RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoBell 103
Extent295 ff.
TitleRoman Catholicism
Date1941 - 1958
DescriptionCorrespondence on the Roman Catholic Church, with particular reference to the following:
Papal pronouncements, 1941-3 (ff.1-7).
Death of Cardinal Hinsley, 1943-4 (ff.8-33).
Papal invitation for the churches to collaborate, 1944 (ff.34-5).
Unitas movement and the Pope's Christmas allocution, Jan. 1946 (ff.36-42).
Assessment of Cardinal Innitzer, 1947 (ff.43-4).
Monsignor Charles L.H. Duchemin, principal of Beda College, Rome, and Charles Boyer, principal of the Pontifical Institute, Rome, and visit of Bishop Stephen Charles Neill to Rome, 1947-9 (ff.45-105).
Report of World Council of Churches and Roman Catholic Conference at Istina, Paris, in September 1949 (ff.106-9).
Vatican directions on ecumenical dialogue, March 1950 (ff.110-18).
Reports of Cecil Douglas Horsley, bishop of Gibraltar, on contacts with Roman Catholics, 1950 (ff.119-21).
Anglican-Roman conversations at Strasbourg, 1950 (ff.122-36).
The dogma of the assumption of Mary, 1950-1 (ff.127-51).
Visit of Pastors Max Thurian and Roger Schutz of Taize to Rome and the Vatican, 1951 (ff.152-69).
Papal encyclical on the l5th centenary of the Council of Chalcedon, l95l (ff.170-1).
Ernest Henry Burgman, bishop of Canberra and Goulburn, and Roman Catholic involvement in politics, 1951 (ff.172-5).
'Theology and modern science', allocution of Pius XII and Pope's Christmas message, Dec. l951-Jan. l952 (ff.176-82).
Loyal address of Roman Catholics to Queen Elizabeth II in May 1952 (f.183).
Comments in The Tablet on Lord Justice Vaisey's legal judgement on membership of the Church of England, 1953 (ff.184-7).
Roman Catholic responses to the World Council of Churches and the ecumenical movement, l953-5 (ff.188-205).
Publication of Bulletin Anglican, and Roman Catholic attitude to the Church of South India, l955 (ff.206-18).
Attitude of French Roman Catholics to the Church of South India, 1955 (ff.219-24).
Visit of Anglicans to Milan and Cardinal Montini, 1955-6 (ff.225-43 passim, 249, 260-2).
'Rome returns to roots', memorandum of the Church of England Council on Foreign Relations, 1956 (ff.244-5).
Pilgrimages of unity to Rome, 1956-7 (ff.247-8, 250-9, 263-5).
Bell's visit to Rome, including correspondence with Monsignor Cardinale, 1958 (ff.266-95 passim).
Church and elements of church from the Catholic point of view, by Paul Tennant of the White Friars, n.d. (ff.279-91).
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208Roman Catholic Church
DS/UK/4681Hinsley; Arthur (1865-1943); Cardinal; Archbishop of Westminster1865-1943
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DS/UK/4092Horsley; Cecil Douglas (1903-1953); bishop of Gibraltar1903-1953
DS/UK/4652Neill; Stephen Charles (1900-1984); bishop in Tinnevelly and Madura1900-1984
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