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Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 60/2
Extent86 ff.
TitleGermany: Munich Olympics 1972
Date17 Apr 1967- 21 Dec 1971
DescriptionConcerning the chaplaincy for the Munich Olympics.

Includes a letter from Bishop Josef Brinkhues of the Old Catholic Church in Germany concerning a local Olympic Committee of the Evangelical Church formed to discuss pastoral care, and the response from the office of the Bishop of Fulham concurring that Rev Vikar Noll should represent the Anglican Church, 17 Apr-10 May 1967 (ff. 1-3); report on the 4th Jul meeting of the Churches Olympiad Commission to which Noll has mistakenly not been invited, 21 Nov 1968 (ff. 4); file note from Rev Michael Moore on a discussion with the Bishop of Fulham, 5 Dec 1968 (ff. 5); letter to Brinkhues concerning the error of omitting Noll from discussions and general notes with regard to ministrations to English speaking Christians, 5 Dec 1968 (ff. 6); minutes of a meeting held at Church House concerning the Church's contribution to the Munich Olympics and associated file note, 30 Jan 1969 (ff. 7-9); minutes of the Olympic Games 1972 Church Commission meeting on 12-13 Mar 1969 with associated letter, 14 Mar 1969 (ff. 10-12); letter from Alan Rogers, Bishop of Fulham concerning the meeting of the Olympic Games Commission in Munich, with copies of a summary of the minutes and the minutes of the Ecumenical Sub-Committee meeting, 21-22 May 1969 (ff. 13-16); letter from Michaeal Moore to Pfarrvikar W. Noll concerning accommodation for Anglican Chaplains during the Olympic Games, 24 Jun 1969 (ff. 17); translation of a letter from Assistant Bishop Tewes to the Olympic Games 1972 Committee of the Church of England, 15 Oct 1969 (ff. 18); an official circular to national administrations of religious bodies concerning religious activities during the games (ff. 19-20); letters from Moore to Joseph Brinkhues, Rev Prebendary Donald Mossman and Rev Dr Peter Hinchliff with reference made to the responsibility for appointments to the Olympics being passed to the Board for Mission and Unity of the General Synod, including a copy of a letter from Noll to CFR, 8-21 Jul 1971 (ff. 21-26); letters with translations from Brinkhues and Noll providing details about arrangements for chaplains with a response from Moore, 23-25 Aug 1971 (ff. 27-33); letter to attendees of a meeting to discuss chaplaincy arrangements for the Munich Olympic Games, 9 Sep 1971 (ff. 34); letters from Launcelot Fleming, Dean of Windsor suggesting the names of two chaplains for the Olympics to Moore, 9-23 Sep 1971 (ff. 35-38); covering letter and reports on the English-speaking Church situation in South West Germany, and the Karlsruhe University chaplaincy by Rev Derek Matten, 21 Sep 1971 with a letter in response from Moore, 24 Sep 1971 (ff. 39-45); memorandum by Moore with covering letter to Brinkhues on a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations to discuss pastoral arrangements for the Olympics, attended by Prebendary Donald Mossman, Rev Kenneth Francis, Father Raymond Masters and Rev Arthur Payton, 22-24 Sep 1971 (ff. 46-48); correspondence between Matten to Moore, with Matten agreeing to act as the link in the co-ordination of the British Chaplaincy interests before and during the Olympics, 30 Sep-8 Oct 1971 (ff. 49-50); names suggested by Rev Arthur Payne and Moore's letter to Sister Ann from the Community of St. Andrew inviting her to fill the role of 'lady Pastor', 29 Sep-11 Oct 1971 (ff. 51-52); correspondence between Moore and Rev Henry H. Wilson concerning Wilson's meetings with Bishop Browning and Brinkhues and making reference to Matten, 18-21 Oct 1971 (ff. 53-54); Moore's correspondence with Brinkhues concerning expenses, broadcast and brochures, 15-19 Oct 1971 (ff. 55-56); file note from Moore referring to discussions with Rev John Satterthwaite and sensitivities about Olympics arrangements, 21 Oct 1971 (ff. 57); letter from Matten concerning a meeting with Brinkhues, with reference to Brinkhues' keeness to announce Matten and John Kirkham as Chaplains, 2 Nov 1971 (ff. 58); nomination from USPG [United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel] of Rev Leonard R. Melling as a Chaplain to the Games, 2 Nov 1971 (ff. 59); Ian M. Fraser's suggestion that he act as one of the Chaplains on behalf of the Church of Scotland, 3 Nov 1971 (ff. 60); letter confirming Sister Anne attendance, 4 Nov 1971 (ff. 61); file notes including reference to the difficulty of gaining permission for Kirkham to accept the chaplaincy, 9-11 Nov 1971 (ff. 62-63); letter to Rev H.O. Douglas outling plans to send eight chaplains to the Olympic Games, 9 Nov 1971 (ff. 64); suggested list of chaplains (ff. 65); letter concerning the official appointment of Matten and Kirkham to Munich, 10 Nov 1971 (ff. 66); correspondence from Matten enquiring about pastoral care guidelines with a forewarded letter from Noll to Pastor Schultheiss, and a response from Moore, 8-12 Nov 1971 (ff. 67-69); translated extracts of a letter from Father Eugen Hillengass to Noll concerning practical arrangements for the Anglican chaplains, 11 Nov 1971 (ff. 70-72); translation of letter from Noll to Matten concerning the news that the Anglicans can have no permanent pass to the Olympic Village due to its relative smallness compared to the Evangelical and Roman Catholic churches, 20 Nov 1971 (ff. 73); letter providing an update on Kirkham's difficulties gaining permission to go to Munich as a Chaplain from Canon Edwards, 24 Nov 1971 (ff. 74); letter from Matten in which he refers to efforts to push for his admittance to the Olympic Village and his relief at not being expected to minister to Greek Orthodox individuals, 27 Nov 1971 (ff. 75); correspondence with Satterthwaite for the appointment and temporary licence to Matten, Rev Leonard Melling and Rev Tom Farrell, 3-9 Dec 1971 (ff. 76-81); letter from Matten including an update on authorisation for the Olympic Village, 16 Dec 1971 (ff. 82); letter to Rev G. Mann concerning non-Anglican representation within the British chaplaincy, 17 Dec 1971 (ff. 83-84); translated summary of correspondence between the Church Service for the 1972 Olympiad and Matten about regulations for pastors, 17 Dec 1971-20 Jan 1972 (ff. 85); list of Church of England Chaplains appointed to the Olympics, 21 Dec 1971 (ff. 86).
LanguageEnglish and German

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