RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR G 19/2
Extent97 ff.
TitleFree Churches, relations with: Methodist Church
DescriptionPapers relating to relations with the Methodist Church in general, and the Anglican-Methodist Conversations on union, including: instances of inter-communion in the dioceses of Bradford and Southwark, 1960 (ff.1-4); note on the meeting at Exeter College, Oxford (f.5); memo by the Revd. Michael Halliwell on a meeting of the Methodist Sacramental Fellowship (ff. 6-7);paper by the Revd. Christopher Nankivell on material for local study groups (ff.10-11, 13); memo by the Revd. John Satterthwaite on his discussion with Archbishop Rinkel of Utrecht about the Old Catholic view of the Service of Reconciliation (ff.15-16); note of Cardinal Bea's comments to Archbishop Ramsey (f.17); comments of Athenagoras, Metropolitan of Thyateira on the Service of Reconciliation (ff.20-22); comment by Parthenios, Metropolitan of Carthage (f.24); request for Roman Catholic theological opinion as to whether grape juice could be considered "valid matter"in the Sacrament (f.25); unofficial reflections on the Anglican-Methodist Draft Ordinal (ff.28-29); paper by Canon Kemp and Dr. Packer read to the Huntercombe Meeting (f.31); copy of Archbishop Ramsey's sermon in Hinde Street Methodist Church, 21 Jan. 1968 (ff.35-42); memorandum to Convocation on the scheme, Dec. 1968 (f.44); Anglican-Methodist Proposals Returns from Dioceses, Feb. 1969 (ff.45-66); note of voting in Joint Session of the Convocations of Canterbury and York, 6 May 1969 (f.67); summary of an article by Bishop J.A.T. Robinson in Informations Catholiques Internationales (ff.68-69); printed memo from the Church Union about the unity scheme (f.70); questions for the dioceses and timetable for procedure (f.71); lists of foreign church leaders receiving details of Anglican-Methodist reunion scheme voting, 8 July 1969 (ff.72-74); translation of article by Dom Philibert Zobel on Anglicans and Methodists, Aug. 1969 (ff79-82); statement from Archbishop Ramsey and Archbishop Coggan following the acceptance by the Methodist Conference of the proposals for Anglican-Methodist unity (ff.83-85); "Anglican-Methodist Unity: A Review of Attitudes" by the Revd. Henry Brandreth (ff.86-92); copy of Canon Waddams' sermon preached at St. Peter's Methodist Church, Canterbury, 19 Oct. 1969 (ff.93-97).
Correspondents include: Archbishop Donald Coggan (ff.1, 8-9); Mervyn Stockwood, Bishop of Southwark (f.4); Archbishop Michael Ramsey (ff.8-9, 12, 18-19, 23, 78); Falkner Allison, Bishop of Winchester (ff.18-23); Canon John Findlow (f. 25); Canon Eric Kemp (ff.26-27, 30, 33-34); the Revd. F.H. Mountney (f.32); Cardinal Willebrands (f.75); Archbishop Rinkel (ff.76-78).

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524Satterthwaite; John Richard (1925-2014); Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe1925-2014
510Rinkel; Andreas (fl 1937-1973); Old Catholic Archbishop of Utrechtfl 1937-1973
GB/109/7984Bea; Agostino (1881-1968); Cardinal1881-1968
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
255Kokkinakis; Athenagoras II (1912-1979); Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain1912-1979
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475Packer; James Innell (1926-2020); Warden of Latimer House, Oxford1926-2020
513Robinson; John Arthur Thomas (1919-1983); Suffragan Bishop of Woolwich1919-1983
GB/109/18148Zobel; Philibert (fl.1968-1977); Abbot of Becfl.1968-1977
298Coggan; Frederick Donald (1909-2000); Baron Coggan; Archbishop of Canterbury1909-2000
DS/UK/3235Anglican Methodist Unity Commission; 1965-1965-
550Stockwood; Arthur Mervyn (1913-1995); Bishop of Southwark1913-1995
87Allison; Sherard Falkner (1907-1993); Bishop of Winchester1907-1993
GB/109/20059Findlow; John (1915-1970); Director, Anglican Centre in Rome1915-1970
401Kemp; Eric Waldram (1915-2009); Bishop of Chichester1915-2009
GB/109/6575Willebrands; Johannes Gerardus Maria (1909-2006); Cardinal; Archbishop of Utrecht and Primate of the Netherlands1909-2006
GB/109/21806Halliwell; Michael Arthur (1928-); Canon1928-
NA2420Brandreth; Henry Renaud Turner (1914-1984); Anglican clergyman and historian1914-1984
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