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MS 700Shrewsbury Papers1511-1607MSS/694-710/700
ICBS 772Church name: CASTLE CARROCK, St. Peter1826-1828ICBS/FILE/00772
MS 925CLERICAL TAXATIONc.1660-c.1665MSS/925
ICBS 96Church name: COCKERMOUTH, All Saints1818-1825ICBS/FILE/00096
ECE/11/6/1/101Cumberland: the coastc. 1820-1860ECE/11/6/1/101
ICBS 3398Church name: IREBY, St. James1844ICBS/FILE/03398
ICBS 383Church name: MORESBY, St. Bridget1822-1826ICBS/FILE/00383
ICBS 3525Church name: RENWICK, All Saints1844-1845ICBS/FILE/03525
ICBS 2809Church name: STANWIX, St. Michael & All Angels1841-1845ICBS/FILE/02809
ICBS 1323 ff 7-8Church name: DISTINGTON, Holy Spirit1842ICBS/FILE/01323ff7-8
ICBS 1928Church name: CALDERBRIDGE, St. Bridget1835-1844ICBS/FILE/01928
ICBS 2050Church name: ST. BEES, Chapel, Wasdale1836ICBS/FILE/02050
ICBS 2176Church name: CARLISLE, St. John the Baptist, Upperby1837-1843ICBS/FILE/02176
ICBS 2375Church name: MARYPORT, St. Mary the Virgin1838ICBS/FILE/02375
ICBS 2452Church name: WESTWARD, Holy Trinity, Rosley1839-1841ICBS/FILE/02452
ICBS 3024Church name: WHITEHAVEN, Christ Church1842-1848ICBS/FILE/03024
ICBS 5550Church name: SCALEBY, All Saints1860ICBS/FILE/05550
ICBS 3066Church name: HOLME CULTRAM, St. John, Newton Arlosh1842ICBS/FILE/03066
ICBS 3513Church name: KIRKLINTON, St. Cuthbert1844ICBS/FILE/03513
ICBS 3520Church name: ST. JOHNS-IN-THE-VALE, St. John1844-1845ICBS/FILE/03520
ICBS 3188Church name: KIRKOSWALD, St. Oswald1843ICBS/FILE/03188
ICBS 3328Church name: ALSTON, St. John, Nenthead1843-1847ICBS/FILE/03328
ICBS 8912Church name: LOWESWATER, St. Bartholomew1884ICBS/FILE/08912
ICBS 3906Church name: PENRITH, Christ Church1847-1851ICBS/FILE/03906
ICBS 6869Church name: GAMBLESBY, St. John1868-1869ICBS/FILE/06869
ICBS 3718Church name: THWAITES, St. Anne1846ICBS/FILE/03718
ICBS 4773Church name: BROUGHTON, Christ Church1853-1854ICBS/FILE/04773
ICBS 4533Church name: ALLHALLOWS, All Saints1852ICBS/FILE/04533
ICBS 4138Church name: DRIGG, St. Peter1848-1850ICBS/FILE/04138
ICBS 7067Church name: SEATON, St. Anne1869-1870ICBS/FILE/07067
ICBS 6214Church name: HAYTON, St. John1864-1865ICBS/FILE/06214
ICBS 5379Church name: FARLAM, St. Thomas of Canterbury1858-1861ICBS/FILE/05379
ICBS 8729Church name: CORNEY, St. John1882ICBS/FILE/08729
ICBS 9950 ff 24-29Church name: ALLHALLOWS, All Saints1956-1957ICBS/FILE/09950ff24-29
ICBS 6799Church name: GATESGILL, St. Jude1868ICBS/FILE/06799
ICBS 13831 ff 1-9Church name: KINGMOOR, St. Peter1960-1964ICBS/FILE/13831ff1-9
ICBS 6362Church name: CARLISLE, St. James, Denton Holme1865-1867ICBS/FILE/06362
ICBS 6937Church name: PLUMBLAND, St. Cuthbert1868-1871ICBS/FILE/06937
ICBS 8943 ff 131-132Church name: NETHERTOWN, All Souls1906ICBS/FILE/08943ff131-132
ICBS 8943 f 133Church name: NETHERTOWN, All Souls1973ICBS/FILE/08943f133
ICBS 7207Church name: CUMDIVOCK, St. John the Evangelist1870-1872ICBS/FILE/07207
ICBS 13366 ff 7-15Church name: FLIMBY, St. Nicholas1957-1958ICBS/FILE/13366ff7-15
ICBS 9448Church name: MOSSER, St. Philip1890-1892ICBS/FILE/09448
ICBS 8943 ff 1-26Church name: NETHERTOWN, All Souls1884-1892ICBS/FILE/08943ff1-26
ICBS 9453Church name: HAVERIGG, St. Luke1889-1890ICBS/FILE/09453
ICBS 13366 ff 1-6Church name: FLIMBY, St. Nicholas1955-1956ICBS/FILE/13366ff1-6
ICBS 11967Church name: MILLOM, Holy Trinity (Old Church)1930ICBS/FILE/11967
ICBS 7788Church name: BASSENTHWAITE, St. John1874-1879ICBS/FILE/07788
ICBS 7213Church name: AINSTABLE, St. Michael & All Angels1870-1871ICBS/FILE/07213
ICBS 8581Church name: WHITBECK, St. Mary1881-1883ICBS/FILE/08581
ICBS 14445Church name: MILLOM, Holy Trinity (Old Church)1967ICBS/FILE/14445
ICBS 11230Church name: TORPENHOW, St. Michael1911-1913ICBS/FILE/11230
ICBS 2596Church name: CLEATOR, St. Leonard1839-1842ICBS/FILE/02596
ICBS 13103Church name: FARLAM, St. Thomas of Canterbury1953-1954ICBS/FILE/13103
ICBS 12790Church name: CARLISLE, Holy Trinity, Newtown1949-1953ICBS/FILE/12790
ICBS 1444Church name: THORNTHWAITE, St. Mary the Virgin1832-1833ICBS/FILE/01444
ICBS 12172 f 30Church name: CARLISLE, St. Barnabas, Raffles Newtown1955ICBS/FILE/12172f30
ICBS 12172 ff 1-29Church name: CARLISLE, St. Barnabas, Raffles Newtown1933-1936ICBS/FILE/12172ff1-29
ICBS 12137Church name: ULPHA, St. John the Baptist1932-1934ICBS/FILE/12137
ICBS 9381 ff 49-56Church name: GARRIGILL, St. John the Apostle1972-1973ICBS/FILE/09381ff49-56
ICBS 13114 ff 16-29Church name: HOUGHTON, St. John the Evangelist1960-1964ICBS/FILE/13114ff16-29
ICBS 13831 ff 10-13Church name: KINGMOOR, St. Peter1978ICBS/FILE/13831ff10-13
ICBS 8256Church name: ST. BEES, St. Bega1878ICBS/FILE/08256
ICBS 10612 ff 36-47Church name: NENTHEAD, St. John1946-1948ICBS/FILE/10612ff36-47
ICBS 13363 ff 1-2Church name: PENRITH, Christ Church1954ICBS/FILE/13363ff1-2
ICBS 13114 ff 1-11Church name: HOUGHTON, St. John the Evangelist1953-1956ICBS/FILE/13114ff1-11
ICBS 13011 ff 18-30Church name: SALKELD, GREAT, St. Cuthbert1957-1958ICBS/FILE/13011ff18-30
ICBS 13358 ff 1-4Church name: STANWIX, St. Michael & All Angels1954ICBS/FILE/13358ff1-4
ICBS 13127Church name: CLEATOR MOOR, St. John the Evangelist1953-1955ICBS/FILE/13127
ICBS 10612 ff 1-15Church name: NENTHEAD, St. John1905-1907ICBS/FILE/10612ff1-15
ICBS 13363 ff 3-12Church name: PENRITH, Christ Church1955-1962ICBS/FILE/13363ff3-12
ICBS 13358 ff 5-14Church name: STANWIX, St. Michael & All Angels1955-1956ICBS/FILE/13358ff5-14
ICBS 13627Church name: WIGTON, St. Mary1958-1965ICBS/FILE/13627
ICBS 10253Church name: HENSINGHAM, St. John1899-1913ICBS/FILE/10253
ICBS 10612 ff 48-56Church name: NENTHEAD, St. John1972-1974ICBS/FILE/10612ff48-56
ICBS 7381Church name: WELTON, St. John1872-1873ICBS/FILE/07381
ICBS 12699Church name: GREYSTOKE, St. Andrew1948-1955ICBS/FILE/12699
ICBS 13838Church name: THORNTHWAITE, St. Mary the Virgin1960-1967ICBS/FILE/13838
ICBS 13511Church name: ASPATRIA, St. Kentigern1957-1959ICBS/FILE/13511
ICBS 14993Church name: CARLISLE, St. John the Baptist, Upperby1974-1975ICBS/FILE/14993
ICBS 10745Church name: PLUMPTON, St. John the Evangelist1907-1908ICBS/FILE/10745
ICBS 13851Church name: DACRE, St. Andrew1960ICBS/FILE/13851
ICBS 12444 ff 26-42Church name: WHITEHAVEN, St. Peter, Kells1949-1950ICBS/FILE/12444ff26-42
ICBS 9872 ff 27-38Church name: KIRKBRIDE, St. Bride1977-1978ICBS/FILE/09872ff27-38
ICBS M1216Church name: WETHERAL, Mission Church, Cumwhinton1908ICBS/FILE/M1216
ICBS 15355Church name: KILLINGTON, All Saints1979ICBS/FILE/15355
ICBS M0119Church name: HENSINGHAM, School Chapel, Keekle Terrace1871ICBS/FILE/M0119
ICBS 3367Church name: HOLME, LOW, St. Paul1844-1849ICBS/FILE/03367
ICBS 6024Church name: COCKERMOUTH, Christ Church1862-1863ICBS/FILE/06024
ICBS 6204Church name: CARLISLE, St. John the Evangelist1863-1867ICBS/FILE/06204
ICBS 5977Church name: CARLISLE, St. John the Baptist, Upperby1862-1870ICBS/FILE/05977
ICBS 6303Church name: WYTHOP, St. Margaret1864-1866ICBS/FILE/06303
ICBS 8615Church name: SEATON, St. Paul1881-1883ICBS/FILE/08615
ICBS 8262Church name: EGREMONT, St. John1877-1880ICBS/FILE/08262
ICBS 9950 ff 1-23Church name: ALLHALLOWS, All Saints1896-1899ICBS/FILE/09950ff1-23
ICBS 10395Church name: BROUGHTON MOOR, St. Columba1902-1905ICBS/FILE/10395
ICBS 13302Church name: DEARHAM, St. Mungo1955-1956ICBS/FILE/13302
ICBS 10612 ff 16-35Church name: NENTHEAD, St. John1919-1920ICBS/FILE/10612ff16-35
ICBS 13488Church name: ARTHURET, St. Michael & All Angels1956-1964ICBS/FILE/13488
ICBS 3401Church name: WORKINGTON, St. John1844ICBS/FILE/03401
ICBS M0182Church name: OULTON, School Chapel1874ICBS/FILE/M0182
ICBS M0214Church name: MILLOM, School Chapel, Hill in Millom1875ICBS/FILE/M0214
ICBS M1019Church name: DUNDRAW, Mission Church1899-1900ICBS/FILE/M1019
ICBS 1323 ff 1-6Church name: DISTINGTON, Holy Spirit1831ICBS/FILE/01323ff1-6
ICBS M1264Church name: SANDWITH, St. Bega1911ICBS/FILE/M1264
ICBS M0734Church name: KIRKSANTON, Mission Church1889-1891ICBS/FILE/M0734
ICBS M0959Church name: CARLISLE, Mission Church1897ICBS/FILE/M0959
ICBS M0989Church name: CARLISLE, Holy Trinity, Newtown1898ICBS/FILE/M0989
ICBS M1142Church name: ALLONBY, Mission Church1905-1907ICBS/FILE/M1142
ICBS M1152Church name: HEAD'S NOOK, Mission Church1906ICBS/FILE/M1152
ICBS M1196Church name: GRASSLOT, St. Andrew1907-1908ICBS/FILE/M1196
ICBS M1433Church name: ESKMEALS, Mission Church1935ICBS/FILE/M1433
ICBS 583Church name: HESKET-IN-THE-FOREST, St. Mary1824ICBS/FILE/00583
ICBS 2010Church name: BOOTLE, St. Michael & All Angels1836-1838ICBS/FILE/02010
ICBS 14844Church name: KIRKHAUGH, Holy Paraclete1972-1973ICBS/FILE/14844
ICBS 44Church name: DALSTON, St. Michael & All Angels1818-1822ICBS/FILE/00044
CLARKE/2/4/8Cumberland, A-Wn.d.CLARKE/2/4/8
ICBS 3366Church name: HOLME ST. CUTHBERT, St. Cuthbert1844-1849ICBS/FILE/03366
ICBS 1101Church name: STAPLETON, St. Mary1829-1831ICBS/FILE/01101
ICBS 3730Church name: ASPATRIA, St. Kentigern1846-1848ICBS/FILE/03730
ICBS 5082Church name: ENNERDALE AND KINNISIDE, St. Mary1856-1858ICBS/FILE/05082
ICBS 5488Church name: KIRKOSWALD, St. Oswald1859-1860ICBS/FILE/05488
ICBS 5636Church name: FLIMBY, St. Mary1860-1861ICBS/FILE/05636
ICBS 6867Church name: WETHERAL, St. John the Evangelist, Cotehill1868-1870ICBS/FILE/06867
ICBS 6792Church name: WARWICK, St. Mary & St. Leonard1868-1869ICBS/FILE/06792
ICBS 6945Church name: ALSTON, St. Augustine1868-1873ICBS/FILE/06945
ICBS 6974Church name: SILLOTH, Christ Church1869-1872ICBS/FILE/06974
ICBS 7932Church name: HETHERSGILL, St. Mary1875-1877ICBS/FILE/07932
ICBS 8465Church name: DEARHAM, St. Mungo1879-1883ICBS/FILE/08465
ICBS 9216Church name: BEAUMONT, St. Mary1887-1889ICBS/FILE/09216
ICBS 9148Church name: CASTLE CARROCK, St. Peter1886-1889ICBS/FILE/09148
ICBS 9806Church name: CARLISLE, St. John the Baptist, Upperby1894-1895ICBS/FILE/09806
ICBS 9872 ff 1-26Church name: KIRKBRIDE, St. Bride1895-1899ICBS/FILE/09872ff1-26
ICBS 10264Church name: WHICHAM, St. Mary1901-1902ICBS/FILE/10264
ICBS 13011 ff 1-17Church name: SALKELD, GREAT, St. Cuthbert1951-1952ICBS/FILE/13011ff1-17
ICBS 13961Church name: GREAT ORTON, St. Giles1961-1969ICBS/FILE/13961
ICBS 14843Church name: ALSTON, St. Augustine1972-1974ICBS/FILE/14843
ICBS 2343Church name: HENSINGHAM, St. John the Evangelist1838-1841ICBS/FILE/02343
ICBS 8943 ff 27-130Church name: NETHERTOWN, All Souls1899-1906ICBS/FILE/08943ff27-130
ICBS 10133Church name: CARLISLE, St. Aidan1898-1901ICBS/FILE/10133
ICBS 12444 ff 1-25Church name: WHITEHAVEN, St. Peter, Kells1938-1939ICBS/FILE/12444ff1-25
ICBS 9238Church name: WORKINGTON, St. Michael1887-1888ICBS/FILE/09238
ICBS 13114 ff 12-15Church name: HOUGHTON, St. John the Evangelist1957ICBS/FILE/13114ff12-15
ECE/11/6/1/102Cumberlandc. 1820-1860ECE/11/6/1/102
MS 926CLERICAL TAXATION17th centuryMSS/926
MS 3194Talbot Papers1550-1557MSS/3192-3206/3194
MS 3199Talbot Papers1570-1599MSS/3192-3206/3199
MS 4194Gilpin, Richard (1625-1700)1647-1699MSS/4194
MS 3192Talbot Papers1334-1557MSS/3192-3206/3192
LWCLord Wharton's Charity1786-2003LWC
ICBS M1198Church name: CLIFTON, GREAT, Mission Church1908ICBS/FILE/M1198
ICBS 4559Church name: THORNTHWAITE, St. Mary the Virgin1852-1853ICBS/FILE/04559
ICBS 9381 ff 1-48Church name: GARRIGILL, St. John the Apostle1888-1890ICBS/FILE/09381ff1-48
ICBS 10250Church name: BEWCASTLE, St. Cuthbert1900-1902ICBS/FILE/10250
ICBS 13114 ff 30-49Church name: HOUGHTON, St. John the Evangelist1972ICBS/FILE/13114ff30-49
MS 3206Talbot Papers1499-1580MSS/3192-3206/3206
ECE/11/6/1/107Cumberland: Solway Flirth areac. 1820-1860ECE/11/6/1/107
CLARKE/3/13Cumberland Parishes: Aspatria to Wythburnn.d.CLARKE/3/13
ECE/11/6/2/CUMBDCumberland19th century to mid 20th centuryECE/11/6/2/CUMBD
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