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Alt Ref NoCFR CFC 12/2
Extent114 ff.
TitleOld Catholic Church: general: Interconsecrations and the Anglican Succession: Consecrations passing on the Old Catholic Succession (A-H)
DescriptionCorrespondence and papers relating to the Interconsecration and passing on the Old Catholic Succession, including protocols and related papers of bishops who were interconsecrated:

Allen, G. Bishop of Egypt (3 March 1947-8 Nov 1951) (ff.1-15)
Allison, Bishop of Sudan (21 April-12 May 1948) (ff.16-20)
Baker, W.S., Bishop of Zanzibar (14 Sept 1943-12 July 1944) (ff.21-32)
Bardsley, C.K.N, Bishop of Croydon (17 Oct-15 Dec 1947) (ff.33-36)
Beecher, L.J., Bishop of Mombasa (10 July-1 Aug 1950) (ff.37-40)
Bradfield, H.W., Bishop of Bath and Wells (Sept-Dec 1946) (ff.41-43)
Candole, H.H.V., Bishop of Knaresborough (21 Jan-14 Feb 1949) (ff.44-47)
Clarke, N.H., Bishop of Plymouth (10-21 July 1950) (ff.48-51)
Coote, R., Bishop of Fulham (Jan 1951) (ff.52-55)
Cornwall, N.E., Bishop-designate of Borneo (20 Oct 1949) (f.56)
Cockin, F.A., Bishop of Bristol (Sept-Oct 1946) (ff.57-61)
Dale, B.M., Bishop of Jamaica (13-16 Jan 1950) (ff.62-64)
Easthaugh, C., Canon of Kensington (21 Sept-8 Oct 1949) (ff.65-66)
Eley, S.A.H., Bishop of Gibraltar (25 March 1960) (ff.67-68)
Ellison, G.A., Bishop of Willesden (4-12 Sept 1950) (ff.69-73)
Fleming, W.L.S., Bishop of Portsmouth (19 Oct 1948-5 Nov 1949) (ff.74-79)
Greer, W.D.L., Bishop of Manchester (18-23 Sept 1947) (ff.80-83)
Hall, D.B., Bishop of Upper Niger (30 June 1947) (ff.84-85)
Halward, N.V., Bishop of Hong Kong (July-Aug 1946) (ff.86-92)
Hay, R.M., Bishop of Buckingham (Sept 1944) (ff.93-102)
Hodson, R.L., Bishop of Shrewsbury (Sept-Oct 1946) (ff.103-112)
Hudson, A.W.G., Bishop of Sydney (March 1960) (ff.113-114)
ArrangementPapers are arranged alphabetically by the surname of the Bishop (letters A-H).

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Related name records
230Allen; Geoffrey Francis (1902-1982); Bishop of Derby1902-1982
DS/UK/3545Allison; Oliver Claude (1908-1989); Bishop of Juba1908-1989
DS/UK/5862Baker; William Scott (1902-1990); Bishop of Zanzibar1902-1990
DS/UK/3554Bardsley; Cuthbert Killick Norman (1907-1991); bishop of Coventry1907-1991
DS/UK/3566Beecher; Leonard James (1906-1987); Archbishop of East Africa1906-1987
266Bradfield; Harold William (1898-1960); Bishop of Bath and Wells1898-1960
DS/UK/3170Candole; Henry Handley Vully de (1895-1971); Suffragan Bishop of Knaresborough1895-1971
GB/109/8469Clarke; Norman Harry (1892-1974); suffragan Bishop of Plymouth1892-1974
DS/UK/3713Coote; Roderic Norman (1915-2000); OBE; Bishop of Colchester1915-2000
DS/UK/3174Cornwall; Nigel Edmund (1903-1984); Bishop of Borneo1903-1984
DS/UK/3701Cockin; (George) Frederic Arthur (1888-1969); bishop of Bristol1888-1969
DS/UK/6145Dale; Basil Montague (1903-1976); Bishop of Jamaica1903-1976
DS/UK/3175Easthaugh; Cyril (1897-1988); Bishop of Peterborough1897-1988
DS/UK/4797Eley; Stanley Albert Hallam (1904–1990); Bishop of Gibraltar (1960 to 1970)1904–1990
338Ellison; Gerald Alexander (1910-1992); Bishop of London1910-1992
DS/UK/4802Fleming; (William) Launcelot Scott (1906-1990); Bishop of Norwich1906-1990
DS/UK/3925Greer; William Derrick Lindsay (1902-1972); Bishop of Manchester1902-1972
DS/UK/6378Hall; Denis Bartlett (1899-1983); Assistant Bishop on the Niger1899-1983
DS/UK/3960Halward; (Nelson) Victor (1897-1953); assistant bishop of Victoria, Hong Kong1897-1953
GB/109/13791Hay; Robert Milton (1884-1973); Suffragan Bishop of Buckingham1884-1973
DS/UK/4080Hodson; Robert Leighton (1885-1960); bishop of Shrewsbury1885-1960
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