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MS 2954 no. 110Canterbury, City of20th centuryMSS/2950-2956/2954/110
LC 140 no. 81The royal and ancient city of Canterbury. Official guide, souvenir copy of the visit of the Lambeth Conference.3 July 1920LC/1920/140/81
Lang 149, ff. 84-7Free Church mission in the City of CANTERBURY1937Lang/1-186/149/84-7
Lang 126, ff. 1-6City of CANTERBURY1934Lang/1-186/126/1-6
Lang 118, ff. 257-91City of CANTERBURY1933Lang/1-186/118/257-91
MS 2954 no. 112Canterbury, City of1925MSS/2950-2956/2954/112
Lang 317, ff. 247-65, 449-51Reservation of the sacrament in the City of CANTERBURY1929-1939Lang/317/247-65, 449-51
MS 2954 no. 113Canterbury, City of20th centuryMSS/2950-2956/2954/113
Fisher 200, ff. 220-2Union of parishes in the City of CANTERBURY1958Fisher/1-271/199-212/200/220-2
CM I/23Appointment by Archbishop Abbot of James Hussey as official principal in city and diocese of Canterbury. Confirmation 1 Nov. 161714 Oct. 1617CM/1/23
Fisher 167, ff. 8-15City of CANTERBURY1956Fisher/1-271/165-182/167/8-15
Fisher 112, ff. 274-8Anglican-Roman Catholic relations in the City of CANTERBURYFisher/1-271/112-117/112/274-8
Fisher 167, ff. 43-4Anglican-Roman Catholic relations in the City of CANTERBURY1956Fisher/1-271/165-182/167/43-4
Lang 110, ff. 233-40City of CANTERBURY1932Lang/1-186/110/233-40
Lang 110, ff. 227-32City of CANTERBURY1932Lang/1-186/110/227-32
Benson 106 ff.141-5City of CANTERBURY, Societies1892Benson/106/141-5
VG 3/4a, ff.338-9CANTERBURY, Kent, St. Augustine's Gaol, chaplaincy1872V/G/3/4/a/338-9
F. Temple 57, ff. 319-20CANTERBURY, City of.1902F.Temple/57/319-20
F. Temple 25, ff. 330-5CANTERBURY, City of.1899F.Temple/25/330-5
Benson 72 ff.90-2City of CANTERBURY, Societies1889Benson/72/90-2
Benson 95 ff.385-94City of CANTERBURY, Societies1891Benson/95/385-94
Ramsey 155, f.269City of CANTERBURY: Note on the name of the Old Palace1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/155/269
Tait 180 ff. 177-87Letters on the union of parishes in the City of CANTERBURY1872Tait/161-296/180/177-87
Tait 259 ff. 1-17CANTERBURY, City of1880Tait/161-296/259/1-17
CM I/16Grant by Archbishop Whitgift 11 May 1585.CM/1/16
CM III/59Counterpart lease for 40 years. Dean and Chapter of Canterbury to John Berry, 2 messuages in Angel Lane, Canterbury22 Dec. 1631CM/3/59
Tait 96 ff. 243-6SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1876Tait/76-104/96/243-6
Tait 274 ff. 79-80CANTERBURY, City of1881Tait/161-296/274/79-80
Coggan 195, f.25Gathering at Canterburyc1978Coggan/158-222/195/25
Benson 135 ff.65-75City of CANTERBURY1895Benson/135/65-75
Lang 105, ff. 77-97Reorganisation of Anglican schools in the City of CANTERBURY1931Lang/1-186/105/77-97
Tait 258 ff. 113-120CANTERBURY, City of1880Tait/161-296/258/113-120
Davidson 125, ff.66-73Schools in city of CANTERBURY1907Davidson/27-217/125/66-73
Benson 144 ff.241-80City of CANTERBURY, Societies1895-1896Benson/144/241-80
Benson 38 ff.256-62City of CANTERBURY, Societies1886Benson/38/256-62
Benson 97 ff.68-71City of CANTERBURY, Societies1891Benson/97/68-71
Tait 261 ff. 323-324CANTERBURY, City of1880Tait/161-296/261/323-324
Tait 193 ff. 77-97CANTERBURY, City of1873Tait/161-296/193/77-97
Benson 106 ff.133-8City of CANTERBURY, Societies1892Benson/106/133-8
MS 3058Clergy Orphan Corporation1852-1855MSS/3018-3059/3058
Benson 128 f.141City of CANTERBURY, Societies1894Benson/128/141
Benson 57 ff.87-8City of CANTERBURY, Societies1888Benson/57/87-8
Davidson 91, ff.397-406City of CANTERBURY1903-1904Davidson/27-217/91/397-406
Benson 94 ff.168-71City of CANTERBURY, Societies1891Benson/94/168-71
Benson 130 ff.291-2ROUTLEDGE (Charles Francis), Inspector of Schools.1894Benson/130/291-2
Benson 12 ff.193-8City of CANTERBURY, St Alphege w. St. Mary Northgate.1884Benson/12/193-8
Benson 70 ff.220-59City of CANTERBURY, Societies1889Benson/70/220-59
Benson 138 ff.89-91City of CANTERBURY, Societies1895Benson/138/89-91
Benson 107 ff.401-12City of CANTERBURY, Societies1892Benson/107/401-12
Benson 121 ff.407-8City of CANTERBURY, Societies1893Benson/121/407-8
Tait 280 ff. 212-231, 238-245CANTERBURY, City of1882Tait/161-296/280/212-231, 238-245
Benson 95 ff.188-223City of CANTERBURY1891Benson/95/188-223
Benson 145 ff.305-6City of CANTERBURY, Societies1896Benson/145/305-6
Benson 89 ff.124-43City of CANTERBURY, Societies1890Benson/89/124-43
Ramsey 190, f.240 City of CANTERBURY1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/190/240
Benson 43 ff.160-229Letters and papers on the union of parishes in the City of CANTERBURY1887Benson/43/160-229
Benson 106 ff.118-24City of CANTERBURY1892Benson/106/118-24
Benson 144 ff.217-40City of CANTERBURY, Societies1896Benson/144/217-40
F. Temple 21, ff. 56-60CANTERBURY, City of, Parishes n.d.F.Temple/21/56-60
Benson 83 ff.79-90City of CANTERBURY, Societies1890Benson/83/79-90
Benson 71 ff.223-71City of CANTERBURY, Societies1889Benson/71/223-71
Runcie/MAIN/1984/45Canterbury Festival Evensong1984Runcie/MAIN/1984/45
Benson 45 ff.245-52City of CANTERBURY, Societies1887Benson/45/245-52
Benson 72 ff.18-23Letters and papers on the union of parishes in the City of CANTERBURY1889Benson/72/18-23
Benson 70 ff.280-8City of CANTERBURY1889Benson/70/280-8
Benson 146 ff.339-40City of CANTERBURY, Societies1896Benson/146/339-40
Davidson 113, ff.212-16Ownership of slum property by St. John's hospital in city of CANTERBURY 1906Davidson/27-217/113/212-16
Davidson 161, ff.346-72Schools in city of CANTERBURY1910Davidson/27-217/161/346-72
Davidson 101, ff.95-6City of CANTERBURY1906Davidson/27-217/101/95-6
Benson 95 ff.259-324City of CANTERBURY, Societies1891Benson/95/259-324
Davidson 197, ff.1-13Proposal for a university at city of CANTERBURY1919-1920Davidson/27-217/197/1-13
Benson 43 ff.238-44City of CANTERBURY1887Benson/43/238-44
Benson 109 ff.257-60City of CANTERBURY, Societies1892Benson/109/257-60
Coggan 70, ff.296-299Oxfam2 May-2 Oct 1978Coggan/4-220/64-76/70/296-299
Runcie/PHOTO/4Agricultural Tenants' Dinner14th June 1985Runcie/PHOTO/4
Tait 215 ff. 22-25CANTERBURY, City of1876Tait/161-296/215/22-5
Benson 84 ff.290-9, 310-11City of CANTERBURY, Societies1890Benson/84/290-9, 310-11
Benson 84 ff.123-37City of CANTERBURY, Societies1890Benson/84/123-37
Benson 128 ff.59-101City of CANTERBURY, Societies1894Benson/128/59-101
Benson 94 ff.160-7City of CANTERBURY, Societies1891Benson/94/160-7
Davidson 209, ff.345-7Demolition of the Star brewery in city of CANTERBURY1926Davidson/27-217/209/345-7
Benson 106 f.146Letters and papers on church schools in the City of CANTERBURY1892Benson/106/146
Benson 115 ff.409-14City of CANTERBURY1893Benson/115/409-14
Benson 135 f.213City of CANTERBURY, Societies1895Benson/135/213
Benson 138 ff.90-4City of CANTERBURY, Societies1895Benson/138/90-4
Davidson 91, ff.345-51City of CANTERBURY1904Davidson/27-217/91/345-51
Tait 269 ff. 118-124CANTERBURY, City of1881Tait/161-296/269/118-124
Benson 106 ff.405-46City of CANTERBURY, Societies1892Benson/106/405-46
W.Temple 8, ff. 309-13City of CANTERBURY8-9 July 1942W.Temple/1-62/8/309-13
Tait 191 ff. 236-245CANTERBURY, City of1873Tait/161-296/191/236-245
Benson 97 ff.343-66City of CANTERBURY, Societies[1888]Benson/97/343-66
Tait 272 ff. 224-5MACLEAR (George Frederick), Warden of St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, Kent1881Tait/161-296/272/224-5
Tait 245 ff. 75-80WATKINS (Henry William), Warden of St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, Kent1879Tait/161-296/245/75-80
Tait 228 ff. 279-80SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1877Tait/161-296/228/279-80
Benson 143 ff.385-6City of CANTERBURY, Societies1896Benson/143/385-6
Benson 93 ff.286-9City of CANTERBURY, Societies1891Benson/93/286-9
Bell 342, ff. 136-43CANTERBURY, city of.1925Bell/184-368/342-355/342/136-43
Benson 131 ff.256-9City of CANTERBURY, Societies1894Benson/131/256-9
CM III/71Counterpart lease6 July 1618CM/3/71
CM III/42Counterpart lease for 40 years. Dean and Chapter of Canterbury to George Elvin, messuage in Angel Lane in St. Andrew's parish Canterbury. 12 Jan. 1604-5.12 Jan. 1605.CM/3/42
Bell 194, f. 190Correspondence with John R. BARNABAS, the pastor of the Huguenot congregation in CANTERBURY cathedral, city of CANTERBURY1927Bell/184-368/193-195/194/190
CM III/46Counterpart lease for 40 years. 20 March 1617 - 10 Feb. 1631CM/3/46
Benson 128 ff.134-6City of CANTERBURY1894Benson/128/134-6
Benson 43 ff.230-7Letters on the Soldiers' and Sailors' Institute at the City of CANTERBURY1887Benson/43/230-7
Benson 55 f.301City of CANTERBURY, Societies1888Benson/55/301
Benson 29 ff.369-72City of CANTERBURY, Societies1885Benson/29/369-72
Benson 63 ff.360-1SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1888Benson/63/360-1
Benson 106 ff.129-32City of CANTERBURY, Societies1892Benson/106/129-32
Benson 107 ff.376-81City of CANTERBURY1892Benson/107/376-81
Benson 136 ff.144-7City of CANTERBURY1895Benson/136/144-7
Benson 106 ff.139-40City of CANTERBURY, Societies1892Benson/106/139-40
Benson 84 ff.307-50City of CANTERBURY, Societies1890Benson/84/307-50
Benson 36 ff.372-421City of CANTERBURY, Societies1886Benson/36/372-421
Benson 55 ff.320-43, 351-2City of CANTERBURY, St Alphege w. St. Mary Northgate.1888Benson/55/320-43, 351-2
Bell 158Education1924 - 1938Bell/118-183/158
Bell 193, ff. 105, 147-61, 164-5CANTERBURY, city of.1924Bell/184-368/193-195/193/105, 147-61, 164-5
Tait 163 ff. 148-151ALFORD (Henry), Dean of Canterbury1869Tait/161-296/163/148-151
Benson 95 ff.5-47City of CANTERBURY, Societies1891Benson/95/5-47
MS 1971, f.17City of Canterbury18th cent.MSS/1971/17
MS 2954 no. 114Canterbury, City of20th centuryMSS/2950-2956/2954/114
F. Temple 34, ff. 82-4CANTERBURY, City of.1900F.Temple/34/82-4
Bell 197, ff. 23-4, 27-8CANTERBURY, city of.1924Bell/184-368/196-201/197/23-4, 27-8
CM 39/3Counterpart lease of property in Canterbury29 Sep 1578CM/39/3
MS 3017 ff. 183-184v'A Catalogue of the Publick Library erected at Canterbury by Mr. Edwin Belke's Executors pursuant to his Will November 1740' MSS/3017/183-184v
Ramsey 324, f. 35Photographs: Official Engagements April 1964Ramsey/324/14-66/35
Runcie/SPEECH/394Plant a Tree for Canterbury Campaign12 Mar 1988Runcie/SPEECH/394
Runcie/SPEECH/106Canterbury. Plant A Tree12 Mar 1988Runcie/SPEECH/106
Coggan 195, f.39Dinner given by freemen of the City of Canterbury to Mayors of the city.5 Dec 1987Coggan/158-222/195/39
Runcie/MAIN/1982/64Convocation of Canterbury1982Runcie/MAIN/1982/64
Bell 193, ff. 175, 178, 189Correspondence with the pastor of the Huguenot congregation in CANTERBURY cathedral, city of CANTERBURY1927Bell/184-368/193-195/193/175, 178, 189
Coggan 195, f.31Presentation of the freedom of the City of Canterburyc1979Coggan/158-222/195/31
Coggan 195, f.26Gathering at Canterburyc1978Coggan/158-222/195/26
Ramsey 336Freedom of the City of Canterbury 17 May 1967Ramsey/336
Runcie/PHOTO/15Archbishop's Cambridge DD11th June 1981Runcie/PHOTO/15
CM VI/19bLetter. Mayor and Corporation of Canterbury to the Archbishop, asking for money for plague relief. 11 Aug. 1665. CM/6/19b
ED 2062; MS 796-797, 814, 841[22], 942[10], 952[53]CanterburyED/2A/B/1/KENT/CAN
CM III/33Counterpart lease for 40 years. 31 March 1620CM/3/33
Runcie/PHOTO/42B. R. LuceApril 1984Runcie/PHOTO/42
Benson 1 ff.259-60City of CANTERBURY, Societies - Correspondence and papers on the Diocesan Society of Church Workers1883Benson/1/259-60
Runcie/SPEECH/103Canterbury: Freedom of CityOct 1984Runcie/SPEECH/103
FP Blomfield 49, f. 129CANTERBURY, City of1850FP/Blomfield/1-60/49/129
CM III/19Counterpart lease for 38 years. Dean and Chapter of Canterbury to William Whiting, 2 messuages in Burgate Canterbury. 20 Nov. 1634.CM/3/19
FP Blomfield 58, ff. 466v-70vCANTERBURY, City ofFP/Blomfield/1-60/58/466v-70v
Runcie/PHOTO/16Archbishop's CyclistsRuncie/PHOTO/16
CM XII/20Petition to the Crown by the Prior and Convent of Canterbury, concerning their ancient right to hold the fish market in Burgate Street in Canterbury, which is disputed by William atte Woode and other citizens of Canterbury. ?Star Chamber.c. 1520CM/12/20
CM XIII/27Draft indenture between the Prior and Convent of Canterbury and the Mayor and commonalty of Canterbury settling disputes about the use of the Fishmarket in Burgate in the city of Canterbury. 1503-4. 1503-1504CM/13/27
CM VI/131Notification of a grant by William son of Simon of Bercheltune and Dionisia, daughter of Walter Bues, to the Prior and Convent of Canterbury.Feb. 1236CM/6/131
Benson 71 ff.276-9SMITH (Benjamin Frederick), Archdeacon of Maidstone.1889Benson/71/276-9
Benson 173 ff.25-6, 29-30, 39-40City of CANTERBURY, Societies1895Benson/173/25-6, 29-30, 39-40
Fisher 126, ff. 215-17Anglican-Roman Catholic relations in the City of CANTERBURY; ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH - criticism of Roman Catholic activities in Canterbury 1953Fisher/1-271/118-133/126/215-17
Runcie/SPEECH/248Forty Acres Road, Canterbury2 Apr 1982Runcie/SPEECH/248
W.Temple 8, ff. 318-25City of CANTERBURY6 May-3 Aug 1944W.Temple/1-62/8/318-25
Runcie/MAIN/1984/46Canterbury Freedom of the City1984Runcie/MAIN/1984/46
Davidson 153, ff.62-5Floods in city of CANTERBURY1909Davidson/27-217/153/62-5
Davidson 183, ff.74-194Schools in city of CANTERBURY1913Davidson/27-217/183/74-194
CM III/60Counterpart lease for 40 years. 2 Sep. 1626CM/3/60
Runcie/PHOTO/285Lambeth Conference 19881988Runcie/PHOTO/285
Runcie/PHOTO/160Opening a New Post OfficeDecember 1985Runcie/PHOTO/160
Runcie/MAIN/1983/52Canterbury City1983Runcie/MAIN/1983/52
Runcie/SPEECH/112Canterbury, United Act of Worship24 Jan 1988Runcie/SPEECH/112
Davidson 139, ff.282-7SUNDAY OBSERVANCE - Opposition to Sunday sports and entertainments 1908Davidson/27-217/139/282-7
CM III/37Counterpart lease for 40 years. 22 Jan. 1616CM/3/37
CM IIICartae Miscellaneae IIICM/3
MS 2954 no. 111Canterbury, City of20th centuryMSS/2950-2956/2954/111
MS 2954 no. 115Canterbury, City of20th centuryMSS/2950-2956/2954/115
Fisher 112, ff. 260-8Arrangements for services during wartime in the City of CANTERBURY1942Fisher/1-271/112-117/112/260-8
Fisher 215, ff. 62-7Anglican-Roman Catholic relations in the City of CANTERBURY; ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH - criticism of Roman Catholic activities in Canterbury1959Fisher/1-271/213-234/215/62-7
CM XII/51Royal mandate staying execution, in a cause between the Archbishop and the mayor and commonalty of Canterbury concerning houses in Canterbury.16 Dec. 1588CM/12/51
Tait 101 ff. 26, 124-31, 164-5, 177, 244-5, 248-61CANTERBURY, City ofTait/76-104/101/26, 124-31, 164-5, 177, 244-5, 248-61
W.Temple 8, ff. 314-17City of CANTERBURY22 July-5 Sep 1944W.Temple/1-62/8/314-17
W.Temple 8, ff. 299-308City of CANTERBURYJune-July 1942W.Temple/1-62/8/299-308
Tait 197 ff. 274-279CANTERBURY, City of1874Tait/161-296/197/274-279
Tait 216 ff. 37-40BLORE (Rev. George John), Headmaster of King's School, Canterbury, Kent1876Tait/161-296/216/37-40
Tait 261 ff. 325-6MACLEAR (George Frederick), Warden of St. Augustine's College, city of CANTERBURY, Kent1880Tait/161-296/261/325-6
Tait 96 ff. 189-90GOLIGHTLY (Rev. Charles Pourtales), of Oriel College, Oxford1876Tait/76-104/96/189-90
Tait 290 ff. 30-4CANTERBURY, City of - Letters on the appointment of the chaplain at the Clergy Orphan School1872Tait/161-296/290/30-4
Ramsey 174, ff.57-8, 73-4, 76-9, 82-3, 86, 95, 98-102, 104-15Correspondence and papers on a WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES meeting held in the city of CANTERBURY1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/174/57-8, 73-4, 76-9, 82-3, 86, 95, 98-102, 104-15
Benson 115 ff.415-20, 423-5, 431City of CANTERBURY, Societies1893Benson/115/415-20, 423-5, 431
Benson 114 ff.195-215City of CANTERBURY, Societies1893Benson/114/195-215
Benson 67 ff.370-1City of CANTERBURY, St Alphege w. St. Mary Northgate.Benson/67/370-1
Benson 117 ff.248-9, 256-7City of CANTERBURY, Societies1893Benson/117/248-9, 256-7
MS 2201, f.1212. Address to Howley by the Mayor, etc., of Canterbury congratulating him on his elevation to the see of Canterbury and dissociating the corporation from the hostile reception given to him in that city, (common seal).21 August 1832 MSS/2184-2213/2201/12
MS 2188HOWLEY PAPERS[1813]-1832MSS/2184-2213/2188
MS 2219 f. 1Letter from Jeffery Brett to his brother Revd. Thomas Brett, sending proposals for the employment of the poor of Canterbury.1 October 1741MSS/2219-2221/2219/1
CM III/44Counterpart lease for 40 years. Dean and Chapter of Canterbury to John Purser, grocer, messuage and garden in Broad Street, Canterbury20 Nov. 1619CM/3/44
CM XII/12Royal letters patent recording a grant by Archbishop Cranmer to the King7 June 1542CM/12/12
Runcie/SPEECH/386Papal Visit23 Feb 1981-29 May 1982Runcie/SPEECH/386
Runcie/PHOTO/69Cleary Gallery 17th September 1983Runcie/PHOTO/69
MS 4515 f. 89News cutting about Baedeker raid on Canterbury, including photograph of William Temple and his wife2 Jun 1942MSS/4514-4534/4515/75-208/89
Runcie/ERCC/1982/25Papal visit: Canterbury Celebration of Faith1981-1982Runcie/ERCC/1982/25
Runcie/ERCC/1982/26Papal visit: Canterbury church leaders' meeting1981-1982Runcie/ERCC/1982/26
Runcie/PHOTO/E/RCC/2Pope John Paul II in Canterbury 1982May 1982Runcie/PHOTO/E/RCC/2
Benson 4 ff.160-80Complaints about the barracks at the City of CANTERBURY1883Benson/4/160-80
Benson 3 ff.359-70City of CANTERBURY, Societies1883Benson/3/359-70
MS 3057Clergy Orphan Corporation1852-1855MSS/3018-3059/3057
CM III/84Conveyance by the Commissioners for the sale of church lands, to Anna Monyns.1 July 1650CM/3/84
CM V/40Grant, registered in the burgimot of the city of Canterbury, by Alice, d. and heir of Alexander Beaschief, to Walter, son of Hanin the tailor.Late 12th centuryCM/5/40
CM V/52Lease for the lives of the grantees by Mr. John of Rodeswelle, steward of Walter Reynolds, Archbishop of Canterbury, to Dionisia Cuokehogge of Westgate and Robert her son 27 1/2 acres of land (in Westgate, Canterbury). Rent in seams of corn and barley (1£ summe). 18 July 1323CM/5/52
CM VI/134Grant by Cecilia, widow of Walter le Beuf (sic)c. 1236CM/6/134
Runcie/PHOTO/111Historic Churches Bike RideJuly 1986Runcie/PHOTO/111
CFR CFC 27Old Catholic Church: general: Contacts: Society of St Willibrord1951-1969CFR/3/3/1/27
Runcie/SPEECH/91Canterbury - Birmingham Pilgrimage21 Jun 1986Runcie/SPEECH/91
MS 1250KENT COLLECTIONS[1679-1758]MSS/1250
Bell 154Religious Drama1928 - 1929Bell/118-183/150-157/154
Benson 3 ff.135-9City of CANTERBURY1883Benson/3/135-9
Benson 33 ff.256-60Letters and papers on a recreation ground for the City of CANTERBURY 1886Benson/33/256-60
Benson 93 ff.270-5SMITH (Benjamin Frederick), Archdeacon of Maidstone.1891Benson/93/270-5
Benson 107 ff.371-5SMITH (Benjamin Frederick), Archdeacon of Maidstone.1892Benson/107/371-5
CM XII/23aLetters patent of grant between Henry VIII and Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, 31 July 1538. 31 July 1538CM/12/23a
CM X/26Chirograph of lease, for 5 years, by J. [John de Renham] the Prior, and the Convent of Rochester to Robert rector of Holy Cross, Westgate, in Canterbury, of their tithes in Dodinale next Canterbury. 1264CM/10/26
Fisher 191, ff. 3-6Union of parishes in the City of CANTERBURY; BEKESBOURNE, Kent - union of the benefice with PATRIXBOURNE w. BRIDGE, Kent1957Fisher/1-271/183-194/191/3-6
Ramsey 194, ff.211-12, 215-16UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Correspondence on the seventy-fifth anniversary of the consecration of St. Martin's Episcopal Church, New Bedford (Massachusetts)1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/194/211-12, 215-16
Tait 206 ff. 359-60CANTERBURY, City of - Letter on St. John's Hospital, Northgate1875Tait/161-296/206/359-60
Benson 60 ff.192-217City of CANTERBURY, Societies1888Benson/60/192-217
MS 3192Talbot Papers1334-1557MSS/3192-3206/3192
MS 3017 f. 269'Rules for the preservation and use of the library founded by Mr. Edwin Belke of Kent, deceased, and placed in the hall of the hospital of Eastbridge within the city of Canterbury'.29 September 1740MSS/3017/269
MS 2950POSTCARDS20th centuryMSS/2950-2956/2950
MS 2194, ff.15-252. Miscellaneous documents[1828]-1843MSS/2184-2213/2194/15-25
Runcie/PHOTO/90Easter Pilgrimage to CanterburyApril 1980Runcie/PHOTO/90
CM X/145Grant in free alms by Warin of Hecham, son of Ralf of Burne to Roger (--) and the church of the Blessed Mary of Chatham, of the land held of him in Canterbury outside Radingate.Late 12th centuryCM/10/145
MS 942Miscellaneous Papers1522-1705MSS/929-942/942
Benson 43 ff.286-317Church Reading Society1887Benson/43/286-317
Benson 45 ff.345-459CHARITY COMMISSION1885-1888Benson/45/345-459
Benson 69 ff.240-62PARRY (Edward), Suffragan Bishop of Dover - Correspondence on the hospitals of St. John and St. Nicholas, Canterbury1888Benson/69/240-62
Benson 83 ff.87-8SMITH (Benjamin Frederick), Archdeacon of Maidstone - Correspondence and papers on parochial matters in Canterbury1890Benson/83/87-8
Benson 83 ff.260-95CHARITY COMMISSION - Correspondence and papers on trustees for charities1890-1891Benson/83/260-95
Benson 84 ff.123-4City of CANTERBURY1890Benson/84/123-4
Benson 106 ff.103-9Letters and papers on Archbishop Benson and CANTERBURY, Cathedral1892Benson/106/103-9
Benson 110 ff.224-40BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER1891-1892Benson/110/224-40
Benson 127 ff.14-15City of CANTERBURY, Societies - Correspondence and papers on the Diocesan Education Society1894Benson/127/14-15
Benson 135 ff.44-65City of CANTERBURY - Correspondence and papers on St. John's Hospital, Northgate1895Benson/135/44-65
Benson 146 ff.91-105City of CANTERBURY, Societies - Correspondence and papers on the Diocesan Education Society1896Benson/146/91-105
Benson 146 ff.99-100 passimLetters and papers on church schools in the City of CANTERBURY1896Benson/146/99-100 passim
BCC/7/1/5/1/11Correspondence & papers re a Bible Weeks organised in Canterbury, Caterham, Chelmsford, Chippenham, Colne, Coventry & Croydon1953-1954BCC/7/1/5/1/11
MS 3059Clergy Orphan Corporation1856-1857MSS/3018-3059/3059
BCC/7/1/2/1/45Canterbury Council of Christian Congregations 1945-1952BCC/7/1/2/1/45
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