For a simple free text search type your search term(s) into the top box Any Text.

If you want to search for a phrase, put your search in quotation marks e.g. "Archbishop of Canterbury".

Using * as a wildcard may help. For instance, a search for ritual* will retrieve all records containing terms such as ritualism, ritualist, etc. Avoid searching on very common words such as the, and, in etc. The search will ignore these.

You can carry out more sophisticated searches by using several fields, and dates can be searched in different formats e.g. 1850, 1850s, 1850-1870, c. 1850, 19th century.

For example, typing ritualism in the Any Text box and 1850-1870 in the Date box will retrieve all the records including that term within that period.

Selecting Fonds in the Level field, combined with the reference of the archive in OrderNo, will isolate the collection level catalogue entry, i.e. the overview, of the whole archive. For instance, Fonds plus ECE in OrderNo, will produce the overview of the archive of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England.

Entering Syria and Egypt into the Any Text box and 1800s in the Date box will find all records relating to both of these countries from 1800-1899. In order to find records from the time relating to either of the countries click on the Refine Search Criteria link under the Any Text box where you will get the option to search for records that contain either of your terms.

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