Place EntryOld Palace/Canterbury/Kent
BuildingorStreetOld Palace
NotesArchbishop's Palace, Canterbury.
Rebuilt by W D Caroe (the Ecclesiastical Commissioners' architect) in the years around 1900.

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F. Temple 34, ff. 105-6CANTERBURY, Archbishop of, Residence of, The Old Palace.1900F.Temple/34/105-6
MS 4503 ff. 82-83Typescript note and photograph[1948?]MSS/4503/82-83
TC 28/64-71Canterbury, Archbishop's Palace.1792-1833T/C/28/64-71
Davidson 407, ff.6, 9, 144-5Repairs and improvements to Old Palace, city of CANTERBURYDavidson/218-516/407/6, 9, 144-5
F. Temple 10, ff. 85-6CANTERBURY, Archbishop of, Residence of, The Old Palace.1899F.Temple/10/85-6
TC 31CANTERBURY: Archbishop's Palace.28 May 1812T/C/31
F. Temple 21, ff. 101-2CANTERBURY, Archbishop of, Residence of, The Old Palace.1899F.Temple/21/101-2
F. Temple 10, ff. 79-81CANTERBURY, Archbishop of, Residence of, The Old Palace.1899F.Temple/10/79-81
Ramsey 155, f.269City of CANTERBURY: Note on the name of the Old Palace1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/155/269
F. Temple 21, ff. 86-7, 90-100CANTERBURY, Archbishop of, Residence of, The Old Palace.1899F.Temple/21/86-7, 90-100
Davidson 797Account books: Canterbury1903-1915Davidson/795-798/797
TD 37Canterbury, Archbishop's Palace[c.1806]T/D/37
Davidson 796, ff.1-61Old Palace, city of CANTERBURYDavidson/795-798/796/1-61
Davidson 408, ff.309-49Repairs and improvements to Old Palace, city of CANTERBURYDavidson/218-516/408/309-49
Davidson 795, ff.1-95Old Palace, city of CANTERBURYDavidson/795-798/795/1-95
Davidson 145, ff.376-81Access to the cathedral through the grounds of Old Palace, city of CANTERBURY1908Davidson/27-217/145/376-81
MS 4242Archbishop's Palace, Canterbury1901MSS/4242
F. Temple 34, ff. 97-104CANTERBURY, Archbishop of, Residence of, The Old Palace.1900F.Temple/34/97-104
TG 56Building Accounts for Bekesbourne Palace, Canterbury Palace and Ford Park1631-1632T/G/56
Coggan 86, f.139Old Palace, Canterbury30 Mar 1979Coggan/4-220/77-93/86/139
ED 1774-1786Canterbury, Archbishop's PalaceED/1/A/1/KENT/CAN
TG 59Inventory of the Old Palace, Canterbury1903T/G/59
Bell 225, ff. 332-6MOYLE (Francis Walter), vicar of Holy Trinity, Maidstone, Kent1931Bell/184-368/221-237/225/332-6
ED 297Canterbury, Archbishop's Palace1446-1447ED/1/B/1/KENT/CAN
F. Temple 10, ff. 67-78, 82-4CANTERBURY, Archbishop of, Residence of, The Old Palace.1898F.Temple/10/67-78, 82-4
Arches G 85/44CANTERBURY V TENISON, ETC.1716Arches/G/85/44
Lang 301A f. 37Photograph of Archbishop Lang being assisted by two boysLang/299-301A/301A/37
F. Temple 34, ff. 99-106CAROE (William Douglas), Architect to Ecclesiastical Commissioners1900F.Temple/34/99-106
MS 3417 (ff. 234-72)Estimates1928-1929MSS/3417/234-272
F. Temple 21, ff. 95-6CAROE (William Douglas), Architect to Ecclesiastical Commissioners1899F.Temple/21/95-6
Fisher 302Ordinands visitors' book (ff.23-110 blank)1942-1961Fisher/302
MS 3182Visitors' BookJune 1927 - December 1965MSS/3182
Ramsey 277, ff. 265-268Old Palace, Canterbury: listing as historic building1974Ramsey/4-287/1974/277/265-268
Coggan 39, ff.130-152Old Palace, Canterbury9 Jan-17 Dec 1976Coggan/4-220/26-46/39/130-152
Davidson 805/13Loose photographDavidson/799-805/805/13
MS 3563Miscellaneous Papers1600-1943MSS/3563
CM XIII/2Exemplification by King Charles II of a sentence of the Court of Delegates (John Oughton notary public registrar)18 Apr, 24 May 1667CM/13/2
Lang 191, ff. 136-7Gwendolen GASCOYNE-CECIL, sister of Edgar Algernon Robert GASCOYNE-CECIL, 1st Viscount Cecil of Chelwood1934Lang/189-192/191/136-7
F. Temple 55, ff. 227-32CAROE (William Douglas), Architect to Ecclesiastical Commissioners1902F.Temple/55/227-32
W.Temple 12, ff. 71-142CHURCH ASSEMBLY21 Apr 1942-31 May 1944W.Temple/1-62/12/71-142
MS 4722Rollc. 1575MSS/4722-4723/4722
Lang 261Cosmo Gordon LANG, Archbishop of Canterbury - visitors book for Old Palace, Canterbury (1928-42) and Kew (1942-45)1928-1945Lang/260-262/261
MS 3419Chaplain's Manual[1946-1960]MSS/3419
ED 1337Accounts of various ministers for various places1536-1537ED/1/B/6/WIN/1337
COMM XIIa/22VOLUME 221647-1659COMM/12A/22
Arches Aa 23/209CANTERBURY V TENISON, ETC.1716Arches/Aa/23/209
Arches Aa 23/228CANTERBURY V TENISON, ETC.1716Arches/Aa/23/228
TC 28BOARSTALL-COLDRED: Valuations and Surveys1647-1861T/C/28
TE 47ADDINGTON-RECULVER: Rentals1585-1817T/E/47
Reg. CranmerRegister of Thomas Cranmer1533-1556V/A/15Cranmer
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