RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR CFC 14a
Extent46 ff. in volume and 6 ff. in loose sheets
TitleOld Catholic register for interconsecration
DescriptionBound volume entitled 'Register of particulars in the conjunction of the Dutch Old Catholic and Anglican Episcopal Successions', listing names of Bishops involved in co-consecration services and the names and further details of the individuals being co-consecrated. Also includes hand-written notes including lists and dates, and a typed memorandum entitled 'Data for Protocols for Interconsecration dated 1 May 1964, inserted in to volume. Names in the index of the volume:

Berends, J.H.
Vlijmen, H.V.
Simpson, B.F.
Buxton, H.J.
Graham-Brown, G.F.
Gelsthorpe, A.M.
Partridge, F.
Underhill, F.
Baker, W.S.
Bradfield, H.W.
Hay, R.B.
Hodson, R.L.
Halward, N.V.
Jackson, F.M.E.
Cockin, F.A.
Warde, G.H.
Watkins, I.S.
Narborough, F.D.V.
Allen, G.F.
Warner, K.C.H.
Selwyn, W.M.
Hall, D.B.
Moline, R.W.H.
Stannard, R.W.
Bardsley, C.K.N.
Jagoe, J.A.
Mortimer, R.C.
Shapley, R.N.
Otter, A.
Fleming, W.C.L.
Eastaugh, C.
Leeson, S.
Cornwall, N.E.
Ingle, G.E.
Dale, B.M.
Clarke, N.H.
Beecher, L.J.
Eley, S.A.A.
Phillips, J.H.L.
Hudson, A.W.G.
AcquisitionThis material transferred to the Library in 2012 and inserted into the CFR sequence

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Related name records
GB/109/14770Berends; Johannes Hermannus (fl. 1930s); Old Catholic Bishop of Deventerfl. 1930s
DS/UK/5944Van Vlijmen; Henry Theodore John (fl. 1930); bishop of Harlemfl. 1930
125Simpson; Bertram Fitzgerald (1883-1971); Bishop of Southwark1883-1971
280Buxton; Harold Jocelyn (1880-1976); Bishop of Gibraltar1880-1976
DS/UK/3898Gelsthorpe; Alfred Morris (1892-1968); bishop in the Sudan1892-1968
DS/UK/5499Underhill; Francis (1878-1943); Bishop of Bath and Wells1878-1943
266Bradfield; Harold William (1898-1960); Bishop of Bath and Wells1898-1960
DS/UK/4080Hodson; Robert Leighton (1885-1960); bishop of Shrewsbury1885-1960
DS/UK/3960Halward; (Nelson) Victor (1897-1953); assistant bishop of Victoria, Hong Kong1897-1953
DS/UK/3701Cockin; (George) Frederic Arthur (1888-1969); bishop of Bristol1888-1969
DS/UK/5810Warde; Geoffrey Hodgson (1889-1972); Suffragan Bishop of Lewes1889-1972
DS/UK/5812Watkins; Ivor Stanley (1896-1960); Bishop of Guildford1896-1960
GB/109/9563Narborough; Frederick Dudley Vaughan (1895-1966); suffragan bishop of Colchester1895-1966
230Allen; Geoffrey Francis (1902-1982); Bishop of Derby1902-1982
DS/UK/6006Warner; Kenneth Charles Harman (1891-1983); bishop of Edinburgh1891-1983
GB/109/13726Selwyn; William Marshall (1880-1951); Suffragan Bishop of Fulham1880-1951
DS/UK/6378Hall; Denis Bartlett (1899-1983); Assistant Bishop on the Niger1899-1983
DS/UK/4553Moline; Robert William Haines (fl. 1947-1963); archbishop of Perthfl. 1947-1963
DS/UK/5538Stannard; Robert William (1895-1986); suffragan bishop of Woolwich1895-1986
DS/UK/3554Bardsley; Cuthbert Killick Norman (1907-1991); bishop of Coventry1907-1991
DS/UK/6441Jagoe; John Arthur (1889-1962); Bishop of Bermuda1889-1962
460Mortimer; Robert Cecil (1902-1976); Bishop of Exeter1902-1976
GB/109/14507Otter; Anthony (1896-1986); Suffragan Bishop of Grantham1896-1986
DS/UK/3175Easthaugh; Cyril (1897-1988); Bishop of Peterborough1897-1988
DS/UK/3171Leeson; Spencer Stottisbury Gwatkin (1892-1956); Bishop of Peterborough1892-1956
DS/UK/3174Cornwall; Nigel Edmund (1903-1984); Bishop of Borneo1903-1984
DS/UK/4141Ingle; George Ernest (1895-1964); suffragan bishop of Willesden1895-1964
DS/UK/6145Dale; Basil Montague (1903-1976); Bishop of Jamaica1903-1976
GB/109/8469Clarke; Norman Harry (1892-1974); suffragan Bishop of Plymouth1892-1974
DS/UK/3566Beecher; Leonard James (1906-1987); Archbishop of East Africa1906-1987
DS/UK/4797Eley; Stanley Albert Hallam (1904–1990); Bishop of Gibraltar (1960 to 1970)1904–1990
DS/UK/4933Phillips; John Henry Lawrence (1910-1985); Bishop of Portsmouth1910-1985
268Brown; George Francis Graham (1891-1942); Bishop in Jerusalem1891-1942
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