RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR CFR 14/3
Extent125 ff.
TitleGeneral Secretary: Canon Herbert Waddams
DescriptionPersonal correspondence of Canon Waddams relating to ecumenical relations with the Roman Catholic Church especially in Canada, including correspondence with or about Fr. Bernard Lambert OP, including comments on his book "La Problème Oecumenique" (ff.1-5, 29-33, 36-44, 57-59, 104); the Rt. Revd. Stephen Baynes (ff.6-11); George Luxton, Bishop of Huron (f. 12); Père Michalon including an English translation of an address he gave in Canterbury Cathedral 25 January 1967 (ff.13-14, 66, 8691-94); E.S. Reed, Bishop of Ottawa about an ecumenical discussion group (ff.16-18, 47-48, 50-51); Fr. M.-C. Matura about a quarterly ecumenical journal (ff. 20, 28); Fr. Donald MacDonald OFM (St. Anthony's College, Edmonton) about an article on ecumenism in "Studium" (ff.21-27); Fr. George Tavard (Mount Mervy College, Pittsburgh) about his book "Two Centuries of Ecumenism" (ff. 34-35); Fr. Gregory Baum OSA (Centre for Ecumenical Studies, Toronto) (ff.45-46, 49); Canon Michael Creal about "A new aspect in Anglican-Roman Catholic Relations" published by the Anglican Church of Canada (ff.54-56); Dr. Karl Stern (St. Mary's Hospital, Montreal) about Christianity and Communism (f.60); Leonard Wilde (Principal of Neuchatel Junior College, Switzerland) about "twinning" Neuchatel with an Anglican parish (ff. 61-65, 67); Pope Paul VI (ff.69-71); Canon Findlow and Canon Satterthwaite about his visit to Trier (ff. 72-74); Canon Bernard Pawley (ff.75-76, 113-114); the gift by the Dean & Chapter of Canterbury of stone carved crosses to the Carmelites in Brussels and the Benedictines at Trier (ff.77-81); the Abbot and Prior of Bec, with note of their visit in the Canterbury Diocesan News (ff. 82-83); notes on Archbishop Ramsey's visit to Rome for M. Jean-Pierre Cornet (ff.87-89); Fr. Francis de Grunne (ff.97-98); Fr. John Jukes OFM Conv. about the ecumenical chaplaincy at the University of Kent (ff.100-103, 105-110; the Revd. Maurice Villain (f. 115); John Satterthwaite about the visit of Cardinal Suenens and the role of the Revd. G.L. Prestige in making overtures to Rome while Acting General Secretary of CFR (ff.116-117); the Revd. Johannes Lüttichen about the ecumenical work of the Benedictine Abbey of St. Matthias, Trier (ff.118-123); Canon Dessain (ff.124-125) and letters from John Satterthwaite about Archbishop Fisher's visit to Rome, Jerusalem and Istanbul (f. 15) the Apostolic Delegate's references to the martyrdom of Blessed John Stone in Canterbury (f.68), Archbishop Ramsey's meeting with Cardinal Suenens and the possibility of "twinning" parishes (ff.95-96), commemoration of the Malines Conversations by a memorial plaque and visit of Cardinal Suenens (ff.111-112).

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NA2931Diocese of Canterbury; Cathedral Church of Christ
GB/109/9220Bec Abbey; c.1034-c.1789; Benedictine religious housec.1034-c.1789
DS/UK/6449University of Kent; 1965-1965-
GB/109/12134Suenens; Leon-Joseph (1904-1996); Cardinal1904-1996
497Prestige; George Leonard (1889-1955); Canon of St Paul's Cathedral1889-1955
12Fisher; Geoffrey Francis (1887-1972); Archbishop of Canterbury1887-1972
GB/109/22323Dessain; Joseph (1911-1984); Canon Residentiary of Malines Cathedral1911-1984
GB/109/22326Tavard; George Henry (1922-2007); theologian and ecumenist1922-2007
GB/109/24384Villain; Maurice (1900-1977); Roman Catholic priest and ecumenist1900-1977
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