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Fisher 36, ff. 195-8Religious toleration in ITALY1947Fisher/1-271/23-38/36/195-8
Lang 182, ff. 366-97 passimOccupation of ETHIOPIA by ITALY1941Lang/1-186/182/366-97 passim
Fisher 38, ff. 316-27Religious toleration in ITALY1947Fisher/1-271/23-38/38/316-27
Lang 145, ff. 291-9Occupation of ETHIOPIA by ITALY1936Lang/1-186/145/291-9
Lang 153, ff. 130-7Occupation of ETHIOPIA by ITALY1937Lang/1-186/153/130-7
MS 4654Travel Journal of Rev. Laughton Alison 6 Dec 1860-6 Jan 1861MSS/4654-4659/4654
Lang 161, ff. 214-26GERMANY - speeches by Hitler and Mussolini on cooperation with ITALY1937Lang/1-186/161/214-26
Fisher 101, ff. 127-8Religious toleration in ITALY1952Fisher/1-271/94-104/101/127-8
Fisher 33, ff. 120-34Religious toleration in ITALY1947Fisher/1-271/23-38/33/120-34
Davidson 217, ff.101-9Political situation in ITALY.1928Davidson/27-217/217/101-9
Davidson 213, ff.262-8TALBOT (Edward Stuart), bishop of Rochester, and (1911) Winchester.1926Davidson/27-217/213/262-8
Davidson 180, ff.152-93ITALY.1912Davidson/27-217/180/152-93
Davidson 293, ff.210-20GREECE - Occupation of Corfu by ITALY.1923Davidson/218-516/293/210-20
Tait 240 ff. 235-9TOOTH (Charles), former Rector of Shelton, Staffs.1877Tait/161-296/240/235-9
Tait 234 ff. 387-91WORSPOLD (John Napper), Rector of Haddlesey, Yorks.1877Tait/161-296/234/387-91
Tait 421 ff. 342-54Correspondence and papers on church reform in ITALYTait/409-442/409-424/421/342-54
Tait 287 ff. 206-307Correspondence and papers on church reform in ITALY1882Tait/161-296/287/206-307
F. Temple 51, ff. 230-3ITALY.1901F.Temple/51/230-3
Davidson 338, ff.286-90Political situation in ITALY.1923Davidson/218-516/338/286-90
Benson 17 ff.277-82ITALY1884Benson/17/277-82
Tait 279 ff. 292-9Correspondence on building a church for the Anglican chaplaincy in SAN REMO, Italy1881-1882Tait/161-296/279/292-9
MS 3338Horae[1450-1500]MSS/3338
Davidson 371, ff.188-203ITALY.1915Davidson/218-516/371/188-203
Tait 161 ff. 86-8ITALY1845Tait/161-296/161/86-8
Davidson 29, ff.21-2ITALY.Davidson/27-217/29/21-2
Davidson 83, ff.347-7ITALY.1903Davidson/27-217/83/347-7
Davidson 52, ff.411-14ITALY.1898Davidson/27-217/52/411-14
CFR RC 194-198Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: ItalyCFR/6/3/8
Davidson 109, ff.14-16ITALY.1905Davidson/27-217/109/14-16
Tait 130 ff 308-12ITALY1862Tait/105-160/130/308-12
Tait 165 ff. 22-31Correspondence and papers on church reform in ITALY1869Tait/161-296/165/22-31
Tait 122 ff 327-31NAPLES, British chaplain at1861Tait/105-160/122/327-31
Tait 417 ff. 373-6ITALY1867Tait/409-442/409-424/417/373-6
Davidson 28, ff.383-402ITALY.Davidson/27-217/28/383-402
Benson 96 ff.161-91ITALY1891Benson/96/161-91
Tait 139 ff 58-68WARBURTON (W.), dean and incumbent of Elphin (Ireland)1864Tait/105-160/139/58-68
Tait 74 ff. 1-63 passimFRANCE and ITALY1882Tait/1-75/74/1-63 passim
Tait 165 ff. 73-6VILLIERS (George William Frederick), 4th Earl of Clarendon1869Tait/161-296/165/73-6
MS 2166, ff.14v-15Buildings and works of art in Italy1881MSS/2166/14v-15
FP Howley 4, pp. 545-52NAPLES, Italy.FP/Howley/1-4/4/545-52
CFR LRC 91Italy1933-1981CFR/4/3/14
MS 4527Letters of William Temple to his mother Beatrice Temple1905-1910MSS/4514-4534/4519-4529/4522-4529/4527
MS 4659Travel Journal of Rev. Laughton Alison 25 Mar 1887-4 May 1887MSS/4654-4659/4659
MS 660, ff. 77-78v, 240-8NEWSLETTERS - ITALY.MSS/647-662/660/77-78v, 240-8
MS 655, ff. 36-39v, 167-8, 224-33NEWSLETTERS - ITALY.MSS/647-662/655/36-39v, 167-8, 224-33
MS 656, ff. 107-108vNEWSLETTERS - ITALY.MSS/647-662/656/107-108v
MS 652, ff. 9, 99NEWSLETTERS - ITALY.MSS/647-662/652/9, 99
MS 657, ff. 209-12NEWSLETTERS - ITALY.MSS/647-662/657/209-12
MS 658, ff. 264-267vMARENCO (Jacomo), merchant and agent in ITALY. 1596MSS/647-662/658/264-267v
MS 658, ff. 83-86v, 90-1, 95-96v, 103-109v, 243-4, 273-4NEWSLETTERS - ITALY.MSS/647-662/658/83-86v, 90-1, 95-96v, 103-109v, 243-4, 273-4
FP Howley 4, pp. 553-90LEGHORN, Italy.1818-1827FP/Howley/1-4/4/553-90
FP Howley 7, ff. 117-18NAPLES, Italy - Letter on the Anglican chaplaincyFP/Howley/6-21/7/117-18
MS 653, ff. 7-10Heads of agreement between SPAIN, the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, and princes of ITALY concerning pirates[1596]MSS/647-662/653/7-10
MS 654, ff. 170-5, 187-189v, 207-209v, 222-225v, 270-6NEWSLETTERS - ITALY.MSS/647-662/654/170-5, 187-189v, 207-209v, 222-225v, 270-6
MS 662, ff. 2-22v, 24-69v, 79-86v, 101, 167-210NEWSLETTERS - ITALY.MSS/647-662/662/2-22v, 24-69v, 79-86v, 101, 167-210
MS 652, f. 261ITALY1595MSS/647-662/652/261
MS 2466Diaries and travel journals2-6 September 1836MSS/2452-2502/2458-2494/2466
MS 659, f. 406r-vNEWSLETTERS - ITALY.MSS/647-662/659/406r-v
MS 1972PHOTOGRAPHS OF ITALYFebruary-April 1881MSS/1972
Davidson 338, f.295EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCHES - Proposed ecumenical council at Mount Athos1926Davidson/218-516/338/295
MS 653, ff. 137-139vITALY1595MSS/647-662/653/137-139v
Davidson 30, ff.272-90ITALY.1892Davidson/27-217/30/272-90
Reg. Sancroft 2, f. 231vMAZANTINI (Peter Maria), Italian, of St. Mary Virgin, Reading, Berks19 Oct. 1680V/A/25Sancroft2/231v-a
Tait 79 ff. 249-52EWING (Alexander), Bishop of Argyll and the Isles1861Tait/76-104/79/249-52
Bell 294Notes and memoranda1955-1958Bell/184-368/239-298/294
Carey/PHOTO/104Italy Visit 19921992Carey/PHOTO/104
Tait 413 ff. 318-20VARNIER MIRITELLO (Michele John Joseph), S.P.G. missionary, India1864Tait/409-442/409-424/413/318-20
Tait 242 ff. 52-5SANDFORD (Charles Waldegrave), Bishop of Gibraltar1878Tait/161-296/242/52-5
Davidson 170, ff.327-40TURKEY.1911Davidson/27-217/170/327-40
Ellison P/9/3Diary of Tour in Europe1930Ellison/P/9/3
CFR CFR DOC 1/1-50CFR Meetings: bound documents series 1[1934]CFR/1/2/1/1/38
MS 307ARMORIAL c.1600MSS/307
Fisher 330/120Rome 24 Nov 1947 Fisher/330/75-217/120
Lang 177, ff. 130-45Occupation of ETHIOPIA by ITALY; treatment of Ethiopians in PALESTINE1940Lang/1-186/177/130-45
Lang 170, ff. 309-18 passim Occupation of ETHIOPIA by ITALY; treatment of Ethiopians in PALESTINE1939Lang/1-186/170/309-18 passim
Tait 257 ff. 205-21ROBERTSON (William Bruce), United Presbyterian minister1879Tait/161-296/257/205-21
FP Jackson 52Anglican churches and chapels in Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland1866-1884FP/Jackson/F/52
MS 4755General Secretary's Papers1945MSS/4735-4767/4741-4764/4755
MS 661, ff. 2-4v, 11-19v, 43-49v, 51-52v, 104-109v, 207-212v, 219-231v, 224-31NEWSLETTERS - ITALY.MSS/647-662/661/2-4v, 11-19v, 43-49v, 51-52v, 104-109v, 207-212v, 219-231v, 224-31
FP Creighton 7Correspondence1897FP/Creighton/7
MS 703Shrewsbury Papers1526-1690MSS/694-710/703
MS 697Shrewsbury Papers1549-1584MSS/694-710/697
MS 700Shrewsbury Papers1511-1607MSS/694-710/700
MS 4924 ff 1-135Papers of Edith Jacob1855-1878MSS/4924-4925/4924/1-135
CFR CFR 17/12General Secretary: Canon Herbert Waddams: private diary no. 1220 January-2 March 1948CFR/1/3/17-12
MS 3172Photographsc1870 - 1880MSS/3172
Carey/PHOTO/48Italy 1992May 1992Carey/PHOTO/48
FP Gibson 2Correspondence and papers1713-1748FP/Gibson/2
FP Jackson 33Surnames Tozer - Webber1851-1885FP/Jackson/D/33
Tait 70 ff. 1-51 passimFRANCE and ITALY1881Tait/1-75/70/1-51 passim
MS 705Shrewsbury Papersc.1547-1609MSS/694-710/705
Benson 32 ff.54-73ITALY1885Benson/32/54-73
Runcie/ERCC/1988/20Italy: Focolare1988Runcie/ERCC/1988/20
MS 4756General Secretary's Papers1946-1957MSS/4735-4767/4741-4764/4756
Runcie/ERCC/1988/19Italy: general1988Runcie/ERCC/1988/19
MS 2006Notes on church government[1547-1603]MSS/2000-2019/2006
Bell 79Yugoslavia1942 - 1956Bell/65-117/79
Tait 126 ff 378a-bWORDSWORTH (Christopher), canon of Westminster, rural dean and vicar of Stanford-in-the-Vale, Berkshire1861Tait/105-160/126/378a-b
Tait 137 ff 192-6KAY-SHUTTLEWORTH (Lady Janet), wife of James P. Kay-Shuttleworth1864Tait/105-160/137/192-6
MS 666THOMAS MURRAY PAPERSEarly 17th centuryMSS/666
MS 930Miscellaneous Papers1590-1714MSS/929-942/930
MS 3200Talbot Papers1583-1600MSS/3192-3206/3200
MS 709Shrewsbury Papers1284-1643MSS/694-710/709
MS 3194Talbot Papers1550-1557MSS/3192-3206/3194
Davidson 337, ff.1-104Appointment of chaplains in the diocese of GIBRALTAR - provision of chaplains by SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL 1909Davidson/218-516/337/1-104
MS 3473Letters and papers on relations with Francec.1600-1630MSS/3470-3533/3473
MS 4434GAMBARA LETTER BOOK15 March 1526 - 26 July 1527MSS/4434
MS 3585Brevarium, pars. s.xiv ex.c1380-1400MSS/3585
MS 4658Travel Journal of Rev. Laughton Alison 16 Sep 1880-16 Oct 1880MSS/4654-4659/4658
MS 3195Talbot Papers1557-1558MSS/3192-3206/3195
MS 3203Talbot Papers1583-1612MSS/3192-3206/3203
MS 3258Beloe Papers1945MSS/3256-3273/3258
MS 932Miscellaneous Papers1526-1706MSS/929-942/932
VX IA/10/155/1-5MAZANTINI (Peter Maria), Italian, of St. Mary Virgin, Reading, Berks[10] Oct. 1680V/X/1A/10/155
FP Howley 4, pp. 425-8, 703-10, 851-8TRIESTE, Italy - Letters on the Anglican chaplaincy1827, 1828FP/Howley/1-4/4/425-8, 703-10, 851-8
Bell 297DiaryNovember 1956-July 1958Bell/184-368/239-298/297
MS 941Miscellaneous Papers1603-1715MSS/929-942/941
Carey/SPEECH/578Italy 23 - 30 May 1992Carey/SPEECH/578
Benson 90 ff.281-302Letters from SANDFORD (Charles Waldegrave), Bishop of Gibraltar on continental chaplaincies in particular Anglican churches in Florence, ITALY1890Benson/90/281-302
Benson 106 ff.151-60Letters on the Anglican church at Capri, ITALY1891Benson/106/151-60
Benson 137 ff.368-9Letter on the payment of the chaplain at CONSTANTINOPLE; financing of chaplaincies by the LEVANT COMPANY; ITALY - Anglican chaplaincy at Leghorn; TURKEY - Anglican chaplaincy at Smyrna. 1894Benson/137/368-9
Tait 9 ff. 1-95 passimITALY and SWITZERLAND1837Tait/1-75/9/1-95 passim
Tait 10 ff. 1-50 passimAUSTRIA, GERMANY and ITALY1837Tait/1-75/10/1-50 passim
Tait 17 ff. 1-232 passimFRANCE, ITALY, SWITZERLAND1845Tait/1-75/17/1-232 passim
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