. Littell of the Franz Lieber Haus, 15 Apr 1955 (ff. 1-6); correspondence concerning the Church of England's intercommunion with Scandinavian Lutheran Churches (ff. 7-8); document entitled 'Zur Erklärung des Ökumenischen Ausschusses der Vereinigten Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche Deutschlands uber due Apostolische Sukzession' by Dr F. Hübner (ff. 16-18); Ecumenical Press Service report on the German Lutheran Churches position on Apostolic Succession, 14 Feb 1958 (ff. 21); detailed commentary on the Ecumenical Committee of VELKD's report on Apostolic Succession by Hugh Montefiore, 9 Apr 1958 (ff. 24-28); list of 'Official and Unofficial Contacts and Conferences between the Church of England (and other Churches) and the German Churches, 25 Nov 1965 (ff. 31); a letter of concern from W. Küppers to Michael Halliwell about shared Anglican Lutheran distribution of Holy Communion to all attendees during an Anglican-Evangelical Friendship Week in Hildescheim, 17 Jun 1965 (ff. 68); press release by the Church Information Office entitled 'London congregation going to Germany for Cathedral Consecration: Kensington-Hildesheim Act of Reconciliation', 17 Aug 1965 (ff. 75); address given by Pastor Holthe in the Open Holy Communion, 29 Aug 1965 (ff. 82); file notes on Anglo-German relations, 13 Mar 1969 (ff. 89-90); extracts from the minutes of the 38th meeting of the Standing Committee held on 24 Feb 1969 - British Council of Churches Conference on British Missionary Societies - Department of International Affairs (ff. 91); a list of names suitable for invitation to an Anglo/German Consultation (ff. 92); file note on the Anglo/German Consultation convened by the Bishop of Chichester, 6 Jul 1969 (ff. 95); file note on news reports of Rev John Arnold's address to the Synod of the Evangelical Churches in Germany meeting in Eisenach, 20 Aug 1971 (ff. 106).

Correspondents include Dr M. Keller-Hüschemenger, 17-19 May 1955 (ff. 7-8); Rev Canon Waddams, including correspondence with Chaplains in the Armed Forces, 14 Jun-14 Jul 1955 (ff. 9-13, 19-20); General Sir Richard N. Gale, Commander-in-Chief of the British Army of the Rhine, 4 Oct 1955 (ff. 15); Bishop Lilje (ff. 22-23); Dr Hanfried Kruger (ff. 29); Mervyn Stockwood, Bishop of Southwark's with Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, 24-28 Sep 1965 (ff. 66-67); Roderic N. Coote, Bishop of Fulham, concerning the Communion Service at Hildescheim, with forewarded extracts from the letters from Dr Schnübbe and Rev Louis A. Bralant, 28 Jul -12 Aug and 23 Sep 1965 (ff. 69-74, 75, 83); H.C.N. Williams, Provost of Coventry Cathedral, 27 Aug 1965 (ff. 77, 79), including his correspondence with W. Küppers, 3-16 Sep 1965 (ff. 79-81) and Rev John R. Satterthwaite, 1-11 Oct 1965 (ff. 84-85); Wolfgang, 30 Aug 1965 (ff. 78); Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, 17 Feb and 25 Apr 1969 (ff. 86-88, 93); Roger Wilson, Bishop of Chichester, 5 Jun 1969 (ff. 94); Rev Michael Moore with Rev J. Habgood (ff. 96-98, 103) and Rev Claus Kemper (ff. 99-102, 104-105); correspondence between Donald Coggan, Archbishop of Canterbury and President of the British Council of Churches, Helmut Claß, the President of the Council of the EKD and Rev Brian Duckworth, including reference to the death of the Right Revd Dr R.R. Williams, former Bishop of Leicester, 27 Apr-9 Oct 1979 (ff. 107-119); Canon Paul Oestreicher requesting a message to pass to the General Synod of the Evangelical Church in Germany, Nov 1981, with a copy of the message from Robert Runcie to the Synod, 26 Oct-Nov 1981 (ff. 120-122).
LanguageEnglish and German

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