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MS 3614/16Harrison glass negative: Somersetshire, Wells Cathedral, cryptMSS/3611-3615/3614/16
MS 3614/14Harrison glass negative: Somersetshire, Wells Cathedral, chantryMSS/3611-3615/3614/14
MS 3120, f.309Bath and Wells, Diocese of.MSS/3120/307-309/309b
MS 4669 f. 15cWells Cathedral, Somerset.6 Sep 1843MSS/4668-4673/4669/15c
MS 3565 ff.45-7Bath and Wells, Diocese of20th cent.MSS/3565/45-47
MS 4669 f. 15dWells Cathedral, Somerset.7 Sep 1843MSS/4668-4673/4669/15d
MS 4669 f. 15aWells Cathedral, Somerset.6 Sep 1843MSS/4668-4673/4669/15a
MS 4669 f. 16bWells Cathedral, Somerset.7 Sep 1843MSS/4668-4673/4669/16b
MS 4669 f. 15bWells Cathedral, Somerset.6 Sep 1843MSS/4668-4673/4669/15b
Tait 429 ff. 150-7WELLS, Somt.Tait/409-442/425-442/429/150-7
Tait 90 ff. 134-5, 170-1JOHNSON (George Henry Sacheverell), Dean of Wells1872Tait/76-104/90/134-5, 170-1
MS 4669 f. 15eWells Cathedral, Somerset.MSS/4668-4673/4669/15e
MS 4669 f. 16aWells Cathedral, Somerset.7 Sep 1843 MSS/4668-4673/4669/16a
MS 3146, ff.3v-4Bath and Wells, Diocese of.MSS/3146/3v-4
MS 3611Harrison PhotographsMSS/3611-3615/3611
MS 3614/13Harrison glass negative: Somersetshire, Wells Cathedral, naveMSS/3611-3615/3614/13
MS 5062 ff. 33r-34vPhotographs: Bath and WellsMSS/5062/33r-34v
MS 3278Photographs[1898-1900]MSS/3275-3284/3278
MS 3614/12Harrison glass negative: Somersetshire, Wells Cathedral, west frontMSS/3611-3615/3614/12
MS 3614/15Harrison glass negative: Somersetshire, Wells Cathedral, chapter house entranceMSS/3611-3615/3614/15
MS 2951POSTCARDS20th centuryMSS/2950-2956/2951
MS 1728 ff. 30-45v4. Miscellaneous photographs. MSS/1728/30-45v
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