Place Entry/Lambeth/Surrey
NotesAfter 1888 in London under London County Council.

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Tait 272 ff. 240-3LAMBETH, Surrey1881Tait/161-296/272/240-3
Tait 238 ff. 8-11SCHOOLS1878Tait/161-296/238/8-11
CM II/48Grant and feoffment of a tenement in North Lambeth or Water Lambeth. John Bruton and others to John Hart and others.19 Feb. 1462CM/2/48
CM XXI/26Brief for counsel for a case of recovery of debt. John Allwright v. John Garstin [concerns a private madhouse at Lambeth Marsh where Oliver Skelly, an officer of marines, became a patient at the instance of Garstin.] 1760-3.1760-1763CM/21/26
Tait 218 ff. 373-4SCHOOLS1876Tait/161-296/218/373-4
Tait 182 ff. 50-80Correspondence and papers on air pollution in LAMBETH, Surrey1872Tait/161-296/182/50-80
ED 545-577LambethED/1/B/1/SURREY/LAM
Tait 218 ff. 167-8Correspondence and papers on air pollution in LAMBETH, Surrey1876Tait/161-296/218/167-8
Benson 42 ff.279-88LAMBETH, Surrey, St. Mary the Virgin1887Benson/42/279-88
Benson 5 ff.118-50 passimLAMBETH, Surrey, St. Mary the Virgin1883Benson/5/118-50 passim
Benson 12 ff.207-10PRINGLE (Sir George). Secretary to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.1884Benson/12/207-10
Tait 209 ff. 114-26LAMBETH, Surrey1875Tait/161-296/209/114-26
Tait 254 ff. 355-65LAMBETH, Surrey1879Tait/161-296/254/355-65
Tait 219 ff. 336-7, 340-67Correspondence and papers on air pollution in LAMBETH, Surrey1876Tait/161-296/219/336-7, 340-67
Tait 230 ff. 1-2SELFE (William Lucius), barrister; Kt. (1897)1875Tait/161-296/230/1-2
CM X/4Quitclaim of right in lands in Lambeth once belonging to his grandfather William Multon. Nicholas son and heir of John and Joan Hunte (daughter of William Multon) to William Hacchebat. 28 Dec. 1408CM/10/4
ED 1906Courts and views [and Lambeth Marsh]1554-1558ED/1/A/1/SURREY/LAM/1906
ED 1217Accounts of various ministers for various places1485-1486ED/1/B/6/CRO/1217
ED 1221Accounts of various ministers for various places1543-1544ED/1/B/6/CRO/1221
CM VI/15Two receipts for sums given to sick in Lambeth, by Christopher Wormald, for the Archbishop. 19 Oct, 5 Nov 1667CM/6/15
MS 1837 f. 30Petition by residents of Lambeth to Archbishop Herring for taking down the wall of the Archbishop's laundry for widening Church Street.July 1752MSS/1837/30
MS 1373 ff. 139-140Order of Prince George of Denmark, Lord High Admiral, that John Lock, Richard Gibbons, and James Hewet, employed 'in working in a Ferry boat at Lambeth', be not impressed in the Navy11 January 1704MSS/1373/139-140
ED 1215Accounts of various ministers for various places1473-1474ED/1/B/6/CRO/1215
ED 1218Accounts of various ministers for various places1488-1489ED/1/B/6/CRO/1218
ED 1220Accounts of various ministers for various places1503-1504ED/1/B/6/CRO/1220
ED 2020Courts [Lambeth also]1823-1827ED/1/A/1/SURREY/CRO/2020
Benson 25 ff.65-72ECCLESIASTICAL COMMISSIONERS - Correspondence and papers on public houses1885Benson/25/65-72
ED 1386Same as 1385 [arranged by county]1571-1572ED/1/B/8/1386
ED 1946Estreats [Lambeth also]1724ED/1/A/1/SURREY/CRO/1946
ED 1850Vouchers: Estreats for Boughton, Chislet, Deal Prebend, Littlebourne, REculver, Westgate [Canterbury], and Lambeth, Croydon and Waddon, [Surrey]1675-1676ED/1/A/2/1850
ED 1213Accounts of various ministers for various places1458-1459ED/1/B/6/CRO/1213
ED 1216Accounts of various ministers for various places1482-1483ED/1/B/6/CRO/1216
CM X/5Grant by Christina atte Croft, widow, of Lambeth to Peter Swyft, William Coke brewer, Richard Ode and others, proctors of the church of the Blessed Mary of Lambeth, of a tenement in Lambeth butting on the Thames west. 14 Dec. 1416CM/10/5
Tait 264 ff. 386-9SCHOOLS1880Tait/161-296/264/386-9
CM XII/40Exemplification, 28 Jan. 1572-3, of a case in the Exchequer heard since 17 Nov. 1572, concerning lands of the Duke of Norfolk [Thomas Howard III] in Southwark and Lambeth. 28 Jan. 1573CM/12/40
ED 1402Account of receipts for various places1561-1562ED/1/B/9/1402
ED 1405Account of receipts for various places1565-1566ED/1/B/9/1405
ED 1403Account of receipts for various places1562-1563ED/1/B/9/1403
ED 1392Accounts of various ministers for various places1585-1586ED/1/B/8/1392
ED 1406Account of receipts for various places1567-1568ED/1/B/9/1406
ED 1890Account of receipts for various places1674-1675ED/1/B/9/1890
ED 1889Account of receipts for various places1665-1666ED/1/B/9/1889
ED 1891Account of receipts for various places1677-1678ED/1/B/9/1891
ED 1416Account of receipts for various places1583ED/1/B/9/1416
ED 1417Account of receipts for various places1585-1586ED/1/B/9/1417
ED 1418Account of receipts for various places1586-1587ED/1/B/9/1418
MS 1785Perambulation of parish of Lambeth22 May 1811MSS/1785
Benson 29 ff.115-39Correspondence and papers on missions in the diocese of LONDON1885-1886Benson/29/115-39
Benson 11 ff.223-7LAMBETH, Surrey1884Benson/11/223-7
MS 3202Talbot Papers1600-1632MSS/3192-3206/3202
ECE/7/1/94492Canterbury Archbishoprick Estates - Lambeth Parish - Vauxhall Estate - 52 Wilcox Road - A.E. Williams Lease 1939-1952ECE/7/1/94492
ECE/7/1/94151Canterbury Chapter Estates - Lambeth Parish - [added ' Vauxhall Estate'] - 22 Wilcox Road - Re Mrs. W. Beckham, Lease1938-1963ECE/7/1/94151
ED 1219Accounts of various ministers for various places1489-1490ED/1/B/6/CRO/1219
ED 1901-37, 1945-6, 1980-93, 2000-2, 2020, 2022-6LambethED/1/A/1/SURREY/LAM
ED 2026Courts [Lambeth also]1823-1828ED/1/A/1/SURREY/CRO/2026
ED 1379Accounts of various ministers for various places1561-1562ED/1/B/8/1379
ED 1387Same as 1385 [arranged by county]1572-1573ED/1/B/8/1387
ED 1404Account of receipts for various places 1564-1565ED/1/B/9/1404
ED 1388Same as 1385 [arranged by county]1573-1574ED/1/B/8/1388
ED 1401Account of receipts for various places1560-1561ED/1/B/9/1401
ED 1391Accounts of various ministers for various places1580-1581ED/1/B/8/1391
ED 1393Accounts of various ministers in various places1590-1591ED/1/B/8/1393
ED 1407Account of receipts for various places1568-1569ED/1/B/9/1407
ED 1408Account of receipts for various places1571-1572ED/1/B/9/1408
ED 1409Account of receipts for various places1572-1573ED/1/B/9/1409
ED 1419Account of receipts for various places1587-1588ED/1/B/9/1419
ED 1420Account of receipts for various places1588-1589ED/1/B/9/1420
ED 1421Account of receipts for various places1589-1590ED/1/B/9/1421
ED 1422Account of receipts for various places 1590-1591ED/1/B/9/1422
ED 1214Accounts of various ministers for various places1466-1467ED/1/B/6/CRO/1214
MS 3200Talbot Papers1583-1600MSS/3192-3206/3200
MS 3199Talbot Papers1570-1599MSS/3192-3206/3199
MS 3203Talbot Papers1583-1612MSS/3192-3206/3203
ED 1384Vouchers relating mainly to the places mentioned in ED 1378-83.1567ED/1/B/8/1384
ED 2000Court fees [Lambeth also]1772-1812ED/1/A/1/SURREY/CRO/2000
ED 2001Court fees [Lambeth also]1812-1822ED/1/A/1/SURREY/CRO/2001
ED 2002Court fees [Lambeth also]1822-1828ED/1/A/1/SURREY/CRO/2002
ED 2023Courts and views [also a court book of Lambeth and other miscellaneous memoranda c. 1580-1650]1550-1553ED/1/A/1/SURREY/CRO/2023
ED 2029Accounts for the same places as ED 18891765-1781ED/1/B/9/2029
ED 2030Accounts for the same places as ED 18891780-1793ED/1/B/9/2030
ED 2031Accounts for the same places as ED 18891805-1816ED/1/B/9/2031
ED 2068Survey of and rents etc.c1285ED/1/B/4/2068
ED 1193Accounts for various places.1236-1237ED/1/B/5/1193
ED 1378Accounts of various ministers for various places1560-1561ED/1/B/8/1378
ED 1380Accounts of various ministers for various places1562-1564ED/1/B/8/1380
ED 1381Accounts of various ministers for various places1564-1565ED/1/B/8/1381
ED 1382Accounts of various ministers for various places1565-1566ED/1/B/8/1382
ED 1383Accounts of various ministers for various places1567-1568ED/1/B/8/1383
ED 1385Accounts of various ministers for various places1568-1569ED/1/B/8/1385
ED 1389Accounts of various ministers for various places1576-1577ED/1/B/8/1389
ED 1390Accounts of various ministers for various places1577-1578ED/1/B/8/1390
ED 1394Accounts of various ministers of various places1591-1592ED/1/B/8/1394
ED 1395Accounts of various ministers for various places1592-1593ED/1/B/8/1395
ED 1396Accounts of various ministers of various places1593-1594ED/1/B/8/1396
ED 1397Accounts of various ministers for various places1594-1595ED/1/B/8/1397
ED 1398Accounts of various ministers for various places1596-1597ED/1/B/8/1398
ED 1399Accounts of various ministers for various places1597-1598ED/1/B/8/1399
ED 1400Accounts of various ministers for various places1607-1608ED/1/B/8/1400
ED 1410Account of receipts for various places1573-1574ED/1/B/9/1410
ED 1411Account of receipts for various places1575-1576ED/1/B/9/1411
ED 1412Account of receipts for various places1576-1577ED/1/B/9/1412
ED 1413Account of receipts for various places1577-1578ED/1/B/9/1413
ED 1414Account of receipts for various places1578-1579ED/1/B/9/1414
ED 1415Account of receipts for various places1580-1581ED/1/B/9/1415
ED 1423Account of receipts for various places1591-1592ED/1/B/9/1423
ED 1424Account of receipts for various places1593-1594ED/1/B/9/1424
ED 1425Account of receipts for various places1594-1595ED/1/B/9/1425
ED 1426Account of receipts for various places1596-1597ED/1/B/9/1426
ED 1884Accounts of various ministers for various places1623-1624ED/1/B/8/1884
ED 1887Accounts of various ministers for various places1644-1645ED/1/B/8/1887
COMM XIIa/22VOLUME 221647-1659COMM/12A/22
FP XIXVOLUME XIX: General Correspondence1681-1749FP/1-40/19
FP XXIVOLUME XXI: Ordination Papers1748-1802FP/1-40/21
CM XI/15Notification by the mayor and citizens of London to King John that the fifteen day fair at Lambeth proposed by Archbishop Hubert is not to their detriment, providing it begins on the morrow of Lammas. No date. [12 Oct 1199x24 Jan 1200]CM/11/15
FP Jackson 59Penitentiaries; Hospitals; Schools; Gardner's Charity for the Blind (Gardner's Trust); Burial; Marriage1857-1885FP/Jackson/H/59
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