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Ramsey 87, ff. 217-25SHROPSHIRE, county1965-1966Ramsey/4-287/1965/87/217-25
Ramsey 26, ff. 291-321Correspondence and papers on church organization in SHROPSHIRE, county1962Ramsey/4-287/1962/26/291-321
VG 1/6 f 70STEAD (John), of Ludlow, Salop26 June 1688V/G/1/6/70-a
Reg. Sancroft 2, f. 250vCARR (John), gent., of Ludlow, Salop10 June 1684V/A/25Sancroft2/250v-b
VX IA/10/252STEAD (John), of Ludlow, Salop26 June 1688V/X/1A/10/252
Reg. Laud 1, f.273CLARKE (CLARCKE) (Michael), of Hadley, Salop16 May 1637V/A/22Laud1/273
VX IA/10/206/1-3CARR (John), gent., of Ludlow, Salop5 May 1684V/X/1A/10/206
Reg. Tenison 1, f. 139vBALDWIN (Edward), of Easthope, Salop5 March 1703V/A/27Tenison1/139v
VX IA/10/372WICKSTEED (Edward), apothecary, of Whitchurch, Salop5 Aug. 1703V/X/1A/10/372
Reg. Sancroft 2, f. 212ATKINSON (John), of Ludlow, Salop9 Aug. 1678V/A/25Sancroft2/212
VX IA/10/408TISDALE (Richard), of Shrewsbury, Salop11 June 1706V/X/1A/10/408
VX IA/10/264/1-3BOWEN (William), gent., of Shrewsbury, Salop23 June 1690V/X/1A/10/264
VX IA/10/364/1-3BALDWIN (Edward), of Easthope, Salop5 March 1703V/X/1A/10/364
VX IA/10/54/1-3BALDWIN (BALDWYN) (Richard), jun., of Munslow, Salop27 Nov. 1674V/X/1A/10/54
VX IA/10/335PETERSON (Severin), of Shrewsbury, Salop24 Oct. 1700V/X/1A/10/335
VC 1D/4a f.33vBOWEN (William), gent., of Shrewsbury, Salop18 July 1690V/A/25zDeanandChapter/33v
VX IA/10/109/1-4ATKINSON (John), of Ludlow, Salop28 June 1678V/X/1A/10/109
VX IA/10/119/1-4UNDERHILL (John), of Ludlow, Salop28 June 1678V/X/1A/10/119
F II/13/88a-bWall, Thomas, gent., of Shropshire23 Apr 1672F/2/13/88a-b
F I/C f 121vJACKSON Theophilus M.A.18 May 1663F/1/4C/121v-a
Reg. Sheldon 2, f. 254vBALDWIN (BALDWYN) (Richard), jun., of Munslow, Salop5 Dec. 1674V/A/24Sheldon2/254v
Reg. Sheldon 2, f. 267vGRIFFITH (Alexander), of Shrewsbury, Salop23 Oct. 1677V/A/24Sheldon2/267v
Reg. Sancroft 2, f. 212UNDERHILL (John), of Ludlow, Salop.9 Aug. 1678V/A/25Sancroft2/212-a
Reg. Tenison 1, f. 124vPETERSON (Severin), of Shrewsbury, Salop24 Oct. 1700V/A/27Tenison1/124v
Reg. Tenison 2 part 2, f. 265TISDALE (Richard), of Shrewsbury, Salop11 June 1706V/A/27Tenison2-2/265-e
VG 1/6 f 214TISDALE (Richard), of Shrewsbury, Salop.11 June 1706V/G/1/6/214-b
F II/4/87JACKSON (Theophilus), M.A., [vicar] of Bishops Castle, Salop.18 May 1663F/2/4/87
VG 1/6 f 192WICKSTEED (Edward), apothecary, of Whitchurch, Salop5 Aug. 1703V/G/1/6/192-a
MS 3605 Keene PhotographsMSS/3601-3610/3605
ICBS 7838Church name: FORD, St. Michael1875-1876ICBS/FILE/07838
MS 1981Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Shropshire, Sussex, Worcestershire. June, August-October 18401840MSS/1977-1993/1981
MS 697Shrewsbury Papers1549-1584MSS/694-710/697
ICBS 73Church name: DUDLESTON, St. Mary1818-1820ICBS/FILE/00073
MS 925CLERICAL TAXATIONc.1660-c.1665MSS/925
CLARKE/2/4/47Shropshire, O-Zn.d.CLARKE/2/4/47
SSJE/6/5/2/4/17Letters from 190816 Feb 1908-23 Dec 1908SSJE/6/5/2/4/17
ICBS 417Church name: CHURCH ASTON, St. Andrew1822-1826ICBS/FILE/00417
ICBS 477Church name: OSWESTRY, St. Oswald1823ICBS/FILE/00477
ICBS 519Church name: HOPTON WAFERS, St. Michael1824ICBS/FILE/00519
ICBS 509Church name: WHITTINGTON, St. John the Baptist1823ICBS/FILE/00509
ICBS 878 ff 1-2Church name: HUGHLEY, St. John the Baptist1827ICBS/FILE/00878ff1-2
ICBS 684Church name: SHREWSBURY, St. Chad1825-1828ICBS/FILE/00684
ICBS 1679Church name: CLUN, St. George1834ICBS/FILE/01679
ICBS 860Church name: STIRCHLEY, St. James1827ICBS/FILE/00860
ICBS 2022Church name: FARLOW, St. Giles1848ICBS/FILE/02022
ICBS 855Church name: QUATFORD, St. Mary Magdalene1827ICBS/FILE/00855
ICBS 862Church name: CHETTON, St. Giles1827-1829ICBS/FILE/00862
ICBS 294Church name: LUDLOW, St. Laurence1821-1840ICBS/FILE/00294
ICBS 1232Church name: PRESTON-ON-THE-WEALD MOORS, St. Laurence1830ICBS/FILE/01232
ICBS 1304Church name: HINSTOCK, St. Oswald1830ICBS/FILE/01304
ICBS 1993Church name: ALVELEY, St. Mary the Virgin1836ICBS/FILE/01993
ICBS 1118Church name: SELATTYN, St. Mary1829ICBS/FILE/01118
ICBS 3118Church name: COCKSHUTT, St. Simon & St. Jude1842ICBS/FILE/03118
ICBS 1527Church name: WEM, St. Mary, Edstaston1833ICBS/FILE/01527
ICBS 930Church name: TYNLEY, New Church, Hales1828-1832ICBS/FILE/00930
ICBS 599Church name: CLUN, St. John the Evangelist, Newcastle1824ICBS/FILE/00599
ICBS 1361Church name: NESS, LITTLE, St. Martin1831ICBS/FILE/01361
ICBS 1719Church name: LLANVAIR WATERDINE, St. Mary1834ICBS/FILE/01719
ICBS 1819Church name: CAYNHAM, St. Mary1835ICBS/FILE/01819
ICBS 6060 ff 39-40Church name: WHIXALL, St. Mary1878ICBS/FILE/06060ff39-40
ICBS 4960Church name: LILLESHALL, St. Michael & All Angels1856ICBS/FILE/04960
ICBS 2382Church name: HOPE BOWDLER, St. Andrew1838-1840ICBS/FILE/02382
ICBS 2462Church name: GRINSHILL, All Saints1839-1842ICBS/FILE/02462
ICBS 2699Church name: TASLEY, St. Peter & St. Paul1840-1842ICBS/FILE/02699
ICBS 2947Church name: HADNALL, St. Mary Magdalene1841ICBS/FILE/02947
ICBS 3247Church name: BOURTON, Holy Trinity1843ICBS/FILE/03247
ICBS 3630Church name: OSWESTRY, St. Oswald1845ICBS/FILE/03630
ICBS 3018Church name: BROSELEY, All Saints1842-1846ICBS/FILE/03018
ICBS 3218Church name: MADELEY, St. Michael1843ICBS/FILE/03218
ICBS 1930Church name: STANTON LACY, St. Peter1835-1838ICBS/FILE/01930
ICBS 4019Church name: STANTON LACY, St. Peter1847-1849ICBS/FILE/04019
ICBS 3491Church name: BRIDGNORTH, New Church1844ICBS/FILE/03491
ICBS 4561Church name: CHIRBURY, Holy Trinity, Middleton1852ICBS/FILE/04561
ICBS 3640Church name: KNOCKIN, St. Mary1845-1847ICBS/FILE/03640
ICBS 5187Church name: BROUGHTON, Holy Trinity1857-1859ICBS/FILE/05187
ICBS 9767Church name: WISTANSTOW, Holy Trinity1893-1899ICBS/FILE/09767
ICBS 6425Church name: CHETWYND RURAL, St. Michael & All Angels1865-1866ICBS/FILE/06425
ICBS 3753Church name: CLUN, New Church1846ICBS/FILE/03753
ICBS 4070Church name: WELLINGTON, St. John the Evangelist, Lawley1848ICBS/FILE/04070
ICBS 10295 ff 16-31Church name: ALBERBURY, St. Michael & All Angels1940-1941ICBS/FILE/10295ff16-31
ICBS 4134Church name: CAYNHAM, St. Mary1849-1854ICBS/FILE/04134
ICBS 4880Church name: PREES, Holy Emmanuel, Fauls1851-1856ICBS/FILE/04880
ICBS 4538Church name: ACTON ROUND, St. Mary1852-1862ICBS/FILE/04538
ICBS 4645Church name: CHIRBURY, St. Mark, Marton1852-1856ICBS/FILE/04645
ICBS 4869Church name: SHREWSBURY, St. Michael1854-1856ICBS/FILE/04869
ICBS 5301Church name: STOCKTON, St. Chad1858-1859ICBS/FILE/05301
ICBS 5046Church name: WHITTINGTON, St. Andrew, Welsh Frankton1856-1858ICBS/FILE/05046
ICBS 11671 ff 35-46Church name: GOBOWEN, All Saints1934-1935ICBS/FILE/11671ff35-46
ICBS 6099Church name: IGHTFIELD, St. John the Baptist1863ICBS/FILE/06099
ICBS 1774Church name: OSWESTRY, Holy Trinity1834-1842ICBS/FILE/01774
ICBS 11671 f 70Church name: GOBOWEN, All Saints1980ICBS/FILE/11671f70
ICBS 6657Church name: CHURCH STRETTON, St. Laurence1867-1869ICBS/FILE/06657
ICBS 9644Church name: OSWESTRY, Holy Trinity1892-1893ICBS/FILE/09644
ICBS 8911Church name: CAYNHAM, St. Mary1884ICBS/FILE/08911
ICBS 6532Church name: MEOLE BRACE, Holy Trinity1866-1869ICBS/FILE/06532
ICBS 6203Church name: WATERS UPTON, St. Michael1864-1865ICBS/FILE/06203
ICBS 6459Church name: CHURCH ASTON RURAL, St. Andrew1866-1867ICBS/FILE/06459
ICBS 12591Church name: SHREWSBURY, St. George1943ICBS/FILE/12591
ICBS 7016Church name: HOPTON CASTLE, St. Mary1869-1870ICBS/FILE/07016
ICBS 10392Church name: PRIORS LEE, St. Peter1902ICBS/FILE/10392
ICBS 7051Church name: WOLLASTON, All Saints, Great Wollaston1869-1871ICBS/FILE/07051
ICBS 11993 ff 29-37Church name: RODINGTON, St. George1954-1955ICBS/FILE/11993ff29-37
ICBS 12544 ff 15-28Church name: KINNERLEY, St. Mary1950-1951ICBS/FILE/12544ff15-28
ICBS 7278Church name: ALBERBURY, St. Michael & All Angels1871-1872ICBS/FILE/07278
ICBS 7465Church name: GLAZELEY, St. Bartholomew1872-1875ICBS/FILE/07465
ICBS 1691Church name: IRONBRIDGE, St. Luke1834-1837ICBS/FILE/01691
ICBS 8200Church name: WESTON RHYN, St. John the Divine1877-1878ICBS/FILE/08200
ICBS 3512Church name: MARKET DRAYTON, Christ Church, Little Drayton1844-1847ICBS/FILE/03512
ICBS 9054 ff 28-38Church name: MAINSTONE, St. John the Baptist1935-1936ICBS/FILE/09054ff28-38
ICBS 1051Church name: ASTON BOTTERELL, St. Michael & All Angels1829-1830ICBS/FILE/01051
ICBS 9218Church name: CHELMARSH, St. Peter1887-1888ICBS/FILE/09218
ICBS 9054 ff 1-27Church name: MAINSTONE, St. John the Baptist1885-1887ICBS/FILE/09054ff1-27
ICBS 12514Church name: QUATFORD, St. Mary Magdalene1939ICBS/FILE/12514
ICBS 10295 ff 32-44Church name: ALBERBURY, St. Michael & All Angels1970-1971ICBS/FILE/10295ff32-44
ICBS 12848 ff 10-20Church name: FITZ, St. Peter & St. Paul1954-1955ICBS/FILE/12848ff10-20
ICBS 14609Church name: LEIGHTON, St. Mary the Virgin1969-1971ICBS/FILE/14609
ICBS 14482Church name: TUGFORD, St. Catherine1968-1974ICBS/FILE/14482
ICBS 12848 ff 1-9Church name: FITZ, St. Peter & St. Paul1950-1951ICBS/FILE/12848ff1-9
ICBS 14864Church name: ALVELEY, St. Mary the Virgin1973-1974ICBS/FILE/14864
ICBS 15114Church name: MORE, St. Peter1976-1977ICBS/FILE/15114
ICBS 10891 ff 27-37Church name: NESS, GREAT, St. Andrew1956-1958ICBS/FILE/10891ff27-37
ICBS 10292 f 33Church name: CLAVERLEY, All Saints1955ICBS/FILE/10292f33
ICBS 15198Church name: LLANYMYNECH, St. Agatha1977-1978ICBS/FILE/15198
ICBS 13881 ff 1-8Church name: CULMINGTON, All Saints1961-1962ICBS/FILE/13881ff1-8
ICBS 10295 ff 1-15Church name: ALBERBURY, St. Michael & All Angels1901-1902ICBS/FILE/10295ff1-15
ICBS 10277 ff 27-46Church name: LYDBURY NORTH, St. Michael1949-1951ICBS/FILE/10277ff27-46
ICBS 11524 f 33Church name: SHREWSBURY, St. Mary the Virgin1940ICBS/FILE/11524f33
ICBS 12947Church name: CALVERHALL, Holy Trinity1951-1956ICBS/FILE/12947
ICBS 10891 ff 38-50Church name: NESS, GREAT, St. Andrew1968ICBS/FILE/10891ff38-50
ICBS 1446Church name: ROWTON, Chapel1832-1835ICBS/FILE/01446
ICBS 13186 ff 10-34Church name: SHIPTON, St. James1962-1963ICBS/FILE/13186ff10-34
ICBS 11619 ff 29-41Church name: MELVERLEY, St. Peter1960-1961ICBS/FILE/11619ff29-41
ICBS 11524 ff 30-32Church name: SHREWSBURY, St. Mary the Virgin1931ICBS/FILE/11524ff30-32
ICBS 10891 ff 1-26Church name: NESS, GREAT, St. Andrew1908-1909ICBS/FILE/10891ff1-26
ICBS 13133Church name: WENLOCK, LITTLE, St. Lawrence1953-1954ICBS/FILE/13133
ICBS 4400Church name: PULVERBATCH, St. Edith1850-1854ICBS/FILE/04400
ICBS 11053Church name: STOKE ST. MILBOROUGH, St. Milburgh1911-1912ICBS/FILE/11053
ICBS 11865Church name: EASTHOPE, St. Peter1928-1929ICBS/FILE/11865
ICBS 14270Church name: STANTON LACY, St. Peter1965-1966ICBS/FILE/14270
ICBS 10599Church name: CARDISTON, St. Michael1905ICBS/FILE/10599
ICBS 677Church name: DAWLEY, Holy Trinity, Dawley Magna1825ICBS/FILE/00677
ICBS 2859Church name: CHAPEL LAWN, St. Mary1841-1844ICBS/FILE/02859
ICBS 11671 ff 47-67Church name: GOBOWEN, All Saints1947-1948ICBS/FILE/11671ff47-67
ICBS 1523Church name: CLEOBURY NORTH, St. Peter & St. Paul1833-1834ICBS/FILE/01523
ICBS 13907 ff 10-24Church name: WESTBURY, St. Mary1974-1975ICBS/FILE/13907ff10-24
ICBS 13582Church name: BRIDGNORTH, St. Mary Magdalene1957-1961ICBS/FILE/13582
ICBS 12775Church name: LUDFORD, St. Giles1949-1950ICBS/FILE/12775
ICBS 11993 f 38Church name: RODINGTON, St. George1962ICBS/FILE/11993f38
ICBS 11783Church name: MORVILLE, St. Gregory1925ICBS/FILE/11783
ICBS 14302 ff 1-12Church name: STAPLETON, St. John the Baptist1965-1966ICBS/FILE/14302ff1-12
ICBS 1326Church name: WROCKWARDINE WOOD, Holy Trinity1831-1833ICBS/FILE/01326
ICBS 15258Church name: YOCKLETON, Holy Trinity1978-1979ICBS/FILE/15258
ICBS 13399 ff 14-15Church name: NEEN SAVAGE, St. Mary1963ICBS/FILE/13399ff14-15
ICBS 12544 f 29Church name: KINNERLEY, St. Mary1969ICBS/FILE/12544f29
ICBS 12969 ff 10-13Church name: BARROW, St. Giles1976ICBS/FILE/12969ff10-13
ICBS 12665 ff 17-21Church name: SILVINGTON, St. Michael1964ICBS/FILE/12665ff17-21
ICBS 12665 ff 1-16Church name: SILVINGTON, St. Michael1947-1951ICBS/FILE/12665ff1-16
ICBS 13513Church name: EDGMOND, St. Peter1957ICBS/FILE/13513
ICBS 12544 ff 1-14Church name: KINNERLEY, St. Mary1937-1939ICBS/FILE/12544ff1-14
ICBS 2471Church name: DAWLEY, St. Luke, Dawley Parva1839ICBS/FILE/02471
ICBS 538Church name: SHREWSBURY, St. Michael1824-1830ICBS/FILE/00538
ICBS 14700Church name: ACTON ROUND, St. Mary1970-1971ICBS/FILE/14700
ICBS 11619 ff 42-56Church name: MELVERLEY, St. Peter1972ICBS/FILE/11619ff42-56
ICBS 14006 ff 8-28Church name: LEEBOTWOOD, St. Mary1981-1982ICBS/FILE/14006ff8-28
ICBS 14302 ff 13-19Church name: STAPLETON, St. John the Baptist1970-1971ICBS/FILE/14302ff13-19
ICBS 12860Church name: BRIDGNORTH, St. Mary Magdalene1950ICBS/FILE/12860
ICBS 14540Church name: ALBRIGHTON, St. John the Baptist1968-1973ICBS/FILE/14540
ICBS 12906 ff 1-7Church name: STOTTESDON, St. Mary1950-1952ICBS/FILE/12906ff1-7
ICBS 1994Church name: LLANSILIN, Christ Church, Rhyd-y-croesau1836-1838ICBS/FILE/01994
ICBS 12969 ff 1-9Church name: BARROW, St. Giles1951-1952ICBS/FILE/12969ff1-9
ICBS 13088 ff 25-36Church name: LILLESHALL, St. Matthew, Donnington Wood1965-1966ICBS/FILE/13088ff25-36
ICBS 13050Church name: HOPESAY, St. Mary1952ICBS/FILE/13050
ICBS 13399 ff 1-13Church name: NEEN SAVAGE, St. Mary1955-1963ICBS/FILE/13399ff1-13
ICBS 11671 ff 68-69Church name: GOBOWEN, All Saints1962ICBS/FILE/11671ff68-69
ICBS 13832 ff 1-9Church name: COUND, St. Peter1960ICBS/FILE/13832ff1-9
ICBS 13832 ff 10-18Church name: COUND, St. Peter1977ICBS/FILE/13832ff10-18
ICBS 13580Church name: LLANYBLODWELL, St. Michael1957-1959ICBS/FILE/13580
ICBS 14954Church name: LLANVAIR WATERDINE, St. Mary1974ICBS/FILE/14954
ICBS 13479Church name: TILSTOCK, Christ Church1956-1963ICBS/FILE/13479
ICBS 12075 ff 31-33Church name: CHURCH STRETTON, St. Laurence1979ICBS/FILE/12075ff31-33
ICBS 7198Church name: ELLESMERE, St. Matthew, Criftins1870-1872ICBS/FILE/07198
ICBS 12819 ff 1-6Church name: STANTON-UPON-HINE-HEATH, St. Andrew1950-1951ICBS/FILE/12819ff1-6
ICBS 14200 ff 14-23Church name: LINLEY, St. Leonard1976-1977ICBS/FILE/14200ff14-23
ICBS 11993 ff 1-28Church name: RODINGTON, St. George1930-1931ICBS/FILE/11993ff1-28
ICBS 10292 ff 22-32Church name: CLAVERLEY, All Saints1949ICBS/FILE/10292ff22-32
ICBS 13186 ff 1-9Church name: SHIPTON, St. James1953-1954ICBS/FILE/13186ff1-9
ICBS 12819 ff 7-12Church name: STANTON-UPON-HINE-HEATH, St. Andrew1967ICBS/FILE/12819ff7-12
ICBS M0041Church name: ERCALL, HIGH, School Chapel1862ICBS/FILE/M0041
ICBS 14006 ff 1-7Church name: LEEBOTWOOD, St. Mary1962-1964ICBS/FILE/14006ff1-7
ICBS 7672Church name: HADNALL, St. Mary Magdalene1872-1875ICBS/FILE/07672
ICBS 14903Church name: LONGNOR, St. Mary1973ICBS/FILE/14903
ICBS 14739Church name: STANTON, LONG, St. Michael & All Angels1971-1972ICBS/FILE/14739
ICBS 12824Church name: STOKE-UPON-TERN, St. Peter1950ICBS/FILE/12824
ICBS 5318Church name: SHREWSBURY, Holy Trinity, Leaton1858-1860ICBS/FILE/05318
ICBS 735Church name: ABDON, St. Margaret1826-1832ICBS/FILE/00735
ICBS 14890Church name: SAMBROOK, St. Luke1973ICBS/FILE/14890
ICBS 14611Church name: SHERIFF HALES, St. Mary1969ICBS/FILE/14611
ICBS 14200 ff 1-13Church name: LINLEY, St. Leonard1964-1967ICBS/FILE/14200ff1-13
ICBS 15203Church name: OSWESTRY, All Saints, Trefonen1977-1978ICBS/FILE/15203
ICBS 12777Church name: MARTON, St. Mark1949-1952ICBS/FILE/12777
ICBS 12712Church name: EATON-UNDER-HEYWOOD, St. Edith1948-1951ICBS/FILE/12712
ICBS 174Church name: WOMBRIDGE, St. Mary & St. Leonard1819-1824ICBS/FILE/00174
ICBS 14964Church name: SHREWSBURY, St. Chad1974ICBS/FILE/14964
ICBS 2981Church name: FELTON, WEST, St. Michael1841-1842ICBS/FILE/02981
ICBS M0138Church name: STANTON-UPON-HINE-HEATH, Mission Church1872ICBS/FILE/M0138
ICBS M0118Church name: HINKSHEY, Mission Church1871ICBS/FILE/M0118
ICBS 281Church name: MORETON, St. Philip & St. James1820-1821ICBS/FILE/00281
ICBS 1634Church name: WHITCHURCH, St. Alkmund1834ICBS/FILE/01634
ICBS 641Church name: WHIXALL, St. Mary1825-1826ICBS/FILE/00641
ICBS 1506Church name: WORFIELD, St. Peter1832-1833ICBS/FILE/01506
ICBS 5811Church name: OAKENGATES, St. George1861-1863ICBS/FILE/05811
ICBS 2681Church name: CHIRBURY, Holy Trinity, Middleton1840-1843ICBS/FILE/02681
ICBS 3178Church name: BAYSTONHILL, Christ Church1842-1844ICBS/FILE/03178
ICBS 4772Church name: HADLEY, Holy Trinity1853-1857ICBS/FILE/04772
ICBS 5325Church name: BISHOP'S CASTLE, St. John the Baptist1858-1861ICBS/FILE/05325
ICBS 4097Church name: SHREWSBURY, Christ Church, Oxon & Shelton1848-1855ICBS/FILE/04097
ICBS 3358Church name: UPPINGTON, Holy Trinity1844-1845ICBS/FILE/03358
ICBS 5345Church name: MYNDTOWN, St. John the Baptist1858-1859ICBS/FILE/05345
ICBS 6577Church name: STOTTESDON, St. Mary1866-1869ICBS/FILE/06577
ICBS 6776Church name: MUNSLOW, St. Michael1868-1871ICBS/FILE/06776
ICBS 11521 ff 47-53Church name: WORTHEN, All Saints1954ICBS/FILE/11521ff47-53
ICBS 7914Church name: SHREWSBURY, All Saints1875-1879ICBS/FILE/07914
ICBS 9214Church name: HOLDGATE, Holy Trinity1887-1895ICBS/FILE/09214
ICBS 1702Church name: LLANYBLODWELL, St. Michael1834-1835ICBS/FILE/01702
ICBS 12804Church name: CONDOVER, St. Andrew & St. Mary1949-1957ICBS/FILE/12804
ICBS 14458Church name: ALBRIGHTON, St. Mary Magdalene1967-1968ICBS/FILE/14458
ICBS 12238 ff 1-29Church name: HARLESCOTT, Holy Spirit1934-1937ICBS/FILE/12238ff1-29
ICBS 12238 ff 30-61Church name: HARLESCOTT, Holy Spirit1959-1961ICBS/FILE/12238ff30-61
ICBS 12471Church name: FRODESLEY, St. Mark1936-1939ICBS/FILE/12471
ICBS 1041Church name: TIBBERTON, All Saints1829-1842ICBS/FILE/01041
ICBS 13907 ff 1-9Church name: WESTBURY, St. Mary1959-1963ICBS/FILE/13907ff1-9
ICBS 13088 ff 1-24Church name: LILLESHALL, St. Matthew, Donnington Wood1952-1954ICBS/FILE/13088ff1-24
ICBS 12075 ff 1-30Church name: CHURCH STRETTON, St. Laurence1932-1933ICBS/FILE/12075ff1-30
ICBS 12960Church name: PULVERBATCH, St. Edith1949-1951ICBS/FILE/12960
ICBS 13550Church name: SHIFNAL, St. Andrew1957-1960ICBS/FILE/13550
ICBS 13881 ff 9-26Church name: CULMINGTON, All Saints1967-1973ICBS/FILE/13881ff9-26
ICBS 15530Church name: MONTFORD, St. Chad1981-1982ICBS/FILE/15530
ICBS M0380Church name: LUDLOW, Mission Church1880-1881ICBS/FILE/M0380
ICBS M0351Church name: HINKSHEY, Mission Church1879ICBS/FILE/M0351
ICBS M0503Church name: DAWLEY, Mission Church, Malins Lee1883ICBS/FILE/M0503
ICBS 1458 ff 1-2Church name: STOTTESDON, St. Mary1832ICBS/FILE/01458ff1-2
ICBS 1885Church name: WHITCHURCH, Christ Church, Ash1835-1837ICBS/FILE/01885
ICBS 2098Church name: SHREWSBURY, St. Giles1836ICBS/FILE/02098
ICBS M1075Church name: ALL STRETTON, Mission Church1901-1903ICBS/FILE/M1075
ICBS M1262Church name: OSWESTRY, St. David (Welsh Church)1911ICBS/FILE/M1262
ICBS 218Church name: SELATTYN, St. Mary1820-1822ICBS/FILE/00218
ICBS 1727Church name: BILLINGSLEY, St. Mary1834-1837ICBS/FILE/01727
ICBS 4849Church name: BECKBURY, St. Milburga1854-1857ICBS/FILE/04849
ICBS 5675Church name: SHREWSBURY, Holy Trinity, Coleham1860-1862ICBS/FILE/05675
ICBS 8263Church name: ALVELEY, St. Mary the Virgin1878-1880ICBS/FILE/08263
ICBS 10918Church name: HOPE BAGOT, St. John the Baptist1909-1911ICBS/FILE/10918
MS 708Shrewsbury Papers1582-1638MSS/694-710/708
ICBS 1421Church name: BICTON, Holy Trinity1832-1835ICBS/FILE/01421
MS 702Shrewsbury Papers1567-1611MSS/694-710/702
CLARKE/3/73Shropshire Parishes: All Stretton to Worfield n.d.CLARKE/3/73
Ramsey 11, ff. 250-8Correspondence and papers on church organization in SHROPSHIRE, county1961Ramsey/4-287/1961/11/250-8
ICBS 2625Church name: CRESSAGE, Christ Church1840-1841ICBS/FILE/02625
ICBS 3109Church name: CWM HEAD, St. Michael1842-1849ICBS/FILE/03109
ICBS 3136Church name: LLANYMYNECH, St. Agatha1842-1845ICBS/FILE/03136
ICBS 4573Church name: SHEINTON, St. Peter & St. Paul1852-1854ICBS/FILE/04573
ICBS 12795Church name: IGHTFIELD, St. John the Baptist1949-1951ICBS/FILE/12795
ICBS 12906 ff 8-18Church name: STOTTESDON, St. Mary1971-1973ICBS/FILE/12906ff8-18
ICBS 13182Church name: SHREWSBURY, Holy Trinity1953-1954ICBS/FILE/13182
ICBS 11524 ff 34-67Church name: SHREWSBURY, St. Mary the Virgin1958-1962ICBS/FILE/11524ff34-67
ICBS 15423Church name: PONTESBURY, St. George1981ICBS/FILE/15423
ICBS 14560Church name: LLANSILIN, Christ Church, Rhyd-y-croesau1969ICBS/FILE/14560
ICBS 1473Church name: ALBRIGHTON, St. Mary Magdalene1832ICBS/FILE/01473
ICBS 3878Church name: MORE, St. Peter1847-1848ICBS/FILE/03878
ICBS 384Church name: WENLOCK, LITTLE, St. Laurence1822ICBS/FILE/00384
ICBS 878 ff 3-22Church name: HUGHLEY, St. John the Baptist1841-1842ICBS/FILE/00878ff3-22
ICBS 892Church name: OSWESTRY, All Saints, Trefonen1827-1828ICBS/FILE/00892
ICBS 1208Church name: WOORE, St. Leonard1830-1836ICBS/FILE/01208
ICBS 1397Church name: CLAVERLEY, All Saints1831-1832ICBS/FILE/01397
ICBS 1903Church name: BITTERLEY, St. Paul, Knowbury1835-1840ICBS/FILE/01903
ICBS 2126Church name: WELLINGTON, Christ Church1837-1839ICBS/FILE/02126
ICBS 3107Church name: STANTON, LONG, St. Michael & All Angels1842-1843ICBS/FILE/03107
ICBS 3516Church name: DAWLEY, St. Luke, Dawley Parva1844-1845ICBS/FILE/03516
ICBS 3433Church name: RUYTON OF THE ELEVEN TOWNS, St. John1844-1845ICBS/FILE/03433
ICBS 3732Church name: EATON-UNDER-HEYWOOD, St. Edith1846ICBS/FILE/03732
ICBS 4337Church name: OAKENGATES, Holy Trinity1851-1855ICBS/FILE/04337
ICBS 4361Church name: RODINGTON, St. George1851-1852ICBS/FILE/04361
ICBS 4903Church name: CHESWARDINE, St. Luke, Sambrook1854-1856ICBS/FILE/04903
ICBS 5077Church name: FARLOW, St. Giles1855-1858ICBS/FILE/05077
ICBS 5347Church name: STOKE ST. MILBOROUGH, St. Milburgh1858-1859ICBS/FILE/05347
ICBS 5489Church name: SILVINGTON, St. Michael1859-1865ICBS/FILE/05489
ICBS 5540Church name: UPTON MAGNA, St. John the Baptist1860-1862ICBS/FILE/05540
ICBS 5658Church name: BRIDGNORTH, St. Leonard1860-1863ICBS/FILE/05658
ICBS 6060 ff 1-38Church name: WHIXALL, St. Mary1863-1868ICBS/FILE/06060ff1-38
ICBS 6207Church name: ERCALL, HIGH, St. Michael & All Angels1864ICBS/FILE/06207
ICBS 6252Church name: WELLINGTON, St. John the Evangelist, Lawley1864-1866ICBS/FILE/06252
ICBS 6595Church name: CARDINGTON, St. James1866-1868ICBS/FILE/06595
ICBS 6614Church name: STAPLETON, St. John the Baptist1867-1877ICBS/FILE/06614
ICBS 6718Church name: ALVELEY, Holy Innocents, Tuck Hill1867-1869ICBS/FILE/06718
ICBS 6862Church name: BUCKNELL, St. Mary1868-1870ICBS/FILE/06862
ICBS 7083Church name: WITHINGTON, St. John the Baptist1870-1872ICBS/FILE/07083
ICBS 7165Church name: NEENTON, All Saints1870-1871ICBS/FILE/07165
ICBS 7351Church name: SIBDON CARWOOD, St. Michael1872-1873ICBS/FILE/07351
ICBS 8243Church name: DONINGTON, St. Cuthbert1878-1879ICBS/FILE/08243
ICBS 7933Church name: CLUN, St. George1875-1878ICBS/FILE/07933
ICBS 8185Church name: BEDSTONE, St. Mary1877-1879ICBS/FILE/08185
ICBS 8413Church name: BECKBURY, St. Milburga1879-1880ICBS/FILE/08413
ICBS 8967Church name: WENTNOR, St. Michael1884-1887ICBS/FILE/08967
ICBS 8996Church name: LLANSILIN, Christ Church, Rhyd-y-croesau1883-1886ICBS/FILE/08996
ICBS 8976Church name: WOLLASTON, St. John, Great Wollaston1883-1886ICBS/FILE/08976
ICBS 9270 ff 28-40Church name: WROCKWARDINE WOOD, Holy Trinity1935ICBS/FILE/09270ff28-40
ICBS 9270 ff 1-27Church name: WROCKWARDINE WOOD, Holy Trinity1888-1890ICBS/FILE/09270ff1-27
ICBS 9109Church name: SHREWSBURY, Holy Trinity, Coleham1886-1887ICBS/FILE/09109
ICBS 10292 ff 1-21Church name: CLAVERLEY, All Saints1901-1903ICBS/FILE/10292ff1-21
ICBS 9573Church name: SELATTYN, St. Mary1891-1893ICBS/FILE/09573
ICBS 11524 ff 1-29Church name: SHREWSBURY, St. Mary the Virgin1923-1926ICBS/FILE/11524ff1-29
ICBS 11671 ff 1-34Church name: GOBOWEN, All Saints1925-1928ICBS/FILE/11671ff1-34
ICBS 12906 ff 19-27Church name: STOTTESDON, St. Mary1977ICBS/FILE/12906ff19-27
ICBS 13186 ff 35-60Church name: SHIPTON, St. James1982ICBS/FILE/13186ff35-60
ICBS 15669Church name: BAYSTON HILL, Christ Church1982-1983ICBS/FILE/15669
ICBS 1924Church name: PULVERBATCH, St. Edith1835-1837ICBS/FILE/01924
ICBS 2023Church name: SHREWSBURY, Holy Trinity, Coleham1836-1851ICBS/FILE/02023
ICBS 2258Church name: CRUCKTON, New Church1837-1840ICBS/FILE/02258
ICBS 2645Church name: MUNSLOW, St. Michael1840-1842ICBS/FILE/02645
ICBS 2871Church name: WORTHEN, Holy Trinity, Hope1841ICBS/FILE/02871
ICBS 3294Church name: DAWLEY, Holy Trinity, Dawley Magna1843-1846ICBS/FILE/03294
ICBS 4088Church name: ELLESMERE, St. Mary1848-1850ICBS/FILE/04088
ICBS 4135Church name: SMETHCOTE, St. Michael1848-1851ICBS/FILE/04135
ICBS 7442Church name: CHESWARDINE, St. Swithun1872-1884ICBS/FILE/07442
ICBS 7460Church name: OSWESTRY, St. Mary1872-1875ICBS/FILE/07460
ICBS 8598Church name: KEMBERTON, St. John1880-1882ICBS/FILE/08598
ICBS 15263Church name: WOLLASTON, St. John, Great Wollaston1978-1980ICBS/FILE/15263
ICBS 2575Church name: WEM, St. Peter & St. Paul1839-1841ICBS/FILE/02575
ICBS 15002Church name: LILLESHALL, St. Michael & All Angels1974-1975ICBS/FILE/15002
ICBS 1539Church name: NEWTOWN, King Charles the Martyr1833-1836ICBS/FILE/01539
ICBS 3769Church name: CLUN, St. John the Evangelist, Newcastle1846-1849ICBS/FILE/03769
ICBS 3799Church name: EATON CONSTANTINE, St. Mary1846-1849ICBS/FILE/03799
ECE/11/6/1/61Shropshirec. 1820-1860ECE/11/6/1/61
MS 930Miscellaneous Papers1590-1714MSS/929-942/930
MS 695Shrewsbury Papers1471-1598MSS/694-710/695
MS 926CLERICAL TAXATION17th centuryMSS/926
MS 3193Talbot Papers1544-1558MSS/3192-3206/3193
MS 3194Talbot Papers1550-1557MSS/3192-3206/3194
MS 3199Talbot Papers1570-1599MSS/3192-3206/3199
ICBS 1458 ff 3-35Church name: STOTTESDON, St. Mary1838-1840ICBS/FILE/01458ff3-35
ICBS 2338Church name: SHELVE, All Saints1838-1841ICBS/FILE/02338
MS 3203Talbot Papers1583-1612MSS/3192-3206/3203
VG 1/6 f 164vPETERSON (Severin), of Shrewsbury, Salop24 Oct. 1700V/G/1/6/164v-a
F I/D ff 51v,59vWALL Thomas4 May 1672F/1/5D/51v,59v-a
CM I/90Draft of a letter (? from Whitgift) to Lord Buckhurst.10 Jan. 1593CM/1/90
CM I/95Abstract from a royal proclamation (article 5) CM/1/95
Reg. Whitgift 3, ff. 141r-v, 280GAGE (John), of Shrewsbury, Salop25 June 1610V/A/19Whitgift3/141r-v, 280
Reg. Bancroft, f.172r-vGAGE (John), of Shrewsbury, Salop25 June 1610V/A/20Bancroft/172r-v
Reg. Sancroft 2, f. 270STEAD (John), of Ludlow, Salop26 June 1688V/A/25Sancroft2/270
Reg. Tenison 1, f. 148vWICKSTEED (Edward), apothecary, of Whitchurch, Salop5 Aug. 1703V/A/27Tenison1/148v-b
ICBS M1293Church name: BITTERLEY, St. Peter, Knowbury1912ICBS/FILE/M1293
ICBS 602Church name: PONTESBURY, St. George1824-1829ICBS/FILE/00602
ICBS 872Church name: NEWPORT, St. Nicholas1837-1838ICBS/FILE/00872
ICBS 1246Church name: LILLESHALL, St. George, Donnington Wood1830-1831ICBS/FILE/01246
ICBS 1529Church name: BRIDGNORTH, St. Mary Magdalene1833ICBS/FILE/01529
ICBS 1346Church name: PRIORS LEE, St. Peter1831-1837ICBS/FILE/01346
ICBS 2741Church name: CHELMARSH, St. Peter1840-1843ICBS/FILE/02741
ICBS 5122Church name: QUATFORD, St. Mary Magdalene1857-1858ICBS/FILE/05122
ICBS 10277 ff 1-26Church name: LYDBURY NORTH, St. Michael1901-1904ICBS/FILE/10277ff1-26
ICBS 11521 ff 1-46Church name: WORTHEN, All Saints1921-1926ICBS/FILE/11521ff1-46
ICBS 13317Church name: ASTON BOTTERELL, St. Michael & All Angels1955ICBS/FILE/13317
ICBS 11619 ff 1-28Church name: MELVERLEY, St. Peter1924-1925ICBS/FILE/11619ff1-28
MS 1837 ff. 5-25Inquisition by order of Cromwell 'for the unitinge of parishes etc.' of parishes in Shropshire in the Hundreds of Bradford North and South, Pimhill, Oswestry, Ford, Condover.1655MSS/1837/5-25
MS 3206Talbot Papers1499-1580MSS/3192-3206/3206
ECE/11/6/2/SALOPShropshire19th century to mid 20th centuryECE/11/6/2/SALOP
CLARKE/2/4/46Shropshire, A-Nn.d.CLARKE/2/4/46
MS 3204Talbot Papers1546-1608MSS/3192-3206/3204
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