RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR AC 41/6
Extent41 ff.
TitleLambeth Conference, 1968: ecumenical observers: CESA, CSI, WCC and Free Churches
DescriptionPapers relating to possible invitations to, and arrangements for, observers from the Church of England in South Africa, the Church of South India, the World Council of Churches, the Baptist World Alliance, World Convention of Churches of Christ, International Convention of Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ),National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA, International Congregational Council, Society of Friends, World Methodist Council, Pentecostal Movement, the Salvation Army, Church of Scotland, World Alliance of Reformed Churches
Correspondents include: Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury (ff.1-3, 4-5); Bishop Ralph Dean (ff.1, 29); Robert, Archbishop of Cape Town (ff.2-3); Most Revd. P. Solomon, Moderator of the Church of South India (ff.4-6); Rt. Revd. Lesslie Newbigin (f.7); Dr. Eugene C. Blake, including his speech at the plenary session, 27 July 1968 (ff.8-11); Dr. Josef Nordenhaug (ff.12-13); Larence V. Kirkpatrick (ff.14-15); A. Dale Fiers (f.16); Cynthis Wedel (ff.16-18); Ralph Calder (f.19); Edward Rogers (f.20); Norman Goodall (f.21); Arthur White (f.22); Dr. Lee F. Tuttle (f.23); Revd. Raymond George (f.24); Revd. Dr. Harold Roberts (ff.25-27); Edward Welles, Bishop of West Missouri (ff.30-31); Pastor Percy Brewster (f.32); Rederick Wallis (f.33); Herbert Westcott (f.34); William Brown (f.35); Revd. Dr. J.B. Longmuir (f.36); Prof. Wilhelm Niesel (f.37); Revd. Dr. Marcel Pradervand (f.38); Revd. Dr. James McCord , including CV (ff.39-40); Revd. Dr. William Stewart (f.41).

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