RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 59/2
Extent94 ff.
TitleGermany: General Correspondence
Date7 Jan 1965-27 Feb 1969
DescriptionConcerning general conditions and church-state relations, developments within the Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland [EKD], relations with Eastern Europe.

Includes correspondence concerning the sharing of churches by Roman Catholics and other denominations, including letters from Rev Michael Halliwell, the Bishop of Southwell, Rev John Satterthwaite, Dr Helmut Hochstetter, 7 Jan-14 Jun 1965 (ff. 1-15); file notes concerning a recorded interview for a German television programme on the Church of England, led by Herr Peter Dreesen, 29 Jun-6 Jul 1965 (ff. 16-17) and the situation of the Oecumenical Patriarch, 20 October 1965 (ff. 18-19); letter from Halliwell to Satterthwaite concerning the visit of Cardinal Bea to Geneva, 19 Feb 1965 (ff. 20); memorandum from Halliwell concerning a visit to St Matthias' Abbey, Trier and discusions of the negative reactions of German Protestants to developments at the Vatican Council, 15 Mar 1965 (ff. 21); correspondence between David Tustin and Gottfried Klapper concerning Recommendations published by the United Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Germany and Lutheran-Roman Catholic relations, 25 May-3 Jun 1965 (ff. 22-23); correspondence between Martin Cordes, Satterthwaite, Tustin and Rev Klaus Kemper, Roderic Coote - Bishop of Fulham, concerning a report on the Ecumenical Youth Village Rodenskirchen-Michaelshoven, Cordes' venture 'Help your Brother/ Ecumenical Sevice of British People in Germany', Corde's wish to be appointed an Anglican Chaplain at Kloster Kirchberg, and a conference with the St Michael's Brotherhood, 25 Mar-11 Dec 1965 (ff. 24-37); an article 'Unite Evangelicals?' by M.A.Halliwell concerning Catholic revival within the German Evangelical Church, 15 Jul 1965 (ff. 38-41); English translation of chapter five of 'The Situation of the Expellees and the relations of the German nation with its Eastern neighbours' by the Chamber for Public Responsibility of the Council of the Evangelical Church of Germany, with associated letters to Satterthwaite and Tustin concerning the Church's relations with Poland and reactions of Refugee organisations, Oct-22 Nov 1965 (ff. 42-51); correspondence between Halliwell, Cordes, and Tustin concerning the visit of Gerald Colin, Bishop of Grimsby to Michaelshoven, Germany, 23 May-23 Jul 1966 (ff. 52-68); a letter from Eberhard Bethge seeking advice from Satterthwaite concerning assistance in arranging retreats for pastors, 23 Jul-27 Aug 1965 (ff. 69-71); correspondence concerning Robert Petitpione's meeting with Dessain on the way to Trier, 27-28 Jan 1966 (ff. 72-73); translated extract from the Frankfurter Allgem regarding the succession by Blake to the Secretaryship of the World Council of Churches from Visser't Hooft, 1 Dec 1966 (ff. 74); a letter requesting a living in the Croydon area for Rev Ernest Gordon, 1 Mar 1967 (ff. 75-76); correspondence between Tustin and W. Ramge concerning advice on the training and professional development of clergy on behalf of the Evangelischer Werbedienst der Wurttembergischen Landeskirche, 22 Feb-20 Mar 1967 (ff. 77-85); file note concerning discussions with Ramsey concerning Anglican-Lutheran dialogue, 6 Sep 1967 (ff. 86); Ramsey's correspondence with Rev Oberkirchenrat Hugo Schnell concerning his nomination as President of the Lutheran Church Office of the United Evangelical Church of Germany, 1-6 Nov 1967 (ff. 87-88); letters concerning the living of Rev Ernest Gordon, 24 Nov 1967-20 Feb 1968 (ff. 89-90); Telegram correspondence between Ramsey and Josef Stimpfle, the Bishop of Augsburg concerning an evangelical conference attended by protestant and catholic christians in Kempten, Germany, 26 Aug 1968 (ff. 91-93); account of time in Germany from Christopher Lowe, Community of the Resurrection, 27 Feb 1969 (ff. 94)
LanguageEnglish and German

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