The names database is complementary to the catalogue database. It highlights extensive or particularly significant content in the catalogue records. Records for names of people, organisations or families are added where:
  • the person, organisation or family are creators of records
  • their identity can be verified in external sources (e.g. reference works such as the Dictionary of National Biography)
  • they occur multiple times in records at Lambeth Palace Library (e.g. they are principal correspondents in a collection of letters)
Name records are unlikely to have been created for collections which comprise long series of records relating to large numbers of individuals, e.g. wills, leases of property, etc. Note also that name records may not be linked to every occurrence of a person, organisation or family in the catalogue database, in instances where that person etc occurs more than once in the same collection. The database describes persons, organisations and families in a standardised form (unlike the catalogue database, where the vocabulary is uncontrolled), and may give additional biographical or background detail.
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