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FP Howley 3, pp. 1-34Letters and paper on the Church of England in ANTIGUA, West Indies.1816-1825FP/Howley/1-4/3/1-34
CFS G/4Register of half-yearly `notitia' from chaplains in Antigua, Barbados, St. Kitt's, Demerara, Jamaica, Montserrat, and Nevis, stating the area of each ministry, the total numbers of slaves, of slaves baptised and still living, of slaves baptised each half year and in preparation for baptism;
numbers of children and adults in Day and Sunday schools;
details of public worship;
numbers of marriages and burials
CFS A/2Release by the Revd. James Curtin, of Antigua, to the C.F.S. of land and chapel in Long Street, Saint John, Antigua8 February 1810CFS/A/2
CFS F/4Letters and papers1802-1841CFS/F/4
Runcie/ACP/1986/60West Indies: Antigua1986Runcie/ACP/1986/60
Runcie/ACV/1984/13West Indies: Antigua - St.Kitts, 19-22 March1983-1984Runcie/ACV/1984/13
W.Temple 1, ff. 336-8ANTIGUA16 Jun-3 Jul 1942W.Temple/1-62/1/336-8
W.Temple 1, ff. 339-52ANTIGUA30 Nov 1943-23 Mar 1944W.Temple/1-62/1/339-52
MU/CO/3/1Papers concerning central constitutional reform: affiliation and autonomy1974-1977MU/1/CO/3/1
CFS G/2Maps1787-1810CFS/G/2
MS 3128Reports to the Missionary Council1931-1952MSS/3121-3128/3128
FP XIXVOLUME XIX: General Correspondence1681-1749FP/1-40/19
FP XXVOLUME XX: General Correspondence1750-1788FP/1-40/20
FP XXIXVOLUME XXIX: Ordination Papers1749-1793FP/1-40/29
FP XXXIVOLUME XXXI: Ordination Papers1774-1819FP/1-40/31
FP XXXVVOLUME XXXV: Missionary Bonds1748-1811FP/1-40/35
FP XXXVIVOLUME XXXVI: Missionary Bonds1761-1769FP/1-40/36
CFS F/5Letters and papers1842-1929CFS/F/5
CFS G/1Miscellaneous papers1724-1849CFS/G/1
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