RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoBell 127
Extent261 ff.
TitleChurch and State Commission
Date1931 - 1932
DescriptionCirculated papers including:
Memoranda on existing evils and difficulties by Archbishop Temple, 1931-2 (CCS 6, 13, 16) (ff.1-13, 48-50, 64-7).
Memorandum by Sir Lewis Dibdin on the present relations between church and state in England, 1932 (CSS 10, 21) (ff.14-35, 71-2).
Memorandum by Bishop Bell on changing relations of church and state in England, 1932 (CCS 12) (ff.36-47).
Letter from Herbert Hensley Henson, bishop of Durham, to the commission, March 1931 (CCS 14) (ff.51-3).
Memorandum by Sir John Dearman Birchal, M.P., on measures in parliament, 1932 (CSS 20) (ff.68-71).
The Church Self-Government Chronicle, Trinity, 1931 (CSS 33) (83-90).
Evidence submitted by Albert Mitchell, vice-president of the National Church League, with the League's annual report, May 1931 (CSS 43, 44) (ff.98-149).
Peal v Peal: validity of marriage, extracted from the Law reports, 1931 (CCS 41) (ff.91-7).
Disestablishment and the prayer book, by Bertram Pollock, bishop of Norwich, 1929 (CCS 45) (ff.150-71).
Memorandum by Ernest Fraser Jacob, Chichele professor of modern history, Oxford (1950) on 'History and the Commission', [1932] (CCS 51) (ff.171-81).
Memorandum by the Rev. Patrick Carnegie Simpson on the relations of church and state, 1932 (CCS 56) (ff.182-90).
Memorandum submitted by the English Church Union, [1932] (printed) (ff.197-261).
Note on witnesses and precis of evidence submitted to the Commission, June 1932 (CCS 67) (ff.197-261).
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