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Davidson 63, ff.161-8, 253-8City of WINCHESTER1899Davidson/27-217/63/161-8, 253-8
Davidson 42, ff.438-9City of WINCHESTER1895Davidson/27-217/42/438-9
Tait 228 ff. 369-70WINCHESTER, City of1877Tait/161-296/228/369-70
Davidson 75, ff.1-99, 441City of WINCHESTERDavidson/27-217/75/1-99, 441
Davidson 42, ff.411-16Management of schools in the city of WINCHESTER.1895Davidson/27-217/42/411-16
Davidson 74, ff.389-91Management of schools in the city of WINCHESTER.1901Davidson/27-217/74/389-91
Davidson 78, ff.123-46Administration of charities in city of WINCHESTER1902Davidson/27-217/78/123-46
Davidson 50, ff.408-26Commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee of VICTORIA, queen of England, in the City of WINCHESTER1897Davidson/27-217/50/408-26
MS 1971, ff.10-14City of Winchesterc. 1910MSS/1971/10-14
MS 2141, f.218Letter from Praepositors of Winchester School1837MSS/2140-2151/2140-2149/2140-2146/2141/218
Davidson 47, ff.52-4City of WINCHESTER1896Davidson/27-217/47/52-4
Coggan 195, f.44Photograph taken at Winchester1989Coggan/158-222/195/44
Coggan 187, ff.221-226Christ Church, Winchester11 Sep 1996Coggan/183-232/187/221-226
Davidson 63, ff.161-8Administration of charities in city of WINCHESTER1899Davidson/27-217/63/161-8
Coggan 187, ff.149-150Winchester Readers Conference5 Sep 1992Coggan/183-232/187/149-150
Davidson 64, ff.239-48, 253-8City of WINCHESTERDavidson/27-217/64/239-48, 253-8
Coggan 187, f.144St.Swithin's, Winchester24 Nov 1991Coggan/183-232/187/144
CM X/93Grant by Matilda of Anne, widow of Laurence of Anne, citizen of Winchester, to Roger of Inkepen.18 Dec. 1312CM/10/93
MS 2190, ff.42-593. Miscellaneous addresses to Howley1832-1843 MSS/2184-2213/2190/42-59
MS 697Shrewsbury Papers1549-1584MSS/694-710/697
CM X/94Grant by John le Cras, citizen of Winchester, and Avicia his wife to Thomas the cook and Alice his wife.Late 13th centuryCM/10/94
Davidson 56, ff.77-82Administration of charities in city of WINCHESTERDavidson/27-217/56/77-82
Davidson 47, ff.74-81Management of schools in the city of WINCHESTER.Davidson/27-217/47/74-81
Davidson 56, ff.88-91Management of schools in the city of WINCHESTER.Davidson/27-217/56/88-91
MS 3201Talbot Papers1589-1605MSS/3192-3206/3201
MS 171CONSTITUTIONES PROVINCIALES ETC.Late 13th century-14th centuryMSS/171
MS 3203Talbot Papers1583-1612MSS/3192-3206/3203
MS 2951POSTCARDS20th centuryMSS/2950-2956/2951
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